How to Create a YouTube Playlist & Why You Should?

how to create a youtube playlist

YouTube playlist is a very powerful feature to use both for YouTube creators and average person. It helps YouTubers to gain more views and general exposure. And for average user it is a very convenient feature to use as he can find the videos of particular niche in one place.

For example, if user wanted to see cat & dog videos, there is a playlist of such videos. If he wanted to listen to old school disco music, he can find all the best hits in one playlist! It is really convenient as user does not need to search for videos one by one, he can find it all in one place.

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There is a playlist created for almost any topic you could think of. YouTube playlists are so popular because anyone can create it for free both for public or their own use.

In this article you will find out a simple yet convenient way to create a YouTube playlist, best practices & the benefits of doing so.

Let’s get started!

What is a YouTube playlist?

YouTube playlist is a list or collection of videos in particular topic. Videos that are included in playlist are played automatically one after another. When one video finishes, another video in the list will start playing automatically.

Playlists are created for free and anyone can create their own playlist either for personal or public use. YouTube playlists are commonly used both by YouTube video creators (to get more views on all of their videos) & average users (because it is a really convenient way to watch videos).

YouTube playlist are mostly used in creating music video compilations. For example, you can find many “Top 50 hits of Disco music” or similar playlists.

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How to create a YouTube playlist?

Anybody can create a YouTube playlist for free. If you decided to create your own, then follow these steps below:

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to your Google Account and proceed to YouTube page;
  2. Find a video that you would like to add to your playlist;
  3. Under the video you will find an icon with text “Save”;
  4. Popup window will appear, select “+ Create new playlist”;
  5. Enter playlist name in the “Name” field and set playlist’s privacy option. You can choose from public (available to see for everyone), unlisted (anyone with the link can view, but playlist won’t appear in search results) or private (only available to you). Press “Create”.

Your playlist has been created! If you want to access your playlist, just click on the menu icon in the upper left corner and select “Library”.

You will be able to add other videos to your playlist, also rearrange the order of the videos in the playlist.

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Best practices for creating a YouTube playlist

If you are creating a YouTube playlist for your business in order to get more views on your videos, then you must know some of the best practices to enhance the user experience and get even more exposure. In other words, you need to optimize your YouTube playlist for marketing purposes.

  1. Notice the Sequence of your videos in the playlist. After first video viewed people will probably start to binge watch videos on your list. Make sure that they are listed in correct sequence. For example, if there is a Part 1 and Part 2, make sure that Part 2 goes after Part 1. If your videos are telling a story then make sure that they are aligned in correct sequence.
  2. Don’t forget that your playlists may appear on YouTube’s search, so you must optimize them to get a better position in search rankings. First thing to do is to optimize Title and Description of your playlist. Title should be short but accurate. Description should explain the purpose of your playlist and must include the keywords you would like to rank for.
  3. Also, don’t get forget about the Thumbnail of your playlist. People process images better than text, so a catchy & high quality thumbnail can make or break the performance of your playlist. Make sure that thumbnail stands out.
  4. If your playlist consists of 7 daily workout videos that explain the exercises for a whole week, consider adding a Trailer (Intro) video as the first video of your playlist. This intro should help viewers to understand what are videos about in the playlist without reading the description.

Why you should create a YouTube playlist?

If you are an average user and want to compile a video playlist for yourself, then it is all clear that you do that just for your convenience. It is easier to find all the videos in one place.

However, if you are professional YouTube content creator, what would be the benefits for you to create such playlist?

Firstly, the most obvious benefit is that you will get more video views. If people are searching for a video on a particular topic and clicked on your video, it means that they may be interested in other of your videos in the same topic too. In best case scenario, they can start binge watching all of your videos. So instead of one video, viewer will watch more of your videos.

Secondly, you increase your position in YouTube search rankings. As I have said earlier, playlists appear on search results too! And they usually rank better than just one separate video, because they usually bring more value to the viewer. That means more views, more engagement & faster overall growth of your YouTube channel.

Thirdly, better user experience watching your videos, consequently, more views and subscribers. Let’s be clear, user can find one of your videos and then proceed watching other YouTube’s suggested videos. Viewer may not be interested in checking your channel for more of your content. It means that other videos may not be discovered.

But if viewer is watching a video on your playlist, it means that the second video that he watch is your video. Because videos in playlists are played automatically in sequence. It helps not just the viewer, but your channel too. More of your videos get discovered.

More video views, better position in YouTube search rankings & better user experience leads to faster growth of your YouTube channel subscribers.

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That’s it for this article. I hope that now you will know how to create a playlist on YouTube and why should you do so! That’s the feature that every YouTube creator should use!

Have you created a YouTube playlist earlier? Leave a comment below!

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