How to Create Facebook Collection Ads?

how to use facebook collection ads

Facebook advertising is extremely powerful method to connect with potential audience. However, in the same time ever-changing Facebook algorithm makes it challenging to reach your desired target audience and present them your brand’s products or services.

In order to find success with Facebook adverting, your brand’s content must stand out from the crowd of other appealing messages.

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most likely want to ask, how can I make my content noticeable?

Simply start including collection ads into your Facebook strategy.

In fact, this type of ads is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness, receive new leads and drive sales.

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about Facebook collection ads. Starting from explanation what collection ads are, reasons why they are important for your brand, how to create and use collection ads in order to get the best results and stand out on users’ news feeds.

Let’s dive right into it!

What are Facebook collection ads?

According to studies, nowadays people spend more and more time on their mobile phones and what it is more interesting that around 20% of that time they devote to Facebook. Consequently, all this explains how people search for information and make purchase decisions.

In fact, that’s why Facebook introduced its users the collection ads.

Facebook collection ads are the multi-card type of ads shown only on mobile devices and designed to maximize mobile user’s experience.

People tapping on a collection ad are provided with a fast-loading, full screen experience to browse or find out more about an ad offer. With a main photo or video on top of 4 smaller products’ images in a grid-like layout, Facebook collection ads turn into a mini-storefront allowing brands to display multiple products that audience may click to buy.

For the reason that collection ads are powered by Instant Experience, so, it means that users don’t necessarily have to leave the Facebook in order to learn more or make a purchase. Actually, this makes online shopping smooth while people are on the go or just have not so good Internet connection.

There are 4 different templates that Facebook allows to use for collection ads’ type in order to reach a particular goal:

  1. Instant storefront. Will be shown as the layout of a lifestyle magazine;
  2. Instant customer acquisition. Works as a mini-post-click landing page with a CTA button. Use it if you want to drive conversions on your mobile landing page;
  3. Instant lookbook. Suitable for fashion and other e-commerce brands’ products. Use it if you want to create a digital version of an existing print catalogue of your brand’s products;
  4. Instant storytelling. The main focus on video or image which tells a story about your brand.

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Main specifications of Facebook collection ads to make them look high quality

  • Headline: 25 characters that appear above the products’ images;
  • Body: 90 characters that appear above the main image or video;
  • Vertical images or videos max of 1:1 ratio.

Why brands should use Facebook collection ads?

First of all, according social media studies, 55% of users have bought stuff online after discovering it on Facebook ads. What is more, 49% of people make their purchase through mobile phones.

Actually there are 3 major reasons why Facebook collection ads are so valuable:

  • They are mobile friendly. Collection ads are made for mobile users who get used to swipe and scroll through. These ads open up a store directly on Facebook making it easier for audience to find the necessary products and most likely to buy them;
  • They are visually attractive. Due to the full-screen experience, there are lots of opportunities how brands can use images or videos to catch audience’s attention;
  • They are product-focused. In contract with other ads that promote a piece of content, collection ads are designed especially to promote your brand’s products.

Overall, collection ads are considered as a powerful method to stand out on users’ mobile timelines and encourage audience to stop scrolling and pay attention. They appear as an appealing, dynamic and moving ads that can easily draw attention to your brand’s products.

However, keep in mind that Facebook collection ads are not just selling your products, they are also promoting your store and boosting your brand awareness by showing video or image to attract potential customers.

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How to create Facebook collection ads?

Now as you know why Facebook collection ads can be beneficial for your brands, it’s time to dive into how to set up this type of ads. Actually, you can create your collection ad just two steps. Let’s see!

Step 1. Create a product catalog and feed

Before you will start launching your collection ad, the first task that you have to do is to create a product catalog. It includes a dynamic product feed or a static file catalog of the products you want to sell.

So, in order to create a product catalog go to your Facebook page and from the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of your page select the “Advertising on Facebook” option. Then click on the “Create an Ad” button and you will be transferred to an Ads Manager page. Tap on a hamburger menu at the top-left corner and choose the “Catalogs” option from an Ads Manager tools list.

After that you will be asked to select the category of catalog you want to create. You have an opportunity to choose from e-commerce, travel, real estate and auto.

Once the category is selected, you need to name your product catalog.

Great! The product catalog is made.

When you have created your product catalog, you will be moved to the Catalog Manager dashboard, where on the left-side column’s menu you can find the following sections: diagnostics, products, product sets, product data sources, events data sources and settings.

On this page you will have a chance to add products manually, upload a data feed file with your products’ information or connect to Facebook pixels that will help to automatically update the products. If you have more than 30-50 products, then it is advised to use data feeds or Facebook pixels.

However, if there are a few products, you may choose to upload them manually. In this case, you will have to fill in a simple form. Here you need to upload your product’s image (600×60 pixels), enter its name, description, product ID, website link where your product is placed and price.

What is more, you can create product sets which spit your product catalog into categories, like product type, brand, price, item group ID or other conditions.

Not so difficult, isn’t it? Let’s move on to the step of your Facebook collection ad’s creation.

Step 2. Launch a Facebook collection ad

You have two options how you can create a collection ad.

So, you may do it directly from Catalog Manager’s page or just go to Ads Manager and start making your ad as you normally would.

However, while deciding on the objective for your ad, choose from traffic, conversions, catalog sales or store traffic. After that you need to set your target audience who you want to reach, budget and schedule for your ad. In the “Identity” section select your brand’s Facebook Page from the drop-down menu.

When it comes to ad format, choose the “Collection” option, which means that your ad will be shown only on users’ mobile devices.

What is more, while users will be engaging with your ad, they will see the Instant Experience format. In this case, your following task is to set it up.

Although Facebook allows you to create your own template, however, you can use the suggested Instant Experience templates.

So, pick the one Instant Experience template which seems the right for you and click on the “Use Template” button. After that you will be transferred to the new page where you will have the editing window in the left side and the preview in the right.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to have your brand logo or brand name in the header. Next, you have to select the product catalog from which you are planning to upload your products. After that choose how your products will appear in your collection, in a dynamic or specific order.

In the following section, upload the main image, video or dynamic video that will appear above your products’ pictures.

The last task is about creating call-to-action (CTA) button. Here write a text which will be shown on your CTA button and add URL for your landing page. Once you have done it, it means that Instant Experience is ready.

All you need to do the next is to add a headline and description of your collection ad.

That’s it! If you have set up everything properly, the preview will appear on the right side of the screen. When you’re satisfied with your ad, press the “Confirm” button in order to show your collection ad to Facebook users.

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Tips on how to use Facebook collection ads in order to get the best results

1. Use appealing cover image or video

While uploading an image or video which will be shown above your products pictures, keep in mind several things:

  • Add an image or video where you show that other people are using your brand’s products and are happy about it;
  • Upload an image or video which is suitable for the segment you are targeting;
  • Display your product’s benefits, how they can be helpful for an audience.

Therefore, follow one of these advises and undoubtedly you will make your ad stand out from a crowd.

2. Apply A/B test

In order to receive better results from your collection ads, it is advised to use A/B tests setting up a small budget.

So, you can test the main image or video and headline of your collection ad and see whether this combination provides you with a huge amount of clicks for your spend money or not. Furthermore, you may test products’ images and the full ad design in order to make sure that you are getting enough of traffic or conversions for your spend money.

3. Don’t forget about cohesiveness

As your collection ad includes a lot of moving parts, your task is to ensure that all of them are cohesive.

In this case, check if the images of your products look like they are a part of your whole ad.

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To sum up, now you have everything you need to know in order to include collection ads into your Facebook marketing strategy.

Start creating Facebook collection ads and you will undoubtedly notice huge improvements in sales.

Do you use Facebook collection ads? What is your opinion about them? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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