How To Create The Perfect Facebook Post: 5 Tips

how to create the perfect facebook post

When it comes to Facebook, many people upload their content hoping that it will bring them powerful results, such as, a big amount of clicks, likes and comments. However, the outcomes are not always so good.

How to know what kind of Facebook posts can provide you with guaranteed success? Are there particular rules that you can follow in order to create the perfect post which will stay in the top of your Facebook audience’s newsfeed?

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Actually, a “one size fits all” principle doesn’t work on Facebook. What works for one Facebook page may not work at all for another.

In this case, while there is no single right way of making the perfect Facebook post, let’s take a look at some of the best practices that can help you to create the perfect Facebook post on your Facebook page.

Let’s get started!

1. Add standout visuals

A Facebook post without an image is like a store without a window display. Keep in mind that nothing is so powerful in order to cause people to stop scrolling, catch their attention and encourage interaction than attractive visuals.

According to social media studies, posts that include images earn 53% more likes, 104% bigger amount of comments and 84% higher click-through rate (CTR).

In fact, every your Facebook post competes with other users’ uploaded posts. What is more, it only takes approximately 2.6 seconds for Facebook audience to decide what to settle and pay attention on.

In this case, in order to boost your reach with posts that contain photo, it is advised to make sure your visuals are indeed appealing and attention worthy.

Below are some tips that you need to consider while selecting what images to add in your Facebook post:

  • Apply high contrast. Contrasting, bright colors can help your visuals to stand out from other even in a low lightening;
  • Avoid using stock images. Although this kind of pictures which you can easy find on the Internet may save your time and money, however, they are too generic. Better ask a photographer or illustrator for a help in order to make images for your brand that will be completely original and will not exist anywhere else;
  • Follow recommended Facebook image’s specifications. In this case, to ensure that your post’s visuals are in high resolution, check that they correspond with the right specifications.

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2. Keep it short

Facebook audience, particularly those who access their profiles from mobile devices while they are on the go, are usually impatient and consume information quickly. Moreover, as people follow a lot of pages, their Facebook newsfeeds get overcrowded that, consequently, leads that people tend to go through their feeds promptly and ignore reading long posts.

This is actually why you need to write and upload as shorter Facebook posts as possible.

Social media researches show that Facebook posts below 40 characters get 86% more likes and comments, in other words, higher engagement.

So, the shorter your post is, the easier for Facebook audience to see your message and the stronger your chances of getting users to read it and encourage to interact.

Overall, remember that the perfect Facebook post is short, precise and sweet.

3. Insert a link

While Facebook posts that contain images help to generate a bigger amount of interactions, link posts provide you with more clicks. Furthermore, Facebook link posts that apply the built-in link format get twice as more clicks than URL links just typed in an image update.

In order to make a Facebook post work for you, let’s see how to share a link.

So, you need to copy and paste the URL into the status window. After some seconds, Facebook will show your added link’s meta data, such as a title, description and picture.

Once this information will appear in the screen, you have an opportunity to remove the URL from a window, but instead of it type a captivating headline and leave image with a short description.

Link posts are really powerful if you ask your Facebook audience to do something adding a clear call-to-action (CTA) and provide them with a link where you want these people to move.

It is advised to include verbs, such as, click, sign up, subscribe and download into your call-to-action. However, what is more important, don’t be afraid to spice them up a little bit by causing a sense of urgency. For instance, you can say “The last chance to receive the limited discount code. Click the link below and get the one.

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4. Be conversational

Keep in mind that Facebook is not only a place for brand to have their business page, first of all, it is a social network. It means that when people are scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds they are expecting to see socially engaging posts related with topics they may state their point of views.

In this case, don’t be scared to ask questions in your Facebook posts. However, after sharing your question, don’t forget to keep up the conversation in order to show your audience that you are listening to them and value their opinion.

All in all, using your Facebook posts try to connect to your audience and, consequently, show that you are open to them.

5. Include emojis

how to use facebook emojis

Another tactic that you can implement while trying to create your perfect Facebook post is usage of emojis. They will help you to express your thoughts in a more original way and, consequently, stand out from a crowd of other users’ Facebook posts.

According to studies, if you include emojis into your Facebook posts, you are able to increase an amount of likes by 57% and number comments and shares by 33%. Moreover, emojis generate 29% more clicks and 8% more impressions.

So, do you agree that with such results there is no reason why you shouldn’t add emojis into your Facebook posts?

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to write a whole your post only using emojis. Your task is to use only those emojis that are appropriate for your Facebook post’s content and add them moderately.

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Wrapping everything up, it is important to ensure that your posts are short, encouraging people to interact, have original images, include emojis and links with clear call-to-action.

So, now as you have knowledge how to create the perfect Facebook post, which can bring you the best results, it’s time to use it in practice.

However, if you know other techniques to create the perfect Facebook post, please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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