How to Create a Great YouTube Video: 5 Important Tips

One the most powerful things about YouTube is that the huge audience, which consists of over 1.9 billion monthly active users, is waiting for your content. However, before feeling the success of your performance, you need to understand how to create a great YouTube video.

What if I tell you that learning how to create the best YouTube video can be easy and free?

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Probably you know that there are a lot of various guide books that give you the instructions of creating a YouTube video, but why you are considering buying these books, when all necessary skills you need can be found in the simple blog post like this.

In today’s article I am going to give you 5 main tips that you need to know when you are getting started creating YouTube videos.

Let’s begin!

1. Plan your video

Before creating your first YouTube video, it is important for you to find out the purpose why you are creating this video.

Video content usually is created due to the one of these 3 categories:

  • Education. It means that your video is made in order to teach some skills, provide the knowledge.
  • Engagement. It means that your video is made in order to induce the audience to interact with you content (like, comment or share).
  • Awareness. It means that your video is made in order to grab attention of your audience and introduce your brand.

If you clearly understand what you want to obtain with your YouTube video, then it will be easier for you to create the action plan of how you are going to do it. Your action plan needs to include every detail which helps you to create a great video. Starting from the well-defined target audience and ending with a written concise script.

However, remember, even if you are using the script prepared in advance, it is important to let your voice shine through. With time it will be easy for you to understand what voice to use in separate video category, how to start your YouTube videos and when to include call-to-action.

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2. Understand your audience

Another main aspect of learning how to create a great YouTube video is to understand your target audience. If you want to get the best performance from your YouTube video, consequently it means that it should speak to your well-defined audience.

However, type of your video will depend on the fact who is watching that particular video. Due to this, it is advised to think about the length of your video.

As attention spans of the viewers are short, the shorter video is considered as the better choice. What is more, as the audience of YouTube viewers is bigger than of other nearest social media competitors, it means that your video content has more opportunities to succeed.

Keeping the earlier discussed action plan in mind, try to put yourself in a viewer’s position while producing video content. In this case, you can ask yourself: What makes you click on a YouTube video? or What catches your attention while watching a video and stops you from leaving?

If you are able to figure out the specific behavior of your YouTube audience, then it can be said that you are making the small steps towards success.

3. Understand the importance of equipment

After considering your action plan and figuring out who your audience is, it is time to see what tools you may use to create the best YouTube video.

Actually, the type of equipment you need is tightly related to the videos you create. Moreover, your budget which you can spend plays an important role too.

Now let’s review the essential tools that you may need in order to create a great YouTube video:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Lighting
  • Video editing software

Although, it goes without saying that while creating a video you should ensure the best image quality, but more important is to think about the correlation between the audio and video.

Using some effects it is possible to improve the quality of a poor video, however, there is a little that you can do if a video has a bad sound. In this case, your overall video looks like it is not worthy to watch. This is the reason why you need to understand the importance of good equipment and invest in a decent microphone.

Another key element, while making the YouTube video, is lightening. It doesn’t matter is it natural or artificial, but you need to ensure that bad lighting would not make a negative effect on the quality on your video. It is advised to try to first record a short video and then preview how it looks like. If you are recording in natural light, it is better to film in the morning or evening, when the light is softer.

4. Set the stage

Once the equipment is ready, the following task is to “set the stage”. It means that you need to prepare the place (studio) where you are going to record the video.

For example, if you are filming an entertaining or informative video, then it can be the simple spot in your room with a good lighting and a tidy background behind you. This will help to keep a speaker at a spotlight and the background will be as a decoration.

All in all, while trying to create the best YouTube video, keep clutter out of the image and let the main character be in the center of the stage.

5. Prepare yourself to be on a camera

If you are the main character of your YouTube video, it is important to prepare yourself to be on camera in advance.

I know that being on camera can be scary for the first time.

A lot of people in front of camera get red-faced, stutter and fill in their speech with complex phrases. It shouldn’t be this way.

While being in front of a camera, you need to look pleasant and enjoyable for your audience. Due to this, it is advised to make the experimental conversations with a camera. In this case, don’t think that you are presenting the important information to the audience of billion YouTube viewers.

Just relax, look at your camera and imagine that you are directly talking with one person from your target audience. Be energetic, don’t forget to smile and hold on the main topic of your YouTube video.

Wrapping all these tips up, I hope that now it is clear for you how to create a great YouTube video.

Keep in mind that before making a video, it useful to plan everything as much as you can, create the comfortable environment where you are going to record your video, feel calm and just have fun.

However, don’t forget that every video you make need to be better than the previous one.

If you want to give your insights regarding this topic, let me know in the comments’ box!

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