How to Choose Perfect Instagram Profile Picture: 7 Tips

how to choose the perfect instagram profile picture

There is a saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and most probably nowhere this is truer than on Instagram.

Your Instagram profile picture is the first thing that people notice while they visit your profile. Just within a few seconds, your Instagram profile picture helps your new visitors to draw conclusions about what you or your brand are and, consequently, decide whether to follow you or not.

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In fact, many users forget about the importance of an aesthetically perfect Instagram profile picture, focusing more on their feeds, and here they are making a huge mistake.

Although choosing a photo for your Instagram profile can seem as an easy task, but you certainly need to make sure that you are having the shot that will leave a right first impression.

In this article you will figure out how to choose the perfect Instagram profile picture which will lead to a higher engagement level & more followers.

Let’s get started!

Why it is important to have a perfect Instagram profile picture?

As it was mentioned before, your Instagram profile image is the first thing that your audience see when they come to check your profile, when you like or comment their post, watch their Story or send them a direct message.

Actually, there is a simple example which suggests you to think of your profile image like food. Imagine that you come into a bakery and start looking at cakes with no flavors listed. Undoubtedly, you will choose the cake which looks the most delicious for you. So, it is much the same and with your profile photo.

If you want to catch other Instagram users’ attention and, consequently, encourage them to engage with your content or even follow you, then you should have a professional and unique picture on your Instagram profile.

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7 tips on how to choose the perfect Instagram profile picture

If you are ready to change your Instagram profile picture, then follow these 7 tips discussed below.

1. Use a real photo of you as your profile image

This should go without saying, but I will remind you that your Instagram audience want to know that you are a real person. In this case, your profile picture should represent you, not a flower, a sunset or an avatar.

According to social media studies, images with a face receive higher engagement level than without. So, while choosing the perfect profile picture, it is advised to show your face. Actually, your face in an Instagram profile image shows a sense of confidence and helps an audience get to know your personality faster. 

What is more, in order to boost your sympathy with your audience, earn competence and influence, you need to smile with teeth and show your eyes on your Instagram profile picture. However, don’t laugh too hard and by no means hide your eyes under sunglasses.

If you are using Instagram for your brand, then just use your brand’s logo.

Therefore, apply this advice and you will be able to stand out against other Instagram users.

2. Ensure that your profile image is coherent with your brand

Remember, your profile picture needs to show the heart and soul of your brand.

In this case, if you are using an Instagram account for your brand, then it is advised to upload its logo as a profile image.

Consequently, you will be able to ensure that every Instagram user who visits your profile is immediately introduced to your brand and this will also help you to build your brand’s long-term recognition.

3. Edit your profile image to the perfect size

Not sure what the excellent Instagram profile picture’s size is? Don’t worry, I will tell you!

Your profile image should have a size of 110×110 pixels. Moreover, keep in mind that Instagram will crop your picture and make it slightly round.

However, using the “Edit Profile” section you can always check whether your chosen profile picture looks good in a circle or not. 

4. Make your profile image aesthetic right

Another rule while trying to choose the perfect Instagram profile picture is to ensure that it conforms to your overall Instagram feed aesthetic. It means that you need to apply the similar color palette or theme to your profile image.

Only then you will make your whole Instagram profile look attractive and catch other users’ attention and encourage them to follow you.

5. Keep your profile image up to date

Actually, it will not look professional, if in the middle of winter an audience sees palm trees on your profile picture and otherwise. What is more, new followers can even think that you are not active on Instagram or don’t care to update your profile image.

Therefore, while selecting the excellent picture for your Instagram profile, it is advised not to upload seasonal or an event attached photo. Instead, choose a picture that is neutral, not associated to the certain moments and will always be up to date.

6. Think about the background of your profile image

If you want to have an Instagram profile picture, which makes a great first impression, then your task will be to ensure that its background is really suitable.

Keep in mind that background should help an object on a photo to stand out, but by no means grab too much attention. In other words, your profile picture needs to sell you, not your background.

Furthermore, social media studies state that images with a blue dominant background color get 24% bigger amount of likes than the ones with other background colors.

So, don’t miss a chance to take advantage of this fact and include a blue tint into a background of your Instagram profile picture.

All in all, choose a simple, one colored background that will not compete for attention and stick with your overall Instagram profile aesthetic.

7. Include colors into your profile image

It is not a secret that people tend to like colors. Especially, it is good to use colors in your profile pictures because they help to catch audience’s attention immediately. 

However, keep in mind that the colors shouldn’t be overpowering. Better, try to use calm, warm colors and you will undoubtedly make your Instagram profile picture look attractive and stand out from a crowd of other images.

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How to update your Instagram profile picture?

Once you have selected a new, perfect picture for your Instagram profile, it will take just a few seconds to change it on the app.

In this case, log in to your Instagram account and press the “Edit Profile” button above your bio.

After that, you will be moved to a page where you are able to update all your Instagram profile’s details. So, click the “Change profile photo” button and from the drop-down menu select the “Choose From Library” option in order to upload the image saved on your phone.

Then, you will see how your profile picture will look like once cropped. Keep in mind, everything that is in the grey area will be cropped out. If everything is okay, just hit the “Done” button.

That’s it! Your Instagram profile picture is updated. Simple, isn’t it?

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Wrapping everything up, aside from writing an attractive bio and sharing posts, keep in mind that picking a perfect profile image is also a significant step of creating your appealing Instagram profile.

So, try to follow the tips reviewed in this article while choosing your Instagram profile picture and you will be able to leave a great first impression and receive higher engagement level.

Do you still have any questions related to this topic? Feel free to ask them in the comments below!

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