How to Get Verified on Twitter: The Complete Guide

how to get verified on twitter

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter has become a crucial strategic part for a majority of influencers, public figures or brands to connect with their target audience.

Nowadays with more than 330 million of monthly active users on Twitter, it was noticed that there are lots of accounts that were created to imitate or serve as the fan pages for users of public interest.

However, having a little blue verified badge next to your name on Twitter helps other users to recognize whether it is a real profile or a fake one. In other words, a verification check mark is like proof of your authenticity.

In this case, the verification badge confirms that your Twitter profile can be trusted by users. This is especially significant if you are trying to grow your audience.

Actually to get verified on Twitter isn’t so difficult, but one of the most essential rules to accomplish it, is that your profile should be of public interest. Therefore, if your Twitter account is in compliance with these requirements, then you can apply for a verification check mark.

However, before I provide you with 3 simple steps on how to get verified, let’s discuss why it is useful to get verified & how to improve your chances of getting verified on Twitter.

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Why is it useful to get verified?

There are obvious advantages of having the blue verified badge on your Twitter profile.

Firstly, it helps you to receive more followers. Secondly, it helps you to gain trust from your audience. Moreover, it helps you to be like an authority to your audience.

However, that’s not all. The following point needs to be also considered as an important one.

After you get Twitter verification checkmark, you have an opportunity to filter your notifications stream. In this case, you may include only likes, comments and retweets from other verified users. The same applies for messages. This is especially helpful for Twitter accounts that have a huge base of followers.

Sounds good, isn’t it?

So, go and put your efforts in order to get that blue check mark next to your Twitter profile’s name.

How to boost your chances of getting verified on Twitter: 6 tips

Now it is time to review some tips that will ensure your success of being verified.

1. Be active

Before applying for the verification badge, it is advised to take a look at your Twitter account and make sure that it is active.

What to do to make your account look active?

There are only 3 points.

  • Tweet consistently. It means that your task is to upload your tweets on your feed regularly. According to social media studies, it is recommended to post 5-10 times per day and try to do it at the same hours.

Is it difficult to do it? It is most likely not. So, follow this rule and you will notice great results.

  • Engage with your audience. Don’t be lazy and devote your time in interacting with your followers on other Twitter posts where you were mentioned. 
  • Talk with your audience. It is also important to like comments that your followers have left on your content and reply to them.

Overall, as Twitter tries to protect the quality of its’ community, so make Twitter to notice that your audience cares about your public impact. In this case, create and frequently and regularly upload engaging and informative tweets that will grab audience’s attention and encourage them to take actions.

2. Create an outstanding bio

Another crucial factor to increase your chances of being verified on Twitter, is your clear and attractive Twitter profile’s bio.

If you have your own, individual account, then it is advised to mention your job title and business field where you are an expert. In this case, you will help an audience to understand who you are and what you do. What is more, insert the links to other verified Twitter profiles.

If it is a business or brand account, then briefly but including the essential details, describe your brand. Undoubtedly your brand has a website, so, add it. This will not only help your audience to easily find and check what is on your webpage, but will also assist Twitter in cross-checking your identity.

However, it doesn’t matter whether it is a business or individual Twitter profile, it is recommended to use several relevant hashtags in order to reach the right audience and state a strong call-to-action (CTA) to induce audience to take an action which you want them to do.

3. Strengthen your brand

Now it is time to think about your profile and cover pictures.

When it comes to your Twitter profile photo, it can be a logo, illustration or your own image. And for the header many people are using some inspiring quotes, however, they are not so powerful. It is better to use an image of you, as a representative of your brand, doing something significant and interesting, like speaking on a stage.

In this case, you will show your audience that you are unique in your business field and can share your expertise. Moreover, it will help your followers to recognize your brand and increase your chances of receiving that blue verification check mark on Twitter.

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4. Show your connections with other verified accounts

Not without reason there is a saying that the people we communicate with, say something about us.

Due to this, show your social proof with your connections to other verified Twitter accounts. For instance, you can display it like “SEO Manager at @Google” in your profile’s bio.

However, don’t forget to follow these verified Twitter accounts, who you are showing your relations with. In this way, Twitter will understand that you are serious about interacting in worthwhile community.

5. Exactly define your location

Although this step can seem as unnecessary one, but determining the exact location of your brand in your bio, you help Twitter to verify your account. This is actually relevant only to business accounts.

6. View a list of recently verified users for inspiration

Maybe you have already noticed, but verified Twitter account has a lot of other verified profiles in the network. So, if you click on the “Following” button, you will see a list of users who has recently been verified.

While trying to receive a verification check mark, it is advised to look through this list in order to get inspirational ideas for your account. Remember, there you will notice that every verified Twitter account is different and most probably it will seem that there is no the right way to receive verification.

In this case, it is better if you will find people or brands verified Twitter accounts that are similar to yours and learn some strategies from them.

How to request for the blue verification badge for your Twitter profile: 3 Steps

Are you ready to get verified on your Twitter account? Let’s go step by step to apply for that blue check mark.

Step 1. Update your profile

The first step during application for verification is to make sure that all information shown in your Twitter account is precise and updated.

The data what you need to check includes the following, your bio, profile and cover images, birthday (relevant for personal accounts), website, email address and phone number.

What is more, in order to get verified on Twitter, don’t forget that your tweets should be set to “Pubic”. Otherwise, you are not a public figure, if your Twitter posts are private.

Step 2. Fill out a verification form

Once you have checked if your profile’s information is updated, it is time to fill out Twitter verification application form.

Here are 3 smaller tasks which you need to do.

Firstly, you will be asked to enter the username of Twitter account you want get verified. Keep in mind that if you are trying to verify a brand Twitter account, then check the box at the bottom left corner. 

Secondly, enter five websites that may be used during verification process in order to identify and associate you with your Twitter profile. As your official website is mentioned in your profile’s bio, so, there is no need to write it again. Better provide other links that are like an evidence of your public influence. For example, news webpages where an article about you or your brand can be found.

However, if you see that you don’t have five additional websites, then add what you have. In other words, try to boost your chances of getting that verification check mark.

And finally, Twitter gives you an opportunity to state the reason why your profile should be verified. Before you start writing your pitch, keep in mind that actually no one cares about what you do, it is more important to tell how someone can benefit from what you do.

So, if you are applying as a personal Twitter profile, then try to show your public reach and prove your expertise in the business field where you operate. However, if it is a company’s account, clearly state your vision and tell what efforts you are putting to accomplish it.

To write your pitch you have up to 500 characters, so it is advised not to overthink things. Better concentrate on the ways your brand or you provide value to Twitter audience.

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Step 3. Submit your verification request

Once you have filled out the form with all necessary information, submit your verification request and wait. Everything is up to Twitter now.

When Twitter reviews your submitted information, you will get the final decision (approval or rejection of your account’s verification) on your email. Usually, the results are clear after 1-2 weeks. Moreover, once the verified Twitter account starts to follow you, know that you are verified.

If your request is rejected, don’t worry, you may always try again after 30 days. However, before requesting for verification one more time, better think what improvements might be needed for your Twitter account.

That is all for this article! You most likely noticed that the process to verify Twitter account isn’t that difficult, the only thing you need is to ensure that your Twitter profile meets all the requirements and is optimized correctly.

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After today’s article you should know what to do in order to successfully verify your Twitter account.

So, are you going to try to apply for that blue verification check mark? Share your thoughts in the comments’ section below!

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