How to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories

how to get more engagement on instagram stories

Wondering how to receive more engagement on your Instagram Stories?

With a constantly changing Instagram algorithm and plenty of various appealing brands that compete for audience’s attention, it is getting harder than ever to boost engagement level of your Instagram Stories.

However, don’t be afraid of competition on Instagram!

With more than 500 million daily active users who are watching Instagram Stories, you can encourage the audience to tap on, reply to and screenshot your Instagram Stories. You need to implement several important strategies that will help you to get your Instagram audience involved and engaged with your Stories.

Ready to know more?

Then, let’s take a deep dive into some of the best tactics to get more engagement on Instagram stories.

1. Start conversations with Instagram Stories stickers

Actually, Instagram engagement isn’t only about posts’ likes and comments.

As popularity of Stories is growing, Instagram is suggesting the new ways for brands to engage with their audience, in a form of different engagement stickers for Stories.

Instagram Stories stickers aren’t only fun, but they help to make the Stories interactive. They are considered as an efficient way to induce your audience to chat, share their opinion about your brand and experience they had with your brand, which, consequently, will assist you in building loyal following.

Instagram provides you with an opportunity to select from 2 types of stickers that are the most effective in boosting your Stories engagement:

  • Question stickers. Nothing stimulates a conversation more than a question sticker or in other words, a great AMA (ask me anything) on Instagram Stories. And while this type of interaction is widely used by other successful brands or influencers in order to help their audience learn about them more, there is no reason why you should ignore this.

Question stickers let your Instagram audience to receive a more detailed information about your products or services and get better acquainted with your brand.

It is a great opportunity when you can ask your audience what content they would like you see more in the future.

Keep in mind that after submitting your question, the user who asked a question will receive a notification about the answered question. 

  • Poll and vote stickers. According to social media studies, when users see polls, it is more likely that they will be engaged. If you want to get in on your Instagram audience’s preferences and let the audience provide their feedback about your brand, then you need to start using poll and vote stickers.

These types of stickers will help you to understand what you may improve in your future performance. There is a useful thing about the poll and vote stickers that you have an opportunity to access a list of Instagram users who participated in the poll and voted.

Overall, the tactic of using stickers is considered very powerful because it makes it easier to start a conversation with your Instagram audience and encourage them to engage with your content.

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2. Design attractive Instagram Stories that match your brand’s aesthetic

Another significant thing which you need to keep in mind while creating your Instagram Stories is that they not only should look great, but the Stories need to reflect your brand’s aesthetic. Only then you will get more engagement and boost your followers’ base.

When your Instagram feed posts, Stories and your website (if you have one) are aligned, it will assist you in helping the audience to recognize your unique style which, consequently, will increase your brand’s awareness. Your brand’s Instagram Stories and posts will stand out from the crowd, provide your Instagram audience with a sense of familiarity and encourage them to interact with your content.

In this way, your Instagram followers will know what to expect from you and most probably they will be waiting for your new Instagram Stories.

Although, to make your Instagram look cohesive it will require more time and effort, however, it really helps to turn your Instagram account’s visitors into loyal followers and grow engagement level on your Stories.

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3. Use prompts

Sometimes you need to tell your followers what you want them to do. In this case, it is advised to apply the prompts tactic and you will get more engagement, make your audience feel curious, excited. Consequently, it will increase the time your audience spend on your Instagram Stories.

There are 4 types of prompts that you can use:

  • Tap for more. Begin your Instagram Story with a question, add “Tap for more” with arrow graphics prompting the audience to click on the right side of their screen to see your next Stories. The next Story can be an image or a video which includes relevant data.

You may be thinking that if your Story automatically moves forward after a few seconds, so why then you need to use “Tap for more” prompt? Remember, watching a collection of Instagram Stories without any action is a passive experience which only induce the audience to leave your Story.

Better include “Tap for more” strategy and in this way, you will give your audience a sense of control, make them involved in your Story progression.

  • Hold to read. If you insert longer texts to your Instagram Stories, then prompt the audience to “Hold to read” in order to grab their attention and retain them to stay on your Story.
  • Get ready to. The “Get ready to” prompt helps to set a tone for Stories that are coming next. On next Instagram Stories you may tell users to re-share your Story, ask a question or to take any other action.

In this way, you will pique audience’s curiosity, encourage to view your Instagram Stories and it is more likely that users will engage with your content.

All in all, with straightforward instructions in the beginning, informative middle and clear end of your Instagram Stories, there are more chances that your audience will be engaged.

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4. Post Instagram Stories when your audience is most active

Knowing when your Instagram audience is most active is the key tactic in order to receive the higher engagement level.

If you know when your followers are the most active, then you can plan and schedule your Instagram Stories to upload at that perfect time. In this way, you will reach your Instagram audience when they are ready to interact with your content and correspondingly boost engagement on Instagram Stories.

In order to find out when your followers’ active hours are, it is advised to use Instagram Insights, where you can easily access useful metrics of your performance and data about your followers’ behavior. 

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However, Instagram Insights function in only available for Business Accounts. It is one of the reasons why you should switch to business account if you haven’t already.

5. Upload save-worthy Instagram Stories for screenshots

Screenshotable” Instagram Stories are considered as a powerful interactive option. 

In order to encourage your Instagram audience to engage with your Stories, ensure that you upload valuable content which grabs their attention and pushes them to screenshot or save your Story.

There are several options that you can use:

  • Wallpapers. This is an easy way to add value and give something that grabs audience’s attention. Your wallpaper may be a simple picture or a quote. If you decide to upload a wallpaper as your Instagram Story, then it is recommended to insert a text Story before your wallpaper to give your audience a heads-up. For instance, you can say something such as “Are you ready for marvelous wallpaper? Get ready to screenshot it!
  • Fill in the blanks. You can use the method of asking your Instagram audience to fill in the blank that you will upload into your Story. In this case, create different types of blanks that will help you to entertain your audience or gather the audience’s thoughts about your brand. However, don’t forget to ask followers to tag you on their Story’s with filled in blank. 
  • Stories contests. Applying the game tactic is a great way to boost your Instagram Stories engagement. Create rules of your contest, clearly define them in your Story and announce users that they can win a prize. Also you need to ask contest’s participants to tag you or use a key hashtag from your contest’s Story. Without a doubt, this tactic should induce your audience to become more engaged. When it comes to a prize, for example, you can give a prize to a randomly selected user who screenshots your contest’s Story, adds that screenshot into his Story and follows you.

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Overall, the method of including “Screenshotable” Instagram Stories helps to grab users’ attention and induce them to interact with your content. So, don’t miss a chance and try to use if for your benefit.

In conclusion, although it is impossible to increase your Instagram Stories engagement level overnight, but the great news is that you can do it step-by-step by making these little improvements of your Instagram strategy.

So, the next time you will be planning your Instagram Stories content, try to implement the tips that were reviewed in this article and you will be most probably surprised how your audience react to your Stories. 

If you want to share your thoughts about tactics which help to boost Instagram Stories engagement, please write in the comments section below!

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