How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page: 7 Tips

how to get on instagram explore page

For many marketers Instagram has become a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

Although Instagram’s popularity makes it difficult for brands to stand out from a crowd of other engaging profiles and catch attention of a wider audience. However, don’t start worrying that your performance on Instagram can’t be improved.

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Fortunately, there is the Instagram Explore page, which helps brands to gain more engagement and exposure with just a little effort.

Want to know how to get on the Instagram Explore page?

Keep reading and you will understand what exactly the Instagram Explore page is and how it works, as well as you will receive 7 tips that you may implement to get your brand’s posts featured on the Instagram Explore page.

Let’s dive right into it!

What is the Instagram Explore Page and how does it work?

The Instagram Explore page is a page that presents posts for users from accounts they haven’t followed based on their previous likes and interests.

Actually, a special algorithm chooses what posts get featured on the Instagram Explore page. It means that this algorithm remembers your actions on Instagram, such as what you liked and engaged with the most.

Consequently, Instagram uses this information to search for the similar images and create a grid on the Instagram Explore page personalized to each user’s profile and their behavior on Instagram.

In order to help you think strategically and increase your chances of your posts getting on the Instagram Explore page, I will provide you with 7 tips that you can implement next time you post on Instagram.

1. Know your audience

When you log into Instagram, the posts you see on the Explore page is related to what other users in your network view and what you have shown your interest in before.

Here relevancy is considered as a basis behind an Instagram algorithm. It means that Instagram shows you the content which you are most likely be interested in and which will encourage you to engage with.

So, the first step in order to get on the Instagram Explore page is to find out who your target audience is and understand exactly what these people are looking for when they are scrolling their Instagram feed.

Here are the main questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What kind of content do they post?
  • What do they follow?
  • What kind of posts catches their attention?

You can use Instagram Insights to collect all the data about your audience.

Only when you perfectly perceive who your audience is, it will be easier for you to know whose Instagram Explore page you want to appear on. Keeping this in mind, your task is to start uploading Instagram posts based on what members of your audience are interested in interacting with.

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2. Post at the right time

When it comes to getting on the Instagram Explore page, there are two reasons why it is important to know when it is the best time to upload your content on Instagram.

First of all, if you have knowledge when your Instagram audience is the most active, it is more likely that you will notice growth of your posts’ engagement level, as your followers are online and ready to engage with your Instagram content.

Having high engagement on your posts, especially if it is received very quickly just after uploading your content on Instagram, will give a signal to Instagram algorithm that this content is worth of putting on the Explore page for other users to see and interact with it.

Another reason why it is useful to know the most optimal time to post, is that if you know when your followers are the most active, you increase the chances to reach your potential followers, those who can notice your Instagram content on the Explore page because they will be also online.

If you are a brand, then it is most probably that you have an Instagram business account, in this way, you may use Insights data to figure out when your followers interact with your posts on Instagram.

According to various social media researches, the best time to post on Instagram is considered on Wednesday at 11 am and on Friday between 10 am and 11 am. However, as every brand is different, it is advised to analyze your Instagram Insights data to understand when it is the right time to post.

3. Interact with your audience using call-to-action

In order to increase the chances of your posts being found on the Instagram Explore page, it means that you need to do everything to encourage your audience to take actions and boost engagement.

To increase the likelihood of audience’s interaction, ask users to double-tap on your image or use captions to write your questions or call-to-action phrases, such as leave your comment below, tell me what you think regarding this topic, tag your friend who needs this and etc.

This is considered as a great strategy not only to induce your followers to start a conversation and provide their valuable opinion, but also to expand your Instagram account’s reach to other interested users who haven’t heard about your brand yet.

The more likes and comments your posts receive, the higher possibilities are that your content will appear on the Instagram Explore page.

Moreover, if users see that you devote your time to engage with them, then these interactions will help to build your audience’s loyalty.

So, don’t ignore an opportunity to encourage your audience to interact using call-to-action in your posts and you will most probably get your brand on the Instagram Explore page.

4. Use hashtags and location tags

One of the easiest ways to make your Instagram content more visible to a wider audience and boost engagement level is to use hashtags.

Social media studies show that Instagram accounts which use at least one hashtag per post have up to 12.6% higher engagement than those that don’t.

Hashtags not only help users to find a content which matches their needs, interests, but also increase your, as a brand, chances of appearing on the Instagram Explore page. What is more, usage of relevant hashtags assists you in highlighting the topic of your posts.

However, while deciding that hashtags to include into your Instagram post’s caption, it is advised to combine branded hashtags with trending ones, so in this way, you will be able to reach your potential followers. Furthermore, you may use location tags in order to better target your audience and make your content discoverable for those, who are searching for the particular locations.

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5. Turn photo content into videos

It is already noticed that video content is taking a center stage on the Instagram Explore page. Videos are ranked higher than images since they auto-play on the Explore page and receive more audience’s attention.

Video creation is a really time consuming activity and especially if you have a lot of great photos that you want to upload on Instagram. However, don’t start to panic.

There are several ideas how you can create dynamic images-videos for your Instagram feed.

For example, instead of uploading a simple picture of your brand’s products, you may layer photos together in order to create a stop-motion effect or in other words GIF-like video.

Secondly, you can add an animated element to your still image which will make a real difference how your post performs on your Instagram feed. It will not only boost content’s engagement, but also Instagram algorithm will recognize this type of images like a video post.

What is more, you can include a moving video background to your still photos that will help them to appear on the Instagram Explore page.

Also to bring a variety to your Instagram content and increase your chances to get on the Explore page, it is advised to shoot simple boomerangs.

At first sight it can seem difficult, however, if you use your creativity, it is most likely that you will generate a lot of great ideas how you can turn you photo content into videos to get your brand to show on the Instagram Explore page.

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6. Tag the relevant brands

By tagging a particular brand on your Instagram post, you are showing an Instagram algorithm that there is a connection between two accounts, increase the chances to get on the Explore page and reach new audiences.

Instagram remembers your relationship with another brand, thinks that your content can be interested to this brand’s followers and, consequently, shows your posts on that users’ Explore page.

Overall, mentioning the relevant brands in your posts is considered as an easy, but effective tactic to appear on the Instagram Explore page.

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7. Don’t repost

The last and simple way to ensure your brand’s possibility to get on the Instagram Explore page is to upload your own original content. Why? Just because by making the reposts you negatively influence on Instagram algorithm.

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In conclusion, today 7 different strategies how to get on the Instagram Explore page were reviewed.

Actually, it is not that difficult to appear on the Instagram Explore page. It is all about understanding what content you need to share, at what time and to what audience.

So, start implementing today discussed tips into your strategy and soon you will notice higher engagement and increased amount of followers because more users will discover your content on their Explore page.

What tactics do you use to get your brand’s posts featured on the Instagram Explore page? Share them in a comments’ section.

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