How to Collaborate With YouTube Influencers: 7 Main Tips

With more than 500 hours of video being uploaded on YouTube every minute, it becomes challenging to make your content stand out. And here collaboration with YouTube influencers comes to rescue you.

YouTube influencers are social media users with a powerful online presence and thousands of subscribers. These people usually are the experts in their niches and interact with their audience on a personal level in order to keep them engaged and dedicated.

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So, don’t doubt in advantages of collaboration with these YouTubers.


Firstly, you receive access to their highly engaged followers. Moreover, your video content earn trustworthiness because of the friendly relationships between influencers and their fans.

However, finding the right influencers and working with them meaningfully isn’t an easy task.

Here are 7 tips how to collaborate with YouTube influencers to promote your brand.

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1. Set clear goals

In order to create a powerful YouTube influencer marketing campaign, you need to have a clearly defined plan. It means that your task is to decide what goals you want to accomplish using YouTube influencer campaign.

Do you want to get more followers? Perhaps you want to boost your brand’s awareness? Greater visibility? Or maybe you want to generate more traffic to your webpage and increase sales?

So, what exactly do you want your YouTube influencers to achieve for you?

Actually, having clear goals it will be easier for you to decide which influencers you need to work with. Furthermore, your well-defined objectives will make an impact on the type of content you are going to create, while collaborating with YouTube influencers. Also, goals will provide you with better understanding of what performance metrics to track in order to effectively evaluate your YouTube influencer campaign.

Once you have clearly set objectives, it’s time to start choosing the right YouTube influencers.

2. Find the right YouTube influencer

YouTube influencers popularity and reach is one thing, however, how you fit them into your brand’s strategy is absolutely different.

If you randomly select YouTube influencers who have millions of subscribers and collaborate with them, then your performance will not give you the powerful results. In this way, before starting to work with someone, it is better to devote your time and find a YouTube influencer who perfectly matches your brand’s niche.

While searching for the right influencer of your YouTube marketing campaign, it is recommended to take into consideration the several important components:

  • Relevance. YouTube influencer who you select to collaborate with should be relevant to you brand’s industry. In other words, influencer needs to share content which is appropriate to your industry and business. Influencer’s niche needs to align with yours. Only then you will have more chances to catch users’ attention.
  • Reach. It is an amount of YouTube users you could potentially reach through your influencer’s subscribers’ base. In this case, it is better to choose relevant YouTube influencer with huge number of subscribers on their channel. So, you will be able to grab attention of a bigger audience.
  • Resonance. It is a potential engagement level which YouTube influencer may create together with users relevant to your brand. Actually, bigger isn’t always better, because if it is a niche area, then a smaller subscribers’ base can be more effective in receiving the successful performance results. Subscribers of YouTube niche influencers are considered more engaged and loyal.
  • Engagement. Don’t fall for the enormous amount of subscribers on influencers’ YouTube channels. Because to reach a huge number of YouTube users is useless if an audience doesn’t interact with a content. So, how to know if your potential YouTube influencer is trusted? Subscribers’ engagement level will show everything! In order to understand how engaged subscribers are with influencers’ video content, it is advised to review the comments’ section of their videos.
  • Experience. Actually, it is better to work with YouTube influencers who have already participated in similar projects. YouTube influencers’ knowledge can influence on success of your marketing campaign.
  • Budget. Without a doubt, YouTube influencers with millions of subscribers will expect to be paid more for collaboration, than micro-influencers who can be even more worthwhile for your campaign. Although these influencers have a smaller following, however, their subscribers are considered as highly engaged and loyal.
How to find the right YouTube influencer?

Firstly, start with running Google or YouTube search in order to make a list of the most popular and relevant influencers. After that review their YouTube channel’s section “About” in order to understand what their content is about and whether it align with yours.

Don’t be lazy to devote your time and search for the best YouTube influencer for your campaign.

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3. Trust your YouTube influencer

YouTube influencers make informative and engaging video content every day in order to get their audience wait when the new content will be released.

As influencers’ content has already created its awareness and uniqueness between the subscribers, it means that influencers may easily add element of authenticity in your sponsored video content on YouTube. What you should do in this case, is just to give a right of control and creativity to the influencer you work with. In other words, trust your YouTube influencer.

Production of engaging YouTube video is an important task which requires time, effort and significant capital. Actually, it means that in order to create outstanding YouTube videos, you need to be ready to provide the influencers with all needed resources.

A majority of influencers tend to choose collaboration with brands that trust them, give creative freedom and provide with competitive compensation for influencers’ efforts. So, it is advised to set your total campaign’s budget where a sum allocated on work with influencers will be included.

Overall, once you begin to work with YouTube influencer who seems the right for your brand, then try to rely on him, giving him all necessary resources to create video content which stands out from the crowd of other YouTube content.

4. Create user-orientated video content

5 reasons to use Youtube influencer advertising

Great content is the most important part of every marketing campaign. And there are no exceptions while collaborating with YouTube influencers.

As videos are considered as a highly powerful tool for presenting various information in captivating and easy to remember way, so your task is to ensure that your YouTube videos are as engaging and informative as possible.

However, if you only make YouTube videos that goes on and on about how amazing your brand’s products or services are, then it will not be so interesting to an audience and you will not receive effective results of your performance as you can expect.

Let’s review a few types of YouTube videos you can create while collaborating with influencers:

  • Storytelling of your brand. Probably you will agree with me that nothing captures audience’s attention better than fascinating story which evokes positive emotions. Videos with stories stand out from a crowd of various YouTube content.

In this way, while collaborating with YouTube influencers, don’t miss a chance to grab attention by telling an attractive story of your brand. However, you need to be cautious in order to don’t make your brand’s mention seem too promotional.

As YouTube users like video content, it is most likely that they will share the video with a story of your brand on their channel. It means that now your video will reach a wider YouTube audience and this, consequently, will increase your brand’s awareness and drive up engagement level of your content.

  • Tutorials and how-to guides. YouTube video is a perfect format to make tutorials and how-to guides of your products or services. While creating this type of videos, keep in mind that educating an audience how your products or services work can make an impact on their buying decision.

Due to the fact that influencers are considered as industry experts, so asking them to make a how-to video may give you the powerful results.

Overall, tutorials and how-to YouTube videos presented by influencers boost your brand’s visibility, grow its’ trust and can assist in leads generation. 

  • Unboxing videos. This type of videos, which shows to YouTube audience unwrapping products where for the first time their features are analyzed, is regarded as popular and attractive on YouTube.

Why unboxing videos are liked by users? Just because they display the products’ experience without any buzzwords and marketing tricks. These videos are considered as honest and objective.

While collaborating with YouTube influencers, don’t forget to ask them to create unboxing videos, as it helps to boost your content’s engagement and encourage audience to take actions, such as sign up or purchase.

  • Product Reviews and testimonials. Nowadays, it is hard to win the trust of an audience. It is important for users to know what others think about products or services that interest them. Also, people more rely on recommendations and testimonials from their friends, colleagues or social media influencers.

Actually, studies show that influencers are regarded as the most trusted and efficient way to increase sales. What is more, when users see positive reviews videos about your brand, they are more likely to buy your products.

So, if your goal is to generate leads or encourage an audience to purchase your products or services, then ask your YouTube influencers to make a product review video. Let the influencers to show their own experience, providing advantages and disadvantages of your brand.

When users hear an opinion of a trusted YouTube influencer, they will be more encouraged to make a purchase. Moreover, product reviews provided by YouTube influencers will boost your brand awareness and give trustworthiness to your brand.

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5. Add call-to-action

If you notice that your YouTube influencers’ audience likes your video content, it means you need to show more about your brand. In this way, in order to inspire users immediately to take actions, use call-to-action (CTA) strategy, which will be expressed as the clickable links in your videos or an added link into a video description.

However, don’t forget to write some short, catchy phrases that will explain what a YouTube audience need to do with a link.

All in all, it is a great way to drive traffic to your website and most probably increase sales.

6. Sign an agreement

When it comes to collaboration with YouTube influencers, it is recommended to sign an agreement.


Because it will help to set the roles, timelines and payment terms in order or to avoid miscommunications and disputes between you and your influencer.

7. Engage regularly

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Actually, the work with your YouTube influencers doesn’t end once the video is successfully uploaded to their channel. After that you have other tasks, such as tracking how an audience engage with your video content. In order to make users to trust your brand, you need to start talking through comments. So, provide viewers with answers, thank them for their feedback.

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What is more, it is important to maintain strong and long-term relationships with your YouTube influencers, if you want to have the reliable ones with whom to work on the future marketing projects. In this case, it is advised to keep them updated about your brand’s products, send them discount vouchers or freebies.

Wrapping everything up, a YouTube influencer can be a perfect partner for any brand in order to promote your brand’s products or services, drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

In today’s article 7 main tips were discussed to help you to find the right YouTube influencers and learn how to work with them properly.

If you want to share your own thoughts on what strategies you implement while collaborating with YouTube influencers, please write them in the comment section below!

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