How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories: 6 Strategies

how to get more views on Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are considered as the easiest and the most powerful way to do visual content marketing, tell a fascinating story and increase engagement level. But it doesn’t matter how great your Instagram Stories are, because you will not receive any reach or engagement of your audience if no one views your stories.

Increasing views on Instagram Stories can seem challenging or even impossible. However, you shouldn’t be concerned. Better find out how can you make your Instagram stories seen by a bigger audience and stand out from a crowd of various Instagram content.

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Fortunately, you came to the right place. In this article you will learn what strategies you need to implement in order to get more exposure for the Instagram stories you create.

Here are 6 simple strategies how to get more views on Instagram Stories.

1. Creativity always wins

If you want to turn your loyal Instagram followers and new visitors into long-time Instagram stories viewers, then you need to think about uploading of creative and engaging content.

Although Instagram feature, such as stories, was created in order to overtake its main competitor Snapchat, however, when it comes to content posting on Instagram it should be more professional, without rash displaying of straightforward images and videos from daily activities.

While creating pictures or videos for your Instagram Stories, you need to keep in mind the quality of your content. So, always try to apply video or image dimensions of 1080 x 1920 pixels. And don’t forget about editing.

What is more, you probably understand that people log on to Instagram not to receive the sales pitches, but they expect to see informative and entertaining content. So, by creating and adding this kind of posts into your Instagram stories, you will get more views of your audience and, consequently, will boost reach and engagement on your stories.

As content on Instagram stories stays up only for 24 hours, it means that you need to make your posts as creative and catchy as possible every single day. Only then you will be able to grab audience’s attention and encourage them to take actions – engage with your content.

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2. Post stories regularly

How often you are uploading the new content to your Instagram stories? If you only post once a day when you have time and it is convenient for you, then your chances to reach a majority of your audience and get more views on your Instagram stories extremely decrease.

When it comes to uploading Instagram stories, it is advised to upload a content several times per day. However, don’t choose quantity instead of quality. Instead of this, try to ensure that your Instagram stories content will be engaging and consistent at the same time.

Actually, consistency is crucial because it helps your audience to understand when to expect new stories from you and stimulates their engagement with your content.

In order to regularly upload Instagram stories, you can schedule your content in advance by using the simple tools, such as an editorial calendar provided by Google Docs or any other social media platforms.

In this way, you will show your followers that you know what you are doing, that you are doing it with a particular goal. Furthermore, uploading constantly, your Instagram stories provide you with the maximum potential reach of your audience.

3. Interactive elements

Another effective strategy, in order to encourage Instagram users to engage with your content, is considered as a usage of some fun and interactive elements, such as polls, questions or swipe meters.

Have you ever wanted to find out what your audience thinks about your content? So, don’t hesitate, you have a chance to ask them!

For example, you can formulate your questions, like “How do you like our brand’s latest products?” or “What type of content you want to see more in the future?

Applying this method, you will allow your Instagram audience provide their honest answers and feel like their opinion is important for you. Actually, received users’ thoughts are considered valuable because you don’t need to guess what type of content your audience prefers the most, you may easily clarify it by getting their answers.

Overall, by using interactive elements, you can get higher engagement and retention level of your audience, receive the feedback about your content, build connections with your audience and generate new, creative ideas for future posts.

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4. Add hashtags

Because hashtags assist you in reaching a bigger Instagram audience and boosting your content engagement, they are considered as an extremely powerful thing.

There are two way how you can add hashtags into your Instagram story – by using a hashtag sticker or by typing them as a text. However, you need to keep in mind that you have an opportunity to insert up to 10 hashtags if they are typed and only 1, if you choose a sticker option.

What is more, due to the changes of Instagram explore page algorithm, now hashtags may be followed by users. It means that the particular hashtag’s communities can be created where active and engaged users are. Instagram stories that includes the specific hashtags have more chances to appear in users’ search results. In this way, by adding the hashtags into your Instagram stories, you will make your content more visible and reachable to potential followers.

But it is advised not to start randomly inserting various hashtags, better think which hashtags perfectly reflect the topic of your story. Find them and include into your Instagram story. Only when you implement hashtags strategy right, you will get more views on your Instagram stories, higher engagement level and more new followers.

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5. Mention accounts

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to collaborate, show your appreciation or acknowledge an Instagram user, mentioning another account in your Instagram story is a great way to receive more views on your Instagram stories.

To tag other Instagram account, you just need to choose @mention sticker. After that an account will get a notification that it is tagged on a specific content.

When it comes to collaboration with other Instagram users who are influencers or brands, mentions are powerful method to show your respect to these accounts as a fan or a social media partner. If you mention brands in your Instagram stories, there is a big chance that you will be noticed and reposted by those brands. Consequently, you can receive more views on your Instagram stories content and more engaged followers for your account.

Furthermore, when you mention your most active Instagram followers in order to show your appreciation, it is considered as an effective way to build the stronger connections with them. In this way, you let your followers feel like an important part of your brand’s community. Remember, showing your appreciation may help to turn your engaged Instagram followers into loyal customers.

6. Location stickers

Do you want to get more Instagram followers from a particular area?

Then add a location sticker into your Instagram stories and your stories’ content will likely appear in story search for that location.

Whether you are an influencer or a brand, usage of location tags is an easy way to boost your Instagram stories reach and views. According to social media studies, utilizing a broader location, like a country, instead of a town, will help to receive up to 5 times more views on your Instagram stories.

Don’t doubt in effectiveness of the location tags, start using them in your Instagram stories and you will notice that they generate more views and increase your brand awareness.

Wrapping everything up, I hope that now it is clear for you what you should do in order to get more views on Instagram stories.

Try to use the tips that were discussed in this article and you will definitely see better results of your overall Instagram stories performance.

What strategies you are applying in your Instagram stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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