How To Create The Perfect Facebook Profile Picture?

how to create the perfect facebook profile picture

Every day while scrolling Facebook, you see thousands of profile photos. And every time when look at someone’s profile image, you immediately form an opinion about this person without studying his/her Facebook page.

Just in a few seconds, you decide whether he/she looks attractive, smart and trustworthy or not. In other words, you judge this person.

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Don’t think that others don’t judge you by your profile picture. They do it in the same way.

Your Facebook profile photo represents your personality, so, this means that you need to make it as an attention grabbing and flattering as possible.

Consequently, by having a perfect profile picture you will be able to convince other users that it is worth clicking and checking your Facebook page.

Wondering how to create the perfect Facebook profile photo that stands out?

Fortunately, you are in the right place because in this article you will receive tips how to make the perfect Facebook profile picture.

Let’s dive right into it!

Why a good Facebook profile picture matters?

In fact, the answer is simple. Your profile photo says a lot about who you are as a person. It is the first thing on which people pay their attention when they see your Facebook account.

This is the main reason why it is important to devote your time and efforts into creating a good Facebook picture photo, which will stand out and represent you only in the best light.

Remember, every time you decide to change your profile image, primarily, you need to evaluate its efficacy and only then upload it.

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How to create the perfect Facebook profile picture?

Below 5 main elements are presented in order to help you to create the perfect Facebook profile picture.

1. Ensure the correct dimensions

First of all, keep in mind that although you will upload a square photo, Facebook will crop it to a circular shape. In this case, before uploading your profile image, take into account that your picture’s corners will be rounded off.

Since your profile image is small, your task is to ensure that you are properly framed within a shot, so people can see you as the main object and a little bit of background.

In fact, your face should fill most of the photo’s space, but it shouldn’t be too far or too close. Just let viewers understand what is depicted on the profile photo.

What is more, remember that Facebook profile picture is displayed at 170×170 pixels on computer pages and 128×128 pixels on smartphones.

However, while creating your Facebook profile photo, it is advised to use the highest resolution – 2048×2048 pixels. That way, if people click on your image, you will ensure that it still look clear, crisp and not blurry.

2. Show your face

The key rule that every photographer will agree on is that a profile picture is all about your face. Even if you are creating a holiday themed Facebook page, remember, the face is what really matters.

According to social media studies, faces are a uniquely powerful type of images.

As your profile photo should focus on your face, then it will be ideally if you use head to shoulders shot.

Furthermore, don’t forget to smile, if you want to look more likeable, competent and influential.

Overall, keep in mind this advice and you will create a perfect, eye-catching Facebook profile picture that will provide you with successful results.

3. Don’t forget about a background and lightening

As it was mentioned before, the main focus of your profile photo should be your face, but don’t forget about a background. A background helps your profile image to look stable.

If you use busy backgrounds that consist complex geometric shapes, words or lines running through your head, then your profile picture will look overcrowded and unattractive. The practices show that it is better to apply a simple white or flat colored background.

Various researches prove that a bright colored background can be as a great choice for your profile image because while highlighting your facial features, it also helps your picture to stand out in a crowded Facebook newsfeed.

Moreover, you need to ensure that a background you select is well lightning, creates soft shadows and provides ample, natural light for your face. In this case, it is advised to take a photo in the morning or around a sunset.

All in all, taking into account a background and lightening, you will be able to form the base for a good Facebook profile picture.

4. Put contrasting colors

Since there is a huge amount of accounts on Facebook, it is hard to make your profile photo look unique and visible to other users.

However, don’t worry! Usage of contrasting colors can help to get your Facebook profile picture to stand out.

Therefore, as the key color of Facebook is blue, then try to include warm colors, like red, orange, yellow and green into your image. Consequently, you will make your profile more visible.

5. Use the same profile picture on all your social media profiles

Most likely that Facebook isn’t the only social media platform where your followers can find you.

If your answer is yes, in this case, it is recommended to maintain consistency across all your social media channels. In other words, making you or your brand easily identifiable, your profile picture should be the same everywhere where you have an account.

Although at first sight it can seem that usage of the same profile image on every social media account you have isn’t so important, but it gives more effective results in a long-term period.

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Wrapping everything up, I hope that now it clear what actions you need to take in order to create the perfect Facebook profile picture.

So, try to implement earlier discussed advices and you will be able to make a profile image that stands out from other attractive ones on Facebook.

Do you know other things that can help to make the perfect Facebook profile picture? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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