How To Choose A Good Instagram Profile Username?

how to choose a good instagram profile username

It doesn’t matter whether you are just signing up for Instagram for the first time, thinking about the change of your current Instagram handle or creating another Instagram profile, select the right Instagram username is a difficult and significant task.  

Instagram username defines what your account is about. It is what makes your profile catchy, visible and memorable.

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Although with more than 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, it is tough to find a perfect username that will stand out, draw audience’s attention and encourage them to check your profile, but you shouldn’t despair.

In this article, you will receive tips how to come up with the right Instagram username, which will help you to boost amount of followers and make your profile discoverable.

Let’s dive right into it!

What is an Instagram username (handle)?

A username is the string of characters at the top of your Instagram account. What is more, a username is the component of your Instagram URL. It is used with the “@” symbol when referring to you as an Instagram user.

Keep in mind that an Instagram username can be up to 30 characters and can include only letters, numbers, underscores and periods.

Overall, a username is the first thing that other users notice while scrolling through their Instagram feeds. It is how you are recognized on Instagram.

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Why an Instagram username is so important?

Although at first sight an Instagram username can seem like an insignificant thing, however, it is exactly what sets the tone for your brand identity. Consequently, allows your audience to understand what type of Instagram profile you have and what activity of your brand is.

Moreover, having a catchy username you give an easy and fast way for other users to discover your brand on Instagram.

Tips for choosing a good Instagram username

Before you start brainstorming the usernames for your Instagram account, review the 4 tips that are described below.

1. Keep it simple

Do you imagine how many different names your audience come across on Instagram in one day? Most likely, a lot.

So, in order to avoid your name being unnoticed, it is advised to select a username for your Instagram profile that is simple. Or in other words, while trying to choose the right Instagram username you need to ensure that it is short and easy to spell.

In this case, people will learn and remember your name without any difficulties.

Although there is 30 symbols’ limitation for Instagram usernames and you are allowed to include numbers, periods and underscores, but it doesn’t mean that you need to pack it all with keywords and difficult phrases.

With this in mind, while building a good Instagram username, make it as brief and memorable as possible. In order to do it, just turn on your creativity and use a play on words.

2. Be original

When you are trying to choose a great username for your Instagram account and notice an attractive one used by other user, it can be tempting to copy this username with one letter or number difference.

However, wanting to create a right Instagram username and grow your profile, you can’t just copy someone else’s name. In this case, you will only make an audience to feel confused and they will not be able to distinguish you.

Therefore, in order to stand out from a crowd of other appealing names and draw audience’s attention, it is crucial to select a unique Instagram username.

3. Highlight your brand’s offering or subject of your content

With such a huge amount of users on Instagram, the chances of a username that you would like to use for your Instagram profile still being available are quite small.

So, while trying to pick a great username, don’t forget to include a keyword which will explain your activity, emphasize products or services of your brand.

For instance, if your brand operates in cosmetic industry, then your username can reflect that.

By adding essential descriptive words into your Instagram username, you will not only differentiate your name from the rest on Instagram, but also boost the chances of your account being shown at the top of a list when your audience will be searching for these keywords.

4. Use the same name across all your social profiles

Before you start creating a new, catchy username for your Instagram, it will be a great idea to be consistent and select the same name you use on your other social media accounts.

In this case, you will look more professional. Moreover, having only one username it will be easier for your audience to remember and find you on different social media platforms.

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How to change your Instagram username?

In fact, once you have chosen a username for your Instagram profile, the best decision is to stick with it. Why? Just because if you change your username too frequently, it may confuse your followers and induce them to unfollow you.

However, if you feel that a new Instagram username is the right move for you brand, then let’s review a few steps that you need to take in order to change it.

Step 1. Go to your Instagram account and click the “Edit Profile” button under your profile picture.

Step 2. In the “Username” section delete your old username and write a new one.

Step 3.  Tap “Done”. That’s it! If your new, chosen username is available, Instagram will automatically change it.

If you are still deciding whether to change your existing Instagram username, then before doing it, it will a great idea to let your followers know that this change is coming. For example, you can explain why you will change your username in Instagram Stories and just make a simple feed post about it.

Involving your followers in a username changing decision is considered as an effective method to build stronger connections with an audience.

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Wrapping everything up, now as you have the knowledge for creating a good username for your Instagram account, it is a time to put it into practice.

Although choosing a good username is a time consuming and not so easy task, but it is definitely worth it!

Can you give any other advice that can help to choose a perfect Instagram username? Or if you still have any questions related to this topic, don’t hesitate to write your thoughts in the comments below!

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