How to Choose Right Hashtags For Your Facebook Posts?

how to choose right hashtags for your facebook posts

It doesn’t matter whether you are a marketer trying to promote your content organically or a regular user looking for the ways to increase an engagement level of your posts, constantly changing Facebook algorithm is making it harder for all users to produce content visible to a wide audience.

Due to this reason, you should have recently noticed an increased amount of hashtags in users’ Facebook posts.

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And if you are wondering whether adding hashtags into posts might be the solution to reach a bigger audience and, consequently, boost an engagement rate of your Facebook profile page, then the answer is simple – Yes!

Are you unsure of how to use hashtags on Facebook correctly?  

Then keep reading and in this article you will learn how to choose right hashtags for your Facebook posts that will help you to make it much more effective and, thus, grow your Facebook account.

Let’s dive right into it!

Why to use hashtags on Facebook?

Before I will discuss how to choose the best hashtags, let’s clarify the reasons why you should be including hashtags into your Facebook content.

Reason 1. Hashtags expand your reach

Users who add hashtags into their Facebook posts, gain visibility.

If your uploaded post doesn’t contain hashtags, then it means that only your Facebook followers or those who particularly search for your profile page can see it. However, by inserting hashtags into your content, you will be able to reach people who don’t even follow you and, consequently, improve your posts’ engagement level or even boost your Facebook fans’ base.

Reason 2. Hashtags connect your content

Without a doubt, there are Facebook users who are searching for posts on similar topics like yours.

It means that by adding hashtags into your Facebook posts, you have an opportunity to connect your content with other users who can be interested in what you say. In other words, hashtags allow you to show your posts exactly to an audience who is most likely interested in these subjects.

If people like what you are posting on your Facebook profile page, then there are bigger chances that they will decide to follow you.

Reason 3. Hashtags add context to posts

Including several hashtags into your Facebook posts is considered as a simple and effective method to give a context to what you are talking about without writing the huge paragraphs.

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Key principles of using hashtags in Facebook posts

  • Hashtag should be short and simple. Never try to use very long hashtags because they will not help to make your content visible. They will be just a wasted effort. The best hashtags are the ones that are relatively short and easy to remember.
  • Hashtag should be relevant. Keep in mind that hashtags can be popular, but not so widely used that you just become a part of the crowd when you use them. Your task is to insert only relevant hashtags that are specific to what you are talking about in your Facebook posts.
  • Use 1-2 hashtags. In order not to look spammy, this is an optimal number of hashtags that you can add in your Facebook posts.
  • Ensure that your Facebook profile page is public. Keep in mind that if you insert hashtags into your Facebook content, but your page is private, then your posts still will not be seen by a wider audience who isn’t following you.

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4 Tips on how to choose right hashtags for your Facebook posts

If you want to find hashtags that are right to your brand, industry and audience, then you will need to do a little research.

Here are 4 ways how you can pick the right hashtags for your Facebook content:

1. Check what hashtags your followers are using

Do you know what hashtags your Facebook followers are using?

If not, then one of your first tasks should be to keep track of which hashtags your audience is using on their posts.

It is because by finding and replicating the hashtags your ideal audience is applying, you will be able to show these people that your posts are on the same topics. Consequently, you will encourage them to interact with your content and build stronger relationships with them.

2. Find out what hashtags your competitors use in their posts

Most likely, you have competitors whose Facebook posts receive a higher engagement rate than yours.

Then, what you are waiting for? Go and do a competitive analysis on the recent high-performing content your competitors have posted on their Facebook profile pages. Your main task is to find out how many and what hashtags they use most frequently in their Facebook posts.

Although this can seem like you are spying on your competitors, but remember that in social media, you keep up or fall behind! So, it is up to you!

3. Use

Another method how you can pick the right hashtags for your Facebook posts is to use With this tool, you will be able to easily see how popular your chosen hashtag is, its trend for a week or even month and thus find the best hashtags for your brand.

Just write one of the well-known hashtags that are used by people in your business industry and find a bunch of similar suggestions that you could later successfully include into your Facebook posts.

4. Analyze hashtags that were successful on you own past posts

In order to find the right hashtags for your future Facebook posts, it is advised to monitor what hashtags you have inserted into your previously uploaded content.

If you notice that these hashtags have brought you successful results, then don’t doubt to include them into your Facebook posts again.

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Wrapping everything up, hashtags have become a crucial element of users’ performance on Facebook.

If you know how to properly use hashtags in your Facebook posts, then they will help you to easily reach a wider audience, receive a higher engagement rate and even boost your followers’ base.

Do you know other strategies to pick the right hashtags for your Facebook posts? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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