How to Create Impressive Twitter Profile: 5 Simple Tips

how to create impressive twitter profile

Impressive Twitter profile not only helps to grow your following, but also increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

If you can set up a Twitter profile in a couple of minutes, it doesn’t mean that you are making it right. If you use a Twitter profile for your brand or your personal use, then it is better to invest more time and effort in creating an impressive profile which encourages visitors to become followers.

Remember the important fact – the way you describe and show yourself or your brand on Twitter has everything to do with how the audience perceives you.

In this article I will review the 5 main elements that you can implement in order to create a more powerful & impressive Twitter profile and make a better first impression.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Twitter username and display name

When it comes to names on Twitter, you have 2 names. One, which is called username, is unique Twitter name that is used in your profile’s URL and follows the “@” sign. Another is display name, which appears above your username and is considered as the name which most users will recognize you or your brand by.

While creating your Twitter username, there are 3 main rules that you need to keep in mind. It needs to be short, relevant and unique. Actually, it is recommended to associate your username with a display name, so users searching for your brand are more probably to visit your Twitter profile.

It is significant to keep your username short because in this way it will be easier for other Twitter users to include your handle in their tweets. If your username is short, it will increase your possibility to be squeezed within 280 character text limit. Moreover, keeping your Twitter username unique, will help users to quickly find your profile in a search window.

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2. Profile picture

Another important element of attractive Twitter account is your profile photo. Actually, you should upload the photo that your fans or potential followers could simply identify you or your brand.

If it is your personal profile, you probably want other Twitter users to recognize you and evoke positive thoughts when you show up in their timeline. Then it is advised to use a high quality picture of yourself from the shoulders up (profile picture) and preferably smiling. As Twitter is about human connections, try to avoid using a cartoon, animal, tree or any other object for your profile photo.

For business profiles, you can upload your brand’s logo or a picture with your company’s name.

While thinking of what photo to upload as a Twitter profile picture, keep in mind that your squared photo will appear as a circle on Twitter. In this case, ensure that some of your logo’s words wouldn’t be cropped out. Even if everything is good and your logo is not cropped, make sure that the letters are big enough to read while the photo is shown as a small circle icon.

What is more, it is better to upload the photo which size is not smaller than 400 x 400 pixels. If users decide to click on it and it will get bigger, then Twitter will not blurry or stretch it.

When you picked your Twitter profile photo, it is advised to stick to it. Why? People follow lots of various accounts on Twitter and over time they become familiar with all images that represent the particular profiles. Also the profile picture is a part of your brand. So, would you change your company’s logo every month or a week? Most probably, not.

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3. Twitter profile bio

Don’t think that because of only 160 characters limit it should be quick and easy to create a catchy bio. It is the opposite. Due to these limits, you must be creative in order to fit in all the words you want to say about yourself or your brand and include the reason why your profile is worth to follow.

While crafting your Twitter bio, you need to consider the usage of certain keywords. As Twitter has its own search engine, assume that your profile is like a website’s landing page which can be easily found when users start searching.

In this case, when you write the words or phrases in your bio, they should be keyword’s rich. In order to make sure that you include the right words and phrases in your Twitter bio, think about the fact what other users can be searching on Twitter and what you wish to be discovered for.

So, your complete Twitter bio needs to look like a perfect combination of keywords and information about you or your brand. Only then you will increase the chances of your profile being found by other users and receive more new followers.

Furthermore, you can insert the clickable elements, such as your website URL.

All in all, your Twitter bio is like a pitch on why other users should press the “Follow” button. So, try to use all 160 characters as effective as possible.

4. Header image

The header also plays an important role in making your Twitter profile more impressive. It is a large image, which is placed behind your profile photo. The recommended header’s size is 1252 x 626 pixels.

On many Twitter profiles’ headers you may notice the random pictures of nature, illustrations and etc. However, the header’s space can be used for more effective purposes. In this case, better put pictures that display your achievements, skills, services you provide. This is considered as a powerful way to build your reliability, influence and promote your brand.

So, instead of uploading unrelated image, better give your audience the beneficial information about your personality or your brand.

5. Pinned tweet

The component that the Twitter users don’t think of as a significant part of their profile, although they should, is a pinned tweet.

What you need to do, is just to pick your best tweets and pin to the top of your Twitter profile page making them the first ones that every user will see.

Remember, you need to make sure that you regularly review your pinned tweets, replacing them with another ones that are more relevant and engaging.

Wrapping everything up, all these elements work together in order to create a short, but crucial positive experience for every user who visits your Twitter profile.

By implementing the tips described above, your Twitter profile will make a more powerful impression, attract a bigger amount of visitors, encourage these users to become your followers and generally boost success of your performance on Twitter.

What do you think is important in order to create an impressive Twitter profile? Let’s talk about it in the comments’ section below!

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