How to Create The Perfect Twitter Tweet: 7 Tips

how to create the perfect twitter tweet

Have you ever thought why some of your tweets get great results while others are ignored by your audience?

In fact, there are lots of factors that can influence on your tweet’s performance and one of which is the content of your tweet.

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When you hear the phrase “perfect tweet”, what do you think it means? Is it a tweet which receives a huge amount of likes, comments or retweets?

Actually, all of the above.

Tweet’s success is measured in its ability to reach as wide an audience as possible. Consequently, your tweet has to be appealing enough to induce users to stop scrolling, pay attention and interact with it.

If you want to understand how to craft tweets that encourage your audience to engage, then keep reading because in this article you will discover 7 tips that will help you to create the perfect Twitter tweet.

Let’s dive right into it!

1. Keep it concise and simple

Undoubtedly, we all have so much to say and sometimes it seems impossible to make a message short. However, brief posts are exactly that differs Twitter from other social media platforms.

It means that your tweets need to be concise and easy to read, without any complicated words.

Although Twitter allows you to use up to 280 characters while writing your post, but it is better to keep it as short as possible. According to social media studies, 100-150 characters’ message is considered as perfect one in order to provide your audience with all the necessary information.

Getting your point across in a concise way isn’t an easy task and most probably it will take some time while you learn how to write short and simple tweets. However, while creating your perfect Twitter post try to cut out all the redundant text and leave a space for retweets. In this case, you will make the tweet that will encourage people to interact with it.

Overall, think of your tweet as a headline, which you want to catch your audience’s attention.

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2. Include visuals

It is already a proven fact that by incorporating visual content into your post, you will receive a much higher engagement level than uploading text-only messages.

What is more, if you don’t have something really informative and valuable to say, then the all-text tweet will get boring to read and audience will just ignore it.

For these reasons, when it is possible, it is advised to attach visuals, such as images, videos, memes or even infographics to your tweets. Consequently, your tweets will be able to stand out on other users’ feeds and encourage the audience to engage with your Twitter content.

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3. Don’t forget about correct punctuation and grammar

Another tip in order to create the perfect tweet is to make sure that your message is spelled correctly and properly constructed. This is especially important if you are using Twitter as a brand.

If you have a personal Twitter account and your audience is more liberal, you can add some slang words in your tweets, however, it doesn’t mean that you can break the basic rules of grammar.

So, keep in mind that your tweet will not be perfect without correct spelling and use of full stops and commas.

4. Ask questions

A catchy, open-ended question is considered as a great way to start your tweet.

In this case, you can use Twitter poll to ask your audience some thought-provoking questions and you will notice how they to inclined to interact with you.

Actually, by creating a tweet with a question, you have an opportunity not only to boost your Twitter profile’s engagement level, improve communication with your audience, but also to discover your followers’ preferences and understand their opinion about you or your brand.

And what is more important, from answers of your audience you can scoop up creative ideas for your future tweets.

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5. Insert hashtags wisely

how to use twitter hashtags effectively

With such a huge amount of tweets posted every day, undoubtedly, it is easy to be unnoticed by your audience.

So, what to do?

The answer is simple. Add hashtags to your tweets.

Believe me or not, but hashtags are necessary element of your perfect tweet. Hashtags make your tweets more visible. When your tweets are easy to discover, consequently, more people interact with them and they receive higher engagement rate.

However, if you create a tweet where every second word is a hashtag, then your tweet will look unattractive and be even hard to read.

Therefore, while thinking about including hashtags into your tweet, it is advised to consider several things:

  • Use up to 2 relevant hashtags in one tweet;
  • Come up with your own, unique hashtag that relates to your brand. Make it simple and easy to understand to your audience.

6. Attach a link

Another suggestion in order to make your tweet perfect is to insert a link.

According to social media researches, tweets that include links have 85% more chances to be retweeted than those that don’t.

Furthermore, by adding a link of your website to the tweet, you will be able to drive traffic to it and even boost your sales.

7. Tag other Twitter profiles

how to untag yourself from twitter photos

Most likely you know that Twitter is considered as a suitable place for sharing your opinion about a particular brand or influencer by mentioning them in your tweet.

In this case, why not to increase your Twitter followers’ base by tagging a well-known brand in your tweet?

When you tag another Twitter users by including the handle, they will be notified about it and if they like your tweet, there is a chance that they will retweet it. Consequently, your profile will be noticed by a wider audience and you will boost its engagement level.

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In conclusion, I hope that this article has helped you to understand how the perfect tweet should look like.

So, don’t sit and wait for some miracles happen, go to your Twitter account and try the tips discussed earlier.

If you use at least several of these tips while trying to create your tweet, you will definitely notice better results.

Do you have any other advice that can help others to make the perfect tweet? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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