How to Choose Tags For Your YouTube Video: 4 Tips

Have you ever thought of skipping the tags part and just upload your YouTube video as it is? Or maybe you just filled it up with just random semi-related tags that you first thought of?

Whatever the case, I must notice that tags are a very important part of your YouTube video.

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In this article you are going to learn how to choose tags for your YouTube video and why tags are important for your YouTube video.

Let’s get started!

Why tags are important for your YouTube video?

Tags give you an opportunity to tell more about your video to the YouTube algorithm. Consequently, proper tags make your video more discoverable in search rankings.

There has been a study made on tag correlation with search rankings position which concluded that most of the best ranked videos had tags the same or similar to the search keyword that video was ranking for.

It means that by adding proper tags to your video you increase its chances to get ranked better on YouTube search and get more views. That’s why you should spend some time and search for proper tags for your YouTube video.

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How to choose tags for your YouTube video?

Firstly, you must remember that the first tag you insert in your YouTube video is the most important. It is most important for SEO optimization. By inserting the first tag you tell YouTube algorithm that this is the most important tag and you want your video ranked for this keyword.

Secondly, don’t go overboard with tags. You shouldn’t be adding 20-30 tags to your videos. You must understand that you add tags just for YouTube’s algorithm, so it would be easier for algorithm to understand what your video is about and which keywords you would like to rank for.

If you add 20+ tags to your video, then it will be unclear which are the most important ones. So, it is more about quality of tags here, not the quantity. Just add 3 – 8 tags that are the most important and you will be fine.

Thirdly, don’t add tags that are too broad. Aim for specific tags that are made from 2 – 5 keywords. You see, broader the tag, less likely you will rank for it.

It means that instead of using keyword “dog”, you should use “dog playing in the yard” tag. By doing this you will make your tag more specific and it will increase the chances to rank for it in search results.

Lastly, you can get suggestions for your tags just by using YouTube’s search. Simply enter the first word of your tag in the search and you will immediately be displayed a drop-down list of suggestions.

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I hope that you learned how to choose tags for your YouTube video and understood why tags are so important. If you have any questions related to this topic, then leave a comment below!

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