How to Find Out Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

how to find out who viewed your twitter profile

Are you wondering who is stalking you on Twitter? Would you like to know who views your Twitter account the most? That’s natural, everybody would like to find out their admirers!

Keep reading further to know whether it is possible to check who viewed your Twitter profile and how to do that.

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Is it possible to find out who viewed your Twitter profile?

There is a lot of information about this topic. Some say it is easy to track who views your Twitter profile the most. Some say it is impossible to do.

I know that you want to know your most loyal stalkers, however, I have to be honest with you. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know who exactly viewed your Twitter profile.

Twitter doesn’t show who viewed your Twitter account because Twitter protects your and others privacy. Twitter publicly stated that they do not publicly share profile’s browsing history and are not planning to do so in the near future. They don’t even keep such logs for themselves.

However, there are some tricks & tactics to know more about your audience, which I will talk about later.

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Third-party apps and browser extensions doesn’t work

You can find many free and paid third-party apps in App Store or Google Play which claim that they are able to retrieve data from Twitter and tell who viewed your Twitter profile. However, all of these apps give you false data.

None of them can receive such data from Twitter, as Twitter doesn’t keep such logs. Twitter even publicly stated that it is not possible to do it as it would be violating the privacy of other users.

Such third-party apps will provide you with a list of Twitter profiles, however, these won’t necessary be your most active stalkers. These third-party apps mainly show you most active followers who engage with your content the most (likes or comments on your posts).

That’s publicly available information, so apps gather such data just by checking the engagement on your posts. The person who likes your posts the most may probably be the one who views your profile the most. This makes sense. However, we can’t be 100% sure, so these lists are mainly built on assumptions.

So, I wouldn’t suggest you using any of third-party apps, as lists provided by these apps are built only on assumptions and are not correct.

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Get more information about your audience from Twitter Analytics

As I have mentioned earlier, there are other methods to know more about your audience. You will still not know the exact usernames of Twitter profiles, but you can find something more about your audience in general.

All in all, you will agree with me that it is not important who viewed your Twitter profile. What matters the most is your profile’s followers growth. And Twitter Analytics can help you with a lot!

Twitter Analytics can provide you with general information and metrics about your account, followers and engagement. This information can be very useful if you know what to do with it.

By using Twitter Analytics, you may find out statistics about your tweet impressions, engagement, profile visits, etc. Also, you can view Audience Insights to know more about your audience demographics (age, location, gender, language, interests).

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I hope that now it is clear that you are not able to find out who viewed your Twitter account. But you are still able to find out some of the information about your audience using Twitter Analytics.

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