How To Find The Best Hashtags For Your TikTok Videos

how to find the best hashtags for tiktok videos

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Are you wondering how to get more eyes on your content and grow your TikTok account?

That is where hashtags can help you! Hashtags are considered as an effective way to categorize your content and reach the right audience.

Read ahead and in this article you will learn everything you need to know about TikTok hashtags. Starting from the reasons why they are important and ending with how to use them in order to increase your presence on TikTok.

Let’s get started!

Why should you use hashtags on TikTok?

Hashtags are a significant strategical element on any social media platform and TikTok is actually no exception.

Hashtags assist users in easily finding the content they are searching for. When people are looking for videos on a particular topic, they type in a relevant hashtag into a search box to discover such content.

From point of view of brands, hashtags help to make videos more discoverable and, thus, reach the wider audience.

Let’s go deeper and talk about what benefits you can receive from inserting hashtags into your TikTok videos.

1. Hashtags help to identify competitors

If you take your industry’s popular hashtags and check other TikTok video content that includes these hashtags, you will be able to identify your potential competitors. By applying this tactic, you can find accounts you haven’t even heard about.

What is more, looking at the other TikTok users’ content that contains the same hashtags as you use in your videos is considered as an effective method to generate ideas for your future videos.

2. Hashtags help to expand the reach of your videos

Social media users usually follow hashtags that are related to the topics of their interests.

It means that by inserting hashtags into your TikTok content, you will display it to a right audience because users who follow those hashtags are more likely to be interested in your content.

What is more, it is important to mention that if you use hashtags on TikTok, you will be able to make your content visible to people who aren’t your followers.

Consequently, you will not only boost the visibility of your videos, but will also improve an engagement rate of your TikTok content and build your brand awareness.

3. Hashtags help to earn more followers

As it was mentioned before when you use hashtags, you expand the reach of your videos beyond your TikTok following.

In this case, you can evoke interest in a new audience, encourage them to check your TikTok profile or even hit the Follow button.

If hashtags provide you with such benefits, why not to add them into your videos on TikTok?

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How to find the best hashtags for your TikTok videos?

Now as you know why it is important to use hashtags, it is time to look at the ways how to pick the relevant hashtags for your TikTok content.

1. Browse TikTok for popular hashtags

One of the easiest ways to find the right hashtags for your TikTok content is to scroll in the app itself and browse through various content.

However, keep in mind that this can be really time-consuming, because you need to search for the video content based on the relevant topics and your niche.

While this strategy can be a little bit tiresome, but to keep your eye out for relevant hashtags when you are scrolling through TikTok content is still a great idea.

2. Understand your audience

Before inserting a hashtag into your videos, it is advised to think whether your TikTok audience types it into the search bar or not.

Remember the simple rule, if you want to find the suitable hashtags that will help you to attract more followers and improve an engagement level of your content, you should make a research on what type of content your target audience is interested in.

3. Check what hashtags your competitors use

Another method to find the appropriate TikTok hashtags for your videos is to simply follow your competitors and see what results they receive from applying those hashtags.

If you notice that their used hashtags perform really well for them, there are big chances that these hashtags will be right for you too. However, before you will start copying the hashtags of your competitors, better make sure that they are suitable for your content topics.

Overall, constantly keeping a track on the competitors is considered as a powerful hashtag picking strategy.

4. Create your own hashtag

Most probably you have noticed that many big brands create their own hashtag. And this is actually a very powerful strategy.

Why? Just because by using your own hashtags you will be able to stand out from the crowd of other TikTok accounts and give your audience an opportunity to associate a particular hashtag only with you.

While creating your hashtag, you need to make sure that it is memorable, catchy and relevant to your brand and its content.

5. Use hashtag finder tools

Convenient and quick method to look for the hashtags for your TikTok content is to use hashtag finder tools.

For instance, there is a hashtag finder tool, called that can help you to find relevant hashtags. All you need to do is to write a keyword and it will generate a list of hashtags according to your inquiry.

6. Test, test, test

The last but not least advice while trying to pick suitable hashtags for your TikTok content is to test your chosen hashtags.

In this case, you need to record what hashtags you include in your TikTok videos and monitor what results they bring you.

Keep in mind that through testing you can definitely find hashtags that will work for you!

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How many hashtags to use on TikTok?

In no way insert a huge amount of hashtags into your video.

Why? The answer is simple. Just because TikTok algorithm will not understand what your videos are about and, thus, your content will not reach the right audience.

According to social media studies, the best number of hashtags to use on TikTok is around 3-5 hashtags per video.

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To sum it all up, hashtags are an efficient way to boost your content reach and expand your brand presence.

If you include just some random and popular hashtags into your TikTok videos, it is unlikely that they will bring you visibility you want to get. Only if you use the appropriate hashtags, you will be able to deliver your content to the right audience.

Do you know other powerful tactics how to use hashtags on TikTok in order to boost visibility of your content? What hashtags do you include into your videos? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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