How to Create Profitable Twitter Ads: 7 Useful Tips

create profitable twitter ads

Every day over 500 million of new tweets appear on Twitter. As a brand, it should be hard to stand out from this crowd and get your Twitter ads noticed by the right audience.

Rather than upload the same ad content on different social media platforms, it is often worth the time to create an individual ad, which works great particularly on that social media platform. Although creating your Twitter ad message which is engaging to the audience is a clear goal, however, sometimes small things can lead to the big improvements in your advertising performance.

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As Twitter is about short texts, moving fast, influencing and having a conversation, so it is important to figure out the factors that can make an impact on your Twitter ads success.

Here are 7 tips to help you to create profitable Twitter ads that grab users’ attention and give you the best return on investment (ROI).

Let’s begin!

1. In order to create profitable Twitter ads, keep your ads short!

Although tweet’s character limit has increased to 280, however, don’t get tempted by an opportunity to use more words in your Twitter ad. Even the old 140 character limit is considered as too long for effective advertisement.

As nowadays people’s attention span is short (on average 8 seconds), in this case, Twitter users will spend no more than a few seconds looking at your ad before they scroll down.

Digital researches show that the shorter ad message you create, the more likely you will be able to deliver your ad in order to get the audience stop scrolling and catch their attention. Many advertisers still believe that they need to squeeze everything they want to say into an ad message. However, this is a wrong thinking.

When you are creating a Twitter ad, it is advised to write a short and catchy message using only 40-60 characters, the same way as you see the outdoor billboards’ texts. What is more, the shorter ads tweets should bring you the lower CPA (cost-per-action).

If you keep this tip in mind while creating a Twitter ad, you probably notice that it is amazing how much you can tell with a few words.

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2. Emphasize urgency

Urgency causes a natural people’s reaction to take immediate actions. This feeling is hardwired into us since birth. When people see the particular urgency inducing phrases, they often start to feel anxious and consequently think that they should act.

In this way, while making your Twitter ad message, show urgency in order to induce the audience to take the steps you want. To highlight urgency in your ad, try to include phrases, such as “for a limited time”, “sign up now”, “hurry up”, “faster”, “don’t miss a chance” and etc. These words can make your audience feel that an offer in your tweet is available for a short time or your stock is limited and consequently persuade to take action.  

According to social media studies, if you apply this strategy, you will receive 10% lower CPA (cost per action) and 10% higher CTR (click through rate).

3. Talk about something new

The word “new” is considered as one of the most effective words, which makes the audience to stop and pay attention to a content.

It is natural that people like to see the new things or learn something new. In this case, it is a great word in order to make your Twitter ad noticed.

While writing a text for your Twitter ad, use word “new” to catch users’ attention and show them that they can learn the latest interesting things. Studies show that after applying this tip, you will notice 10% lower CPA and 26 % lower CPLC (cost per link click).

4. Show discounts in percentages

Without a doubt, everyone likes to receive the good deals and the idea of saving is a powerful method of your audience’s inducement.

However, social media analyses present that users are more likely to click on a Twitter ad which expresses discounts as a percentage instead of a money amount. For example, 20% off sounds more tempting than just 5 USD off, isn’t it?

In this case, by displaying discounts in percentages in your ad messages, you can lower your CPA by approximately 40%.

5. Avoid using hashtags

Bad example. Don’t use hashtags in your Twitter ads.

Using hashtags is a very useful tactic, if you are focused on increasing the reach of your Twitter ads and boosting your tweets’ engagement level. But remember the significant fact that hashtags make a negative influence on your paid Twitter ads. They drive Twitter users away from your go-to destination point and lead to lower performance results. So, while making Twitter ads, forget about hashtags.  

If your goal is to encourage Twitter users to go to your webpage or press a “Follow” button on your Twitter account, then you likely don’t want to risk someone clicking on a hashtag instead of reacting to your call-to-action. As every hashtag in your tweet message automatically becomes a clickable link.

For this occasion there is a simple rule – you shouldn’t include hashtags in your Twitter ad message. Studies show that Twitter ads that contain hashtags have 24% higher CPA and 3% lower CTR.

6. Ask a question

The tactic of asking questions is a great way to increase engagement of your Twitter ads and encourage users to think about your brand. Question let users feel like they are a part of a particular conversation and induce them to click on a link added to your ad message.

At first sight the strategy of asking questions may seem not so effective. However, even if users don’t know the answers, they naturally feel your friendliness and ready to help and share their thoughts.

According to social media researches, Twitter ads that have questions get 16% higher CTR and 9% lower CPLC (cost per link click).

7. Give something for free

It is not a secret that people want to receive something for nothing, or in other words, for free. The audience likes to win, even if the prize isn’t something impressive, they will still be interested in it.

In this way, to use audience’s desire to win to your favor, just organize the competition. Include the words, like “win” and “contest” in order to make it clear for your audience that there is a chance to become a winner, if they click on your Twitter ad. It is noticed, that if Twitter ad offers to take a part in a competition and win something, it gives 40% lower CPA and 1% lower CPLC (cost per link click) .

Wrapping everything up, today several tactics were discussed in order to help you to create a profitable Twitter ads which stand out from a crowd of other Twitter content. You have probably noticed that even the small things may have a big, positive influence on everything that is related with your ad, from click through rate to click per action.

Don’t wait for something, in order to get better results of your Twitter ads performance, try to apply one or combine several tips presented above.

Remember, trying to improve is a key to success.

If you want to give a feedback, then drop a line in the comments’ box below!

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