How to Drive More Traffic To YouTube Channel: 6 Tips

get more traffic to youtube channel

Did you know what the second largest search engine in the internet is? It is associated with Google too, that’s YouTube. It means that people use YouTube to find answers to their questions. And you can use YouTube to share useful information, promote your brand & get visitors to your website.

People watch-through 5 billion videos on YouTube every day! What’s funny is that only 8-10% of brands have a channel on YouTube, and we are not even talking about actively uploading channels. It means that brands are not using very powerful source to promote their business and build brand awareness. People always like visual content more, that’s why YouTube is so huge!

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If you have YouTube channel, but struggle to convert YouTube video viewers to channel or website visitors, then you are in the right place. Here are few tips on how to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel!

1. Title and video description

Video title and thumbnail are the first things people see before watching your video. By using intriguing title you can attract many more clicks compared to a bad title. By the help of a good title your click-through rate (CTR) increase, then YouTube algorithm automatically ranks your videos higher.

Your video title should explain what your video is about in just one sentence. Make it intriguing & appealing to the potential viewer, so he would want to watch your video. Title should be simple, don’t go overboard with in depth explaining what your video is about. As there’s video description field to describe more about your video.

Don’t forget to think about YouTube as a search engine and implement SEO. Always use a keyword you want to rank for in your title and video description. If you wouldn’t mention a keyword in the title and video description, it almost wouldn’t be possible to rank for that particular keyword.

Also, while writing video description, don’t do keyword stuffing. That’s an old technique that doesn’t work anymore and looks like spam. Write description to humans, not search engine crawlers. What I suggest to do is to write a good description that explains your video in-depth. Don’t even think about SEO at that moment. But afterwards, when description is written, try to edit it and implement your keyword 2-3 times. Also, don’t forget about video tags!

2. Custom thumbnails

Video thumbnails are more important than you think. Don’t you ever select one of the YouTube’s suggested random thumbnails from your video without editing! One little image can make your video fail or succeed, as first impression is really important.

How people decide whether to watch your video or not? That’s right, it’s your thumbnail attractiveness. It’s the first thing people see when they search for a video, so it needs to be click-worthy. So, make sure to choose and edit the right thumbnail, make sure that it demonstrates what your video is about and make it appealing.

Also, consider implementing annotations to your thumbnail. Annotations help thumbnails to stand out. So, it will definitely improve click-through rate as it can be used as call to action (CTA).

Here’s an example of thumbnail with annotation:

3. Use call to action

As I have said earlier, you can add annotations to your thumbnails because it can serve as a call to action. But don’t forget to use call to action in your videos footage and video description.

Always tell people what you want them to do. If you want them to like your video, then in the beginning and ending of a video tell them to “smash that like button”. If you would like to get more traffic to your website and advertise your products, then tell your audience to “click on the link in the description below“. You just need to remind people what to do, and they will do it!

4. Content quality

Always choose quality over quantity. It is even better to upload 2 quality videos per week than 7 poor quality videos per week. Note, that the real thing that drives users to watch your content is your content value, attractiveness and quality.

If viewer likes what you do and he gets benefit from it, then he will return to watch more. It’s worth mentioning that even a budget of 100000 USD for advertisement wouldn’t help much for a channel with poor quality content. Watch-time would be horrible and people would just bounce away.

5. Reply to comments

People are more likely to engage if they know that you’ll respond to them. So, make it a rule to always respond to new comments. People will see that you respond to every comment, so they’ll know that their questions/replies will be read by you. That means they will be more willing to leave a comment or just press a thumbs up button!

Remember, more engagement your video gets, the higher it will be ranked in search results.

6. Feature your most viewed video

When viewers proceed to your YouTube channel page, they see Featured section with a video in it. YouTube automatically set to display the most recent video there. It may be good for established channels, but if you are not getting many views, I would recommend to display most viewed video there.

As it wouldn’t look good when users come to check out your channel and all they see is that your featured video only has 200 views… Featured video with more views would make your channel look more established, trustable & appealing.

Do you know any more tips on how to drive more traffic to YouTube channel? Share those tips with us!

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