How to Choose a Good Facebook Page Name?

how to choose a good facebook page name

While setting up your Facebook business page, one of the most important steps is to pick its name.

Although at first glance to find a perfect name for your Facebook page may seem an easy task, but it’s often much harder than anyone expects.

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Due to the reason that Facebook rises in popularity and, consequently, amount of users is increasing, chances that your ideal name can already be taken are actually high.

Moreover, hurrying up to select a perfect Facebook page name, many people overlook obvious shortcomings in how their chosen name reflects their brand.

So, in order not to add random numbers or unclear acronyms into your name, it is advised to keep reading this article because here you will receive several tips you can apply while creating a good Facebook page name.

Let’s dive right into it!

Why selecting a great name for your Facebook page is so important?

First of all, keep in mind that a name is like your online identity, which helps other users to search and find your Facebook page without any difficulties.

Otherwise, if you make your name hard to remember, people will eventually give up thinking that maybe you just don’t want to be found and will follow your competitor.

Secondly, by having a straightforward, catchy name, you make it really easy for people to tag you in their content and link to your Facebook page. Consequently, you will be noticed by a wider Facebook audience and most likely will gain new followers who are your potential clients.

A third reason why it is significant to choose a good name is that it influences how high your Facebook page is ranked in searches. In this case, when people search for you, they are more probably to see your page at the top of their search results.

So, now as you know the importance of Facebook page name, it’s time to review tips how to pick a good page name.

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How to choose a good Facebook page name?

1. Stay consistent

When it comes to finding a perfect name for your Facebook page, consistency is the key.

In this case, there is a good idea to pick the name that you use to introduce yourself on other social media platforms and check whether it is available on Facebook or not.

If you use the same name across all your accounts, then you will make it easier for people to find you and understand that all of those social media platforms are in fact about the same person – about you.

Moreover, by being consistent, you increase the chances that your Facebook page will be ranked higher in the search results.

2. Keep your Facebook page name clean

Another advice while choosing a good Facebook page name is to keep it clean and simple.

Imagine how your audience would react if they saw a Facebook page name, like “StrongMike1584” or “Sexy.Girl”. Most probably, they will not take you seriously. This kind of names can be fun among friends, however, they don’t look good in a professional context.

All in all, while finding a perfect name for your Facebook page, make sure it will not reflect poorly on your judgment and professionalism.

3. Make your Facebook page name short

Keep in mind the main rule of social media platforms- the shorter your name is, the better.

Despite the fact that Facebook lets you to use up to 50 characters while creating your page name, it doesn’t mean that you need to apply all of them. If your Facebook page name is too long, then it will be hard for your audience to remember and find you on Facebook.

So, in attempting to shorten your page name, it is advised to think about your abbreviations. In this case, make sure that a short form of your or your brand’s name you use will be clear for an audience you are trying to reach.

4. Keep your Facebook page name timeless

If you are planning to use Facebook page for a long haul, most probably you want your chosen page name to keep with you, isn’t it?

With this in mind, while trying to find a good name for your Facebook page, it is recommended to avoid too trendy buzzwords or slang.

Why? Just because if you select a Facebook page name that is popular now, so, there are no guarantees that it will sound cool after several years. In this case, your name will look dated and will not attract new followers.

Instead, make your Facebook page name simple and meaningful!

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How to change a Facebook page name? 

Undoubtedly, sometimes it can happen that your previously chosen name doesn’t seem ideal for your Facebook page and you want to change it. In fact, you can change your Facebook page name in a few steps.

Step 1. Click the “About” section on the left side of your page screen.

Step 2.  Press “Edit” next to your page name.

Step 3. Write your new name and tap the “Continue” button.

Step 4. Review your request and click “Request Change”.

Keep in mind that name change won’t be instant, it will take a few weeks till Facebook changes your Facebook page name.

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Wrapping everything up, when you set up your Facebook page, don’t ignore the step of choosing an appropriate name. Ideally, it should be a name which clearly defines who you and your brand is.

Only having a simple and memorable Facebook page name, you will be able to receive higher rankings, easier search ability and bigger amount of followers.

Do you have other advice on how to select a good name in order to ensure the success of your Facebook page? Please share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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