How to Create the Most Awesome Facebook Page

how to create the most awesome facebook page

Facebook is still a great platform to drive traffic to your business, get sales and build overall brand awareness. If you would like to promote your business on Facebook, then you need to create the most awesome Facebook page!

Here are 5 main steps on how to create Facebook page that would be attractive to your potential audience.

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1. Register your page & select business category

First of all, you’ll need to have personal Facebook profile in order to create a Facebook business page. So, if you are not from this planet & don’t have personal account yet, then go and create one first!

Facebook business pages are always connected to personal profiles, it means that to access your Facebook page you will firstly need to log in to your personal account.

While logged in to your personal Facebook account, just go to the right upper corner and click on the arrow. Then drop-down menu will come up, click on “Create page” option. If you can’t find it just use this link

After that you will get to choose from 2 options (choose the type of your page):

  • Business or brand (local or online businesses, places, companies, products, services, etc.);
  • Community or public figure (artists, bands, institutions, politics, etc.).

So, if you are in the fashion industry and have an e-commerce fashion store, then choose the “Business or brand” option. After that click “Get Started” button, fill in “Page name” and “Category” of your page. Voalià, your Facebook Page has been created! But not so fast, your Facebook page is completely empty, keep on reading further.

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2. Fill in Facebook Page info

In order to create the most awesome Facebook page, you need to completely fill in every information tab that will appear in “About” section in your Facebook page. Just go to your Facebook page, click on “Settings” in the right upper corner, then select “Page info”.

Now you will be able to edit general information as page’s description, business category, add contact details as website link, e-mail, phone number and address, select your working hours, etc.

Completely fill out every tab, because it doesn’t make a good first impression when people come to your page wanting to know more about your business but see just empty fields. By filling up every information tab your page and business overall will look more trustable and established.

Also don’t forget to create custom Facebook page username. It will help your audience to find you better, as your custom username will also serve as a link to your page. For example, if you choose username “Username”, then your Facebook page link will be Simple link helps to remember your page better, also it helps you with SEO (Search engine optimization) too.

3. Upload profile picture & cover photo

After you fill all the necessary tabs with relevant information, you need to upload profile picture and cover photo. Visuals make your page stand out among others, so make sure to upload the best quality pictures so they would look visually appealing.

Suggested photo size for profile picture is 180×180. Remember, that every post and comment will show up together with your profile picture, so make sure that it is attractive to users and is a high-resolution picture.

Most businesses use their brand’s logo for their profile picture. But not every logo fits in a square picture of 180×180 pixels, so don’t upload your unedited logo if the letters get cut and do not fit in a square picture. Make sure that you edit your logo so it would look good as Facebook profile picture.

One thing to mention is that your profile picture will also appear as a circular picture when you publish posts in News feed or comment on something. So, make sure that your logo would look good in a cropped circular picture too.

Suggested size for Facebook cover photo is 851×315 pixels. Of course, you can upload other size photo, but this one will look the best for majority of your Facebook page visitors.

Cover photo is displayed at the top of your Facebook page. As its size is much bigger than your profile photo, it gets a lot more attention when user first visits your page. It means that your cover photo should also be high-resolution, visually dynamic and instantly capture visitor’s attention, it should be visually appealing so that user would want to scroll-down to check out your whole page.

You should upload a cover photo that represents your business the best. Also, it is a common practice for brands to upload a cover photo that shows the latest offers and discounts or any major brands achievements.

4. Select your target audience

It is not mandatory, but Facebook gives you an option to choose your page target audience. While it is not required, we still suggest you to select the audience that would be most interested in your content.

That’s because Facebook’s algorithm tracks engagement of your followers. More engagement you get, the more users you will reach organically on Facebook. The only way to get the best engagement rate is to have a perfectly selected (targeted) audience. You can target your audience by using several filters – age, gender, location, interests.

5. Start publishing posts

Start creating useful and interesting posts for your audience. Remember that content is king. The better content you post, the better results you’ll have and more popular your page become.

Don’t forget that there are many different post formats that you can publish – plain text, images, videos. Try to upload more of a visual content (images, gifs and videos), as many researches found out that visual content gets more eye-balls to your content and consequently you will receive more engagement and likes.

It is advised to publish 1 – 2 posts per day on Facebook. Also don’t forget about consistency, upload every day. New and fresh content will make it look more attractive for users that come to check out your page. If you are not able to keep publishing daily, then consider using Facebook post scheduling applications.

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There you have it. Follow these 5 steps and your page will be the most awesome Facebook page ever! If you have any other tips, leave a suggestion in a comments’ field below.

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