How to Mention & Tag Someone in Instagram Stories?

how to mention and tag in instagram stories

Almost every new business now use Instagram in their social media marketing strategy. After Instagram stories were released in 2016, it became a big thing in media marketing in a short period of time.

Instagram stories help businesses and personal brands to increase brand awareness, engage with audience and even sell their products or services. So, it is a great feature that every brand should use. But it is not enough to just take a random picture and post it to your story, you need to do it as media marketing experts do.

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In this article I will be talking about tagging and mention feature that you should use while posting Instagram stories. Keep reading and you will learn how to tag or mention people in your Instagram stories and why should you do so.

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How to tag and mention in Instagram story?

There are several ways how you can tag someone in your Instagram story. You can do it either by adding sticker or mentioning that person directly.

  • To mention via sticker feature, just press the Sticker icon on the top of your screen, choose “@mention” and you will be able to search for your friend’s username there. Just start typing and you will get a selection of users below, select the one you want to mention and place that mention sticker anywhere on your story. Remember, by using sticker mention option you will be able to tag only one person, as you can use only one sticker per Instagram story.
  • If for some reason you wouldn’t want stickers to appear on your story or you need to tag more than one person, then you can do it directly via text tool. Just tag user by clicking “Aa” text tool icon in the upper screen and simply mentioning him by typing his @username.

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Should you mention or tag other users?

Yes, you should definitely mention and tag other users that appear on the picture/video that you posted on your Instagram stories.

Whenever you tag someone in your Instagram story, he/she will get notified via direct message soon after the publishing with a preview of that story. That means more instant engagement from other users, as they will probably view and like the photo they are in. More eye-balls means more engagement, so there are no negative effects of tagging people that are in the picture/video.

However, think twice about tagging people that are not in your story, as if you do it every time then it will look spammy. Just make sure to tag everyone who is in your picture, and that should be good enough to get the most engagement possible.

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Mention sharing feature

Since June of 2018 Instagram brought an update and introduced mention/tag sharing feature. As I have stated earlier, when you mention and tag someone in your Instagram story, user will be notified about that via direct message.

What update did was basically it allowed users to easily share Instagram story that they were tagged in. Users even have option to edit that particular Instagram story and re-post it on their own Instagram story wall.

So, this is one more reason to mention and tag everyone that is in the picture or video of your Instagram story, as that user will be able to re-share the story on their own profile. Consequently, you will get more exposure (depending on the amount of followers that your tagged person has).

All in all, you should never forget to mention users in your Instagram stories, as it is a great tool to get more exposure, engagement and new followers.

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I hope that this guide made it clear for you how to mention and tag users in your Instagram stories and explained why you should do that at all.

If you have any ideas or suggestions how to make Instagram stories more entertaining, leave a comment below!

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