How to Create The Perfect Instagram Post: 5 Main Tips

how to create the perfect instagram posts

You upload an attractive picture, write a caption which you want to share with your Instagram audience, click the “Share” button and wait for likes and comments to show up on your post. However, usually no one or only a few people engage with your post.

If you have ever wondered why your Instagram posts didn’t receive engagement you expected, then keep reading and find out how to create the perfect Instagram post that would encourage people to interact and, consequently, grow your Instagram profile.

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In order to create the perfect Instagram post that will stand out in a crowd of other content, your task is to take several important elements and combine them.

Let’s review the 5 main tips that should help you to create the perfect Instagram post like an expert.

Let’s get started!

1. Write an engaging caption

Before you start thinking what picture to select for your post, the first thing which you need to consider is a caption.

Keep in mind that an Instagram photo can cause people to stop scrolling through their feeds and pay attention. However, a caption is also that crucial post element which assists in encouraging audience to interact with your Instagram content. In other words, captions let you describe your image, compliment it and build connections with your Instagram audience.

Although you are allowed to use up to 2,200 characters while writing your Instagram caption, but it is advised to keep your caption as short as possible and put the most important words in the first few lines.

According to social media studies, Instagram posts that include long captions get 15% less likes and comments.

Moreover, as Instagram cuts off a long caption with “More” button, you need to grab audience’s attention with the first sentence that will induce them to press “More” button and read the whole text.

Below are some advices how to make a caption which, consequently, will help in creation of your attention-worthy Instagram post.

  • Before writing a caption, firstly, think of your Instagram post’s goal. Answer yourself what do you want out of your post? Do you want to collect information or are you looking just for engagement? Overall, understand what you want from the post and it will be easier to achieve your desired results.
  • Include a call-to-action’s (CTA) element. Remember, in order to get results from your Instagram post, you need to encourage your audience to take an action. In this case, ask people a question, tell them to click a link or just say to like your post.
  • Add emojis. In this way, you will make your caption more unique. However, it is recommended to use up to 3 emojis in order not to make your caption’s text hard to read.
  • Insert hashtags. By putting several relevant hashtags into a caption, you will make your Instagram post more visible to users who are not even following you.

All in all, write a caption which will encourage users to interact with your Instagram post.

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2. Choose a catchy image

How to write Instagram captions

Undoubtedly an engaging caption is significant to create the perfect Instagram post. However, an image plays a main role initially by catching audience’s attention because it occupies the most space on users’ feeds.

What is more, due to the reason that Instagram is all about images, your photos can make or break your Instagram post. In this case, you should spend more time and efforts on choosing or creating the right picture.

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while deciding on Instagram post’s image:

  • Make sure your picture is related to your goal. For example, if your aim is to increase sales, it is advised to share a product photo. However, if you want to drive engagement, then your task is to upload entertaining and beneficial image.
  • Use one dominant color. According to researches, pictures that have one main color receive 17% more likes rather than those with multiple colors.
  • Natural lightning. Ensure that you have selected good lightning of your photo, but not overexposed.
  • Follow recommended image size. Try to share a photo not smaller than the 1080 pixel width and up to 1350 pixels height. In this case, if Instagram compresses your image, it will not lose quality.

3. Don’t forget about editing

how to make instagram ar filters

Another important element in order to create the perfect Instagram post is considered as an editing (filtering and cropping) process.

Although #nofilter trend is popular among Instagram influencers, however, editing makes good images look even more attractive. So, don’t ignore an opportunity of adding filters to your images.

While an Instagram itself suggests you a huge variety of effects, the third-party apps, such as Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO, PS Express will be a better choice if you want to create the unique style of your Instagram photos. In this way, you will definitely make images that induce users to stop scrolling and notice your posts.

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4. Use tags to mention other users

If it is suitable, you can tag people or brands in your Instagram post.  

For instance, if you have created a content using quotes of other people, then don’t miss a chance to tag or mention them in your Instagram post.

In this case, you will notify these people that they are included and encourage them to re-share your post or become your follower.

5. Schedule your post

schedule Instagram posts
schedule Instagram posts

At first glance timing can seem not so essential part of making the perfect Instagram post, but actually it is.

If you schedule and upload your posts at the time when a majority of your audience is the most active, you will be able to increase the chances of receiving your desired results.

It means that by scheduling Instagram posts you can reach a wider audience and, consequently, boost engagement level, drive sales or achieve any other goal much easier.

In order to find out the best time to share your Instagram posts, it is advised to use Instagram Insights.

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In conclusion, there is no single rule of creating the perfect Instagram post, however, with a little creativity and hard work you can create outstanding Instagram posts that will grow your profile and increase engagement.

Try to implement the tips revised earlier and you will notice improvements.

If you still have any questions regarding the topic of the perfect Instagram post, feel free to ask them in the comments below!

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