How to Create the Perfect Instagram Profile: 7 Simple Tips

how to create the perfect instagram profile

Without a doubt, due to its popularity Instagram needs no introduction, but for the unfamiliar ones – it is a social network app, which gives users an opportunity to capture and share images and videos.

Actually, Instagram is tricky. Why? From the first side it seems very easy: you just need to take a photo, upload it, add several hashtags and press the “Post” button. However, the ones who have already tried this approach can agree with the fact that using Instagram’s basic features doesn’t give you a huge amount of likes and followers.

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It all starts with the well-organized Instagram profile.

So, when was the last time you updated your Instagram profile? If your answer is a long time ago, then how you plan to convert your Instagram profile visitors into followers?

Keep reading this article and you will find out how to create a perfect & fully-equipped Instagram profile.

Ready? Check out the 7 simple tips below!

1. Public profile

The first important and crucial task which you need to do, is set your Instagram account’s visibility. In this case, you should make your profile public. It means that anyone (not just your followers) can visit your Instagram profile and view your posts.

If you run Instagram profile for your brand, then you should probably want people to be able to see your posts, interact with them and consider your Instagram account attractive and consequently press the “Follow” button.

Otherwise, if you keep your Instagram profile private, no one will see anything you upload and you will only lose your potential followers.

Although some brands prefer to change their profiles back to private just when their Instagram gains popularity and they grow the large follower’s base. However, it isn’t quite right strategic action. It doesn’t matter what amount of followers you have and how well-known your brand is, it is significant to keep your Instagram profile public in order to constantly boost your brand’s recognition.

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2. Recognizable username

Actually, you have 2 names on Instagram, your username, that one word which serves as your Instagram URL and a changeable name which displays under your username in searches. Undoubtedly with the millions of users on Instagram, it is hard to find a unique username.

While creating your username, keep in mind that you have up to 30 characters, but it doesn’t mean that you need to use all of them and make your username long. People use username when they want to mention you, so it serves as your Instagram profile’s identifier.

In this case, try to make your username memorable and easily searchable without any strange spellings. This will help other users to remember your username and quickly find it in the search. Moreover, it is advised to associate your username with a changeable name, so people searching for your brand are more probably to visit your Instagram profile.

3. Catchy profile photo

Your Instagram profile photo is one of the first things people notice when they visit your Instagram profile. When it comes to a personal account, the best choice is a high quality image of your face or profile. However, for brands it is harder to find the suitable profile photo.

It should be something identifiable, such as logo or a popular product, which makes people easily perceive who you are. Remember, if it is hard to recognize your brand from your uploaded profile photo, then it is unlikely that users will visit your Instagram account and press the “Follow” button.

While uploading your profile photo, keep in mind that the minimum Instagram image size is 110×110 pixels – and it is considered as a perfect size. It is recommended not to stray a lot from the minimum, otherwise if you make your profile photo larger than 200×200, then Instagram can blurry and stretch it.

What is more, think about the seasonal trends that can be significant and relevant to your brand and change your profile picture accordingly.

4. Attractive bio

Like the profile picture, your bio is also one of the first things that visitors pay attention to. Here you get only 150 characters, however, it sets the tone for your whole Instagram profile. So, if you want to make people notice you, then make these characters count.

In your bio let people know who you are, what you do and what they can expect to see in your Instagram profile. Most importantly, you should give the audience a reason to follow you. 

Before customizing your bio, it is advised to make a brainstorming session in order to find the single words that precisely describe your business type or your personality. You can add several hashtags, so your Instagram profile will show up in users’ search boxes.  

Furthermore, you can include a hyperlink of your page in your bio. But it is better if you insert your URL in the “Website” section. The clickable URL will appear under your bio text. Don’t forget to put the call-to-action phrase in your bio, for example “Check the link below!”

One thing with which you need to be careful, is emojis. Although an image of emoji is fun and in most cases is worth of a thousand words, but it depends on your Instagram profile’s type, emojis can be a bad choice.

All in all, write the bio which grabs people’s attention and also lets the potential followers know what they can expect if they follow you.

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5. Add “Contact” feature

Make it easier for your followers and other Instagram users to contact you directly by adding the “Contact” feature to your Instagram profile. Although this feature is only available for a business account, however, if you want to switch from your personal profile to business, it will take a few minutes to do so.

Instagram gives you an opportunity to add your telephone number, email address and physical location, tapping on which you see a map where a particular brand’s office is marked.

Remember, people like to know where the brands that they follow on Instagram are, as well as, to write inquiries if something is unclear for them.

6. Choose a business category

Although this can be seem as unnecessary, but by selecting a category of your business Instagram profile, you will tell the audience a little bit more about your brand. For example, if you brand represent beauty products for hair, then as a category you can choose “Health/Beauty”.

If you have not switched to business account yet, then consider doing so, because then you will be able to use “Instagram Insights” and see much more metrics and statistics on your profile’s performance.

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7. Highly-quality images

cohesive Instagram feed
cohesive Instagram feed

The last, but a crucial part in order to create the perfect Instagram profile is to upload only high-quality photos. When people come to your Instagram profile, most probably that the first thing they will do is scroll through the photos in your feed. In this case, the photos’ quality will make a big impact whether a person will press the “Follow” button on your Instagram profile or not.

So, when you are searching for a photo to upload into your Instagram feed, it is recommended to think this way – if you don’t have any attracting images, then better don’t post anything at all.

Actually, there are 3 main elements that every Instagram photo needs to include. It is an interesting subject, a well-shoot photo and professional editing.

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While you are choosing a subject for your photo, consider about your audience, what would they find interesting in your photos and what might push them to interact with your Instagram content? One of the powerful ways to grab audience’s attention is to include in your photos people who laugh. Funny and positive images are considered as the most memorable and shareable. 

When it comes to a background, it doesn’t mean that you need to have a great background in order to take a high-quality Instagram photo. All you need is just to take time and learn the best practices, find compelling perspectives, patterns and etc. After that it should be easier for you to understand where it is better to take a shoot.

If you upload photos, undoubtedly you need to edit them. Instagram suggests you basic editing features, however, they aren’t useful in order to make a fabulous picture. It is better to use the third-party editing apps.

In conclusion, make the most of the space you are given by using all the opportunities of customizing your profile provided by Instagram.

Applying 7 tips described above, spend more time and effort in order to create the fully-equipped & perfect Instagram profile. And you will notice that your Instagram profile makes an unforgettable first impression and attracts the right audience.

If you want to share the feedback, drop a line in the comments’ box below!

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