How to Choose a Great Twitter Profile Picture?

how to choose a great twitter profile picture

Despite all the changes that happen on Twitter platform, one thing remains the same.

What is that one thing you ask? The answer is simple, if you want to stand out from a crowd of other Twitter profiles and create strong relationships with an audience, your task is to have an engaging profile image.

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Keep in mind that people decide within several seconds after looking at your profile picture whether to start follow you or not. 

In fact, choosing a good picture for your Twitter profile that attracts an audience’s attention isn’t an exact science, but it is undoubtedly a crucial step.

Therefore, don’t hurry into a choice! Better devote your time and find the right one which will perfectly describe you or your brand.

In this article, you will receive several tips that should help you to choose a great Twitter profile picture.

Let’s get started!

Why it is important to have a great profile picture?

Before providing you with tips on how to choose a good picture for your Twitter profile, you need to understand the importance of your profile photo.

First of all, remember that your profile picture is a representation of your personal brand. It shows your values and character.

What is more, you have to realize that a lot of Twitter users don’t actually know anything about you. And when it comes to a first impression, all they do is based on your uploaded Twitter profile image make assumptions who you are and what you do.

So, in order to maximize your success in encouraging people to start following you, your task is to use a Twitter profile picture that looks as catchy as possible.  

Secondly, an attractive, high quality profile picture proves other users that you care about the way you look on Twitter.

When people see a poor quality image, one of the first thoughts that arises in their heads is “whether this person or a brand cares about its account or not”.  And most probably, it is hard to believe that people may judge you so strictly for only one profile picture, but it is.

If you want to build connections with other people on Twitter, you need to look good, show that you are proud of who you are. In this case, ensure that your profile image will seem appealing to an audience, catch their attention and encourage them to interact.

Thirdly, a great Twitter profile picture helps to stand out from the crowd.

Which option do you suppose is going to attract more audience’s interest and induce to visit your profile or even engage? Is it a gloomy, low-resolution photo taken with a smartphone or it is a bright, professionally framed image with a simple background?

The answer is clear, isn’t it?

When people scroll through their Twitter feeds, aside from the tweets, they pay their attention to appealing profile pictures. Consequently, if a photo looks really catchy, there are big chances that you will receive new followers who will be engaged with your content.

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Two main types of profile images that you can use on Twitter

1. Portrait image

Most probably, you know that Twitter is about connecting with other people on a human level.

So, especially if you are using Twitter as your personal account, then it is advised to add a real portrait of yourself. Best, if you choose and upload a professional, high quality headshot as your Twitter profile picture.

While searching for the right portrait, keep in mind those emotions you show in your image are a message you convey to your audience. In this case, strike a pose that consists of a friendly facial expression and open body language. Accordingly, other Twitter users will be more inclined to build connections with you and interact with your content.

2. Brand’s logo

Another most common type of Twitter profile pictures widely used by people is their brands’ logos.

By choosing a logo as your Twitter profile image, you show your brand to a big amount of users that, consequently, make your brand more visible and recognizable by a wider audience.

Aside from brand awareness, adding your brand’s logo to your Twitter profile, you help customers easily identify your brand from your industry competitors.

All in all, using your brand’s logo picture for your Twitter profile, you will keep a certain level of professionalism and organization.

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5 tips on how to choose a great Twitter profile picture

Now as you know two main types of images that you can use on your Twitter profile, it’s time to learn several tips in order to choose your profile picture.

1. Use a simple background

Remember, simplicity is the key. Actually, a plain, white or solid-colored background is all you need in order to keep an audience’s attention on you or your brand and not overload with crazy prints in the background.

2. Use filters that will make your photo look natural and in full color

Using too many effects in order to edit your Twitter profile photo will give it more of a social feel rather than a professional one.

However, if you want to edit your image, it is advised to apply only effects that fix its lighting, focus and contrast. In this case, you create a picture that will look professional and catch an audience’s attention.

3. Don’t use group pictures

Most likely, you don’t want your Twitter audience having to guess who you are, isn’t it?

If you upload an image with multiple people on it, you will just make your audience feel confused and add a mental overhead to find where you are displayed in the photo.

So, forget about group or family photos. You need to keep your Twitter profile image all about you because it is your account. Choose a profile picture that makes you authentic and recognizable.

4. Use the same photo across all your social media profiles

Having an identical image on all your profiles, it is a great way to help your audience easily identify you across different social media channels.

Although at the first glance it can seem as not so important detail, however, being consistent with your profile pictures on all social media platforms, including Twitter, you will not confuse people when they will be searching for you.

5. Use the correct image dimensions

Firstly, remember that your Twitter profile picture size should be at least 400×400 pixels and maximum file size is 2MB.

Secondly, you can upload photos in the formats, such as, JPG, PNG and GIF. Thirdly, your picture should follow a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Furthermore, keep in mind that your profile image will be cropped to circle image.

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All things considered, keep in mind that only a high-quality, attractive Twitter profile image leaves a good first impression. If you are trying to build your personal or brand’s account, then you cannot do it without a professional photo.

Implement the tips presented in this article and you will increase the chances of choosing a great picture for your Twitter profile.

Do you have other advice how to choose a great Twitter profile picture? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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