How to Choose a Good YouTube Channel Name?

how to choose a good youtube channel name

One of the most important things that you should take into consideration while creating your YouTube channel is its name. Although many people can think that any channel name would do, but actually they are wrong.

As the competition on YouTube is huge, picking a name for your channel may be as hard as choosing a name for a newborn baby.

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In this case, every advice can help. So, if you want to stick in the minds of people who watch your videos and draw new viewers, then you need to choose and give a unique, memorable name for your YouTube channel.

However, it’s much easier to say rather than to do!

Although finding a good YouTube channel name is a difficult task, but it doesn’t mean that you can should up. On the contrary, you should devote more time and effort.

Fortunately, you are in the right place because in this article you will figure out how to come up with a good YouTube channel name.

However, before going deeper into the tips of picking a good name for your YouTube channel, let’s see what channel name is and why channel name is important.

What is a YouTube channel name?

A channel name is an official name of your YouTube channel.

In fact, there are two different types of channel names.

Firstly, you can create a YouTube channel name using your first and last name. There is also a second option when you are able to choose a name which describes your channel’s overall subject.

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Why does a YouTube channel name matter?

5 reasons why every brand needs youtube channel

There are more than 2 billion of monthly active users on YouTube, 30 million of which log in to it daily.

With these numbers in mind, now, you most likely understand the importance of choosing the right name for your channel, isn’t it?

As there is a huge amount of YouTube users, it is almost impossible to stand out from a crowd and grab audience’s attention having a simple, unappealing channel name. So, if you want your YouTube channel to be visible and memorable, you need to choose a good name for it.

What is more, if you have a right channel name, which defines what your YouTube channel is about, then you can more easily bring new viewers to your channel and, consequently, let them know what to expect from your videos.

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Tips how to choose a good name for your YouTube channel

Usually a good YouTube channel name is a combination of short, catchy and easy to pronounce words.

1. Make it brief and appealing

In order to make your YouTube channel discoverable and memorable, its name has to be punchy, unique and short.

Actually, it is not advised to use a name longer than five syllables and no matter how clever or relevant to your channel it is. Why? Just because if you have a long name, it will be hard for other users to remember it and especially to find your channel the next time they will want to tell their friends about it.

However, the biggest mistake is when people decide to insert numbers or strange symbols to their YouTube channel name since the desired one is unavailable. YouTubers act like this thinking that it will help their channels to stand out from a crowd of other appealing channel names.

As nowadays a majority of YouTube users don’t tend to spend their time on content what doesn’t seem   attractive and worth their time, in this case, your task is to pick a YouTube channel name that will cause them to stop, evoke a sense of interest and even encourage to watch a video. 

So, choosing your channel name try to make it short, unique and catchy. Only then you will be able to receive the powerful results, such as, boost subscribers’ base or generate more video views.

2. Include elements of your personality

Another thing that you need to consider while choosing a good name for your YouTube channel is that your channel name should reflect who you are as a personality.

Therefore, your channel name may contain your real name or its variations. Believe me or not, but if you use a real life nickname as your YouTube channel name, it will bring you great results.

However, if you don’t want to use your actual name or nickname because you think that they will not be unique and stick in audience’s minds, in this case, it is recommended to think about what words related to your interests can be used to describe you.

3. Don’t forget about your audience

Your YouTube channel name has not only include elements of your personality, but also should be associated with your audience.

Imagine that your channel consists of only the sports tips’ videos and an audience is people who are interested exactly in this topic. Then it will be most probably strange if your YouTube channel name is something like “LindaCute”.

It means that if your YouTube channel is about a particular subject, such as, cooking, sports, travel, fashion or etc., in this case, its name should be created based on the main channel’s topic. Consequently, you will let people know exactly what to expect from your YouTube channel.

4. Check out other YouTube channel names

Before choosing the first channel name that comes to your mind, primarily, it is advised to say it out loud and see if it sounds as captivating as it is in your head.

Secondly, your task is to check the channel names of other YouTubers who work in the same area as you. In this case, it is important to verify that other people don’t already use your desired channel name or it isn’t similar to other users’ channel names. Otherwise, it can be really confusing and make an audience think that you have copied the idea.

5. Don’t give up

Undoubtedly, it is disappointing to choose a catchy YouTube channel name and after that figure out – it already exists. And actually, you should be ready for the fact that the first few perfect names that will arise in your mind can be taken.

However, if this happens, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create your YouTube channel or choose a random name with numbers or symbols.

All in all, to find a good name for your YouTube channel sometimes can take a lot of time, but keep in mind that during your YouTube channel’s set up one of the most important steps is picking its name. 

So, it is much better to devote more time and efforts at the beginning in order to select as a catchy and unique YouTube channel name as possible.

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How to change your YouTube channel name?

Sometimes it happens that you don’t like your existing channel name and start thinking about changing it.

In fact, you can change the name of your YouTube channel just in a few steps. Let’s see how!

Step 1. Log in to your YouTube account. In order to do it, hit the “Sign in” button in the upper-right corner of the YouTube homepage and enter your logins.

Step 2. Once you logged in, click on your YouTube channel thumbnail and from the drop-down menu select the “Settings” section. You will be moved to your YouTube channel overview page.

Step 3. Most probably you know that all Google products, like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and Google+ are interlinked with the same account. It means that changing the name on your YouTube channel, you are also changing how your name appears over other Google products.

In order to change your YouTube channel name, tap the “Edit on Google” hyperlinked phrase next to your present channel name.

Step 4. After that the Google+ page will appear on your screen, where you will be able to enter your new YouTube channel name.

So, change your “First name” and “Last name” to what you want. Moreover, you can add a “Nickname”.

As soon as you type your new YouTube channel name, you will see your changes in the “Display my name as” section. If everything is alright, just press the “OK” button.

Step 5. Once you press the “OK” button, Google will ask if you are sure that you want to change the name. In this case, tap the “Change name” button and your name will be changed in all your associated Google accounts.

That’s it! However, keep in mind that by choosing another YouTube channel name you can confuse your subscribers with the name change. Instead of changing your channel name, it is advised to carefully select a good name, stick to it and make a brand out of it!

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Wrapping everything up, in this article you were presented with the advices how to choose a good YouTube channel name that will help you to stand out from other channels and stay in your audience’s mind.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you when you decide to create your own YouTube channel.

Do you know other ways how to choose the perfect YouTube channel name? Please share them in the comments below!

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