How to Combine Videos on TikTok?

How to combine videos on TikTok

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Did you know that you can combine multiple videos into one longer TikTok video? You can easily do it.

In this article you are going to learn how to combine videos on TikTok.

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Let’s get started!

How to combine videos on TikTok?

Follow these steps and you will learn how to combine videos:

  1. Go to TikTok and click on the plus icon at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Press on the gallery icon in order to upload videos from your camera roll.
  3. Once you select, tap the Next button.
  4. Now choose the sound for your video.
  5. After that adjust your video clips by clicking on the Adjust clip icon.
  6. If you tap the clip, you will be able to choose what clip’s part include into your TikTok video.
  7. What is more, if you press and hold on the clip, you can change clips’ order.
  8. When your clips are adjusted, hit the Done button.
  9. Now press on the Next button in the top-right corner of your screen and you will moved to the editing page. Here you have an opportunity to write a text, insert stickers or apply different filters and effects.
  10. Once you are happy with your TikTok video, tap the Next button.
  11. The only thing left to do is to post your video. However, don’t forget to write a description of your video, add hashtags or even mention friends.

That’s it for this article!

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So, I hope this guide was helpful and you were able to combine videos on TikTok. Leave your comments down below if you have any more questions related to this topic.

5 thoughts on “How to Combine Videos on TikTok?”

  1. Kenneth L Veach

    This doesn’t work. Been trying to edit the length of my fort clip for I’ve an hour. Til Tok will only let me select 9 second’s for the first clip. Both clips together in full are less than 60s

  2. I notice no one talks about how TikTok will cut your video in sync mode. When you go Default you get full videos, but your stuck with two different sounds of the two clips you selected to combine. It won’t let you pick there music for a full video

  3. I’ll probably get a professional editing machine, because TikTok has way to many shortcomings

  4. When I picked my choice of song, TikTok trimmed my videos. Why can’t I use there music on my two clips. Must be a glitch or something

  5. Well this may not be a common occurrence, it has happened to me before, and should be covered in tutorials like this. When stringing together a series of videos from my phone gallery, the final product will not allow me to use the sound that was recorded as part of the video clips, but rather substitutes a sound from the app. The option to select ‘original audio’ is grayed out. Restarting the app does not fix this. The last update also did not fix this.

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