How to Make Your Facebook Posts More Attractive

facebook posts more attractive

We can certainly say that nowadays almost every brand has its own brand’s Facebook page. But if you were running brand’s Facebook page since around 2014, you should have noticed decrease in organic reach of your Facebook posts. Now Facebook posts do not reach all of your followers. Posts are picked by Facebook’s algorithm and shown only to certain users whom will be mostly interested in that particular post.

If you don’t want to see your posts engagement go down year by year, here are a few tips on making your Facebook posts more engaging and attractive to your audience.

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1. Upload more visual content

Any visual content, whether it’s an image or video, is always better than just a plain text post. Human eyes are naturally attracted to colors and action (movements). That’s why it is much easier to get attention with visual content. Even if you would need to communicate with your audience anyway except a text, you could easily do that via photos and videos. That’s how a social media giant as Instagram works, right? So, next time consider uploading more of visual content, a few videos and many photos (as they are easier to produce) will make your page more attractive.

But please be warned about meme type of images (or images with humorous/funny citations layered over the picture). Facebook’s algorithm reduced their organic reach on Facebook. It’s done because, as Facebook described, they want to give more reach for high quality content. As you may now know memes are not considered high quality content by Facebook.

2. Upload photos with faces

Visual content is not equal to visual content. Marketers researched that photos with people’s faces are more attracting than just regular photos. Photos with human faces get more engagement (likes, comments) and subsequently reach more audience. According to research, images with faces get around 38% more likes and 32% more comments compared to photos without faces.

This can be easily explained through psychological perspective, as human faces can be used for non-verbal communication. People just pay more attention to faces and emotions that those faces represent.

Do not question what type of human face to include in your images, as study shows that face’s age, gender or quantity of faces included doesn’t affect engagement. So, just use any human’s face and you will get better results than ever.

3. Use call-to-action

Call to actions are well known for true marketers. You can use call to action phrases to suggest your audience to do something. For example, use phrases like Learn more, Click here, Buy now, etc. and you will increase chances of your audience to take some kind of action.

It’s very simple, you just need to ask you audience to do something, and they will probably do it. You just need to give them a little push, just give them a direction what their next action should be, and you should see the results.

4. Ask questions

Multi-ethnic arms outstretched to ask questions.

You can make your post more attracting/engaging when you simply ask questions. Questions naturally impose answers. Try to keep your questions short.

Also, make sure that your questions are simple to understand and easy to answer (which requires no more than few words to answer). For example – Are you a dog or a cat person? Or just ask questions which are answered by Yes/No. Don’t overcomplicate it for your audience and you will get better response, this consequently will make your posts more attractive.

5. Post at the right time

To make your post attractive or, in other words, more engaging, you should try to post your Facebook content only at the right time. When is the right time you may ask? The right time to post content on Facebook is when your audience is mostly active. Your probability to be seen increase when there’s a lot of people online at the time you publish your Facebook post.

To find out when your audience is mostly active you’ll need to check Facebook Insights. Just go to your Facebook page, click on “Insights”, then on the left side find “Posts” tab and you will find tab named “When your fans are online”. It will display days and times when your followers are mostly active.

You shouldn’t check “Days” tab much as it mainly shows almost similar numbers day by day. But make sure to check out “Times” tab and you will probably see that at certain hours of the day there are double number of audience online compared to other hours.

Having figured out the most active hours, make sure to post your content at those hours. This will ensure that you posts would get more exposure, consequently those posts will get more engagement.

6. Organize a contest

Facebook pages are famous for running contests/giveaways. The reason why you see most giveaways and contests running on Facebook platform is because it works pretty good for brand marketing. Brands can give away one of their products (which makes it less expensive for a brand) and in exchange for that get a lot of engagement, get new followers and increase their brand awareness. That’s very cheap, easy & effective marketing strategy.

Users are always happy to participate in such contests/giveaways as it doesn’t cost anything for them. And who doesn’t want to get a freebie, right?

Just keep in mind to follow simple rules when organizing a contest/giveaway.

Firstly, pick the right prize. Prize shouldn’t be your cheapest product, it should have value and be attractive to your audience. Better (more expensive) prize will gather more participants.

Secondly, make sure to set clear & simple rules. For example, set simple rules as “Tag one friend and win the prize”.

Thirdly, promote, promote, promote… There is only one prize that you will be giving away, so it doesn’t matter how many people will participate in your contest, your expenses will stay the same. It doesn’t matter whether your contest will have just 10 or 1000 participants, your expenses are fixed. That means you should try to gather as much participants as possible as every new participant may potentially become your follower or even a customer.

So, here were 6 tips how to make your Facebook posts more attracting and engaging. If you know any other tips, make sure to share it with us in the comments’ section below.

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