How to Disable Comments on Facebook?

how to disable comments on facebook

Some of us use Facebook for personal purposes and some to market their businesses. All in all, we all use Facebook to engage with other people. However, there are a lot of haters out there, so sometimes you may get not the engagement you expected. Other people can spam your posts, pages or groups or troll and spread negativity that you wouldn’t like.

In this article I will explain how to disable comments on Facebook posts, Facebook pages and Facebook groups.

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Let’s get started!

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How to disable comments on Facebook posts?

If you had enough and would like to change privacy options by disabling comments on your Facebook posts, then you came to the right place.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow to fully disable comments on your Facebook profile’s posts. However, there is a little trick to increase privacy by choosing who can comment on your Facebook posts.

Follow the steps below using your desktop PC or laptop:

  1. Go to Facebook and login to your Facebook profile;
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right of your screen and select “Settings”;
  3. Select “Public posts” from the menu on the left;
  4. Find the Public Post Comments tab and click on “Edit” next to it;
  5. You will be able to choose who is allowed to comment on your posts. You can choose from Public, Friends of friends & Friends. Select Friends so that only the closest friends could post comments under your posts. Done!

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How to disable comments in Facebook groups and Facebook Pages?

Luckily, you can disable comments in Facebook groups. However, you can’t disable comments in Facebook pages (you can only moderate comments by deleting them).

Also, you won’t be able to disable comments in Facebook groups for posts all at once, you will need to do it manually for every post that you want to disable comments on.

You will also need to be authorized to change commenting settings. This means that you either need to be the Administrator of a Facebook group or be the author of the published post.

Here are the steps on how to disable comments in Facebook group:

  1. Go to Facebook and login to your Facebook profile if you haven’t already;
  2. Go to the Facebook group and locate the post that you want to disable from getting comments;
  3. Click on three-dot icon at the right upper corner and select “Turn off commenting” from the drop-down menu.

Easy as that! However, I would suggest to use this feature only in extreme situations, as commenting provides more traction to your post and induce other people to notice it more.

If you receive spammy comments, I would suggest to moderate them by just deleting the ones you don’t like. By doing that the positive comments would stay on your post and that would help with engagement. That’s much better than disabling comments altogether.

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I hope that this article was helpful and you will know how to disable comments or change commenting settings on Facebook from now on.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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