How to Get Verified on Facebook: Step-by-Step Guide

how to get verified on facebook

While browsing on Facebook, you have probably noticed a blue or sometimes a gray verification badge on the Facebook profile of many brands, companies or public figures.

Verifying your Facebook page and earning that tiny blue or gray tick mark next to your name is considered as a great way to establish your brand’s credibility and authenticity.

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What is more, getting verified lets your audience know that you are an approved business and helps you to get top position in Facebook search rankings. In this way, users can easily and quickly find your profile.

If you are still wondering how to get verified on Facebook, then you have come to the right place.

In this guide you will get answers to the following questions:

  • Why it is important to get verified?
  • What type of verified badge is better for you?
  • Tips on how to increase your chances of getting verified on Facebook?
  • How to apply for verification?

Let’s dive right in!

Why it is important to get verified?

A majority of Facebook users devote a lot of time and effort in order to build social proof on their Facebook profiles. However, they forget about opportunity to receive a tiny, but very significant blue or gray verified badge which confirms that the page is authentic and trustworthy.

When your Facebook page visitors see the verification check mark next to your name, they know that it is a original page of your brand or your own, not created by fans. Moreover, it makes your audience feel that they can write you to get customer service.

What type of verified badge is better for you?

As there are two kinds of Facebook verification badges, therefore, your task is to understand which one is right for you.

If you are a public figure, big brand or media company, you may apply for a blue check mark in order to confirm authenticity.

However, if you are a smaller or local business, or organization which has several particular locations, then you can apply for a gray check mark. Although this verification badge is easier and faster to get and is not so noticeable, but it still helps your brand to gain credibility on Facebook.

Overall, now it should be clear which type of the Facebook verification badge to choose for your business.

Another important thing, which is important to mention is that if you want to verify your personal Facebook profile, then it will be almost impossible, unless you have a huge base of followers and meet other Facebook requirements.

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5 Tips on how to increase your chances of getting verified on Facebook

Here are 5 key requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get verified on Facebook.

1. Follow the basic instructions

While requesting for verification badge, firstly, you need to ensure that your Facebook page or profile is in compliance with Facebook terms of service.

It means that your page or profile should have the things, like name written in accordance with Facebook rules, profile and cover images, uploaded content and enabled “Follow” button (applicable for Facebook profiles).

2. Make it professional

In order to ensure that Facebook will recognize and associate your page with your brand, it is important to organize your Facebook page as an official representation of your brand.

In this case, you need to share only brand related content on your Facebook feed and try to avoid uploading anything that can have a negative impact on your credibility. So, refrain from posting low quality content, such as low quality pictures, personal posts, other brands’ logo and anything that doesn’t fit your brand’s voice.

It is advised to look at your Facebook page through the eyes of your potential customers and remove everything that doesn’t represent your brand in a professional way.

3. Keep it up to date

Actually, it will not matter how professional your Facebook page or profile looks like if the last post was uploaded several years ago.

Facebook will review and check all of your page information before it provides you with a verification badge. It means your task is to ensure everything that is on your page is up to date.

The key fields of your page that will be analyzed by Facebook is your description, email address and website’s link. Don’t ignore these at first sight simple, but very important things in order to successfully get verified on Facebook.

4. Link to the official website

What is the better way to show that your Facebook page is a professional business account? The answer is to link your Facebook page with your official website.

Therefore, it means that the right links are a crucial factor to receive a verification mark on Facebook. Keep in mind that you not only need to ensure your webpage link to be up to date, however, you should also put your Facebook profile’s URL on your website.

5. Ensure that your “About” section is comprehensive

Another significant thing, while applying for Facebook verification badge, is your “About” section.

The more detailed information you provide, the better. In this case, make sure that your “About” section includes the data, such as a mission statement, phone number, address, company overview.

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How to apply for Facebook verification?

Once you have made sure that your Facebook page or profile corresponds to the initial Facebook requirements that were mentioned above, you are ready to request to get a verification badge.

Here is the main steps’ process that you need to follow to apply for Facebook verification.

Step 1.

Firstly, you need log in to your Facebook page and then click on “Settings” at the top of your screen.

Step 2.

After that from general menu choose “Page Verification” and click on “Edit”.

Step 3.

Click on “Verify this Page”.

Step 4.

During this step, you have an opportunity to select from instant verification or a more lengthy verification process. If you choose an instant verification option, then you will be able to use the publicly listed phone number of your business to request for the verified badge. Enter this number, click “Call me now” and wait until you will receive the verification code. This 4-digits code should be entered into a particular window in order to confirm that the provided phone number is related to your business.  

However, if you don’t have a publicly listed phone number or just decide to choose the more detailed option, then click on “Verify this Page with documents instead”. In this case, upload specific documents, such as a business license, utility or phone bill, tax file, certificate of formation or articles of incorporation that show that you legally own the business.

Step 5.

Once you have submitted the verification request, it is time to wait until Facebook reviews your application and whether confirms or denies by sending you a message.

Usually this process takes around 3-45 days.

However, if you are denied verification, don’t worry, just take time to grow your audience and improve your Facebook page or profile in order to get verified.

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In conclusion, act in accordance with the strategies discussed above and you will receive the Facebook verification badge and your business will look more legitimate to the potential audience.

Have you gotten your Facebook page or profile verified yet? Is it blue or gray badge? Share your thoughts in the comments’ section!

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