How to Change Your Name on Facebook?

how to change your name on facebook

Many of us created Facebook profiles long time ago. Some got married and changed their surname, some used shortened version or their name while registering and would like to change it. There are various reasons why someone would like to change their name on Facebook. Good news is that it is possible & easy to do!

Keep reading further and you will learn how to change your name on Facebook, what are the guidelines & restrictions and what’s more to know about changing your name on Facebook.

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How to change your name on Facebook?

If you would like to change your Facebook profile name, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to using your desktop computer or laptop;
  2. Login to your profile and click on the arrow in the top right corner of the page;
  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Settings”;
  4. Select “Name” and you will be brought up to a window where you will be able to edit your name;
  5. Enter your new name and click on “Review Change”;
  6. You will be asked to enter your Facebook’s password for security reasons, enter it and click on “Save Changes”.

Congratulations! Your name has been successfully changed.

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What are the guidelines & restrictions for Facebook names?

It is easy to change your name on Facebook. However, there are specific guidelines & restrictions that you need to follow.

Facebook specified that “name on your profile should be your real name that your friends call you every day”. It differs from other social media platforms where it is not necessary to go by your real name. So, make sure to always go by your real name (it can be shortened version of your name though). If you insist on using your nickname, then you can add it along with your real name and surname (I will explain how to do this in other paragraph).

For example, if you choose some odd name or name that is similar to some famous person, then Facebook may ask you to provide documents proving that it is your real name. If this happens, then your Facebook profile could be locked till you provide your driver license, passport or other ID document.

Here is the list of restrictions that you should also follow:

  1. Don’t use titles (for example, Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.);
  2. Don’t use expletive or suggestive words;
  3. Don’t use unusual capitalization, punctuation, characters, symbols or random words (W1ll1am instead of William);
  4. Don’t use characters from several different languages. If you chose to write your name in your language, then proceed only with the characters that are in your language’s alphabet (for example, using Arabic characters along with English characters).

How often can you change your name on Facebook?

This one is important to notice. Make sure to review your edited name properly before saving. Why? Because Facebook allows you to change your name on Facebook once every 60 days.

So, think twice before submitting your revised name on Facebook, because you will be able to change it only after 60 days!

Also, if you keep changing your name on Facebook every 60 days, Facebook may extend this period to 120 days or even block this feature permanently.

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What’s more to know about changing your name on Facebook?

Some names require manual confirmation of Facebook. You may temporarily be locked out of your Facebook account before you submit documents (passport, driver’s license, etc.) to prove your identity and that its your real name.

So, make sure to use your real name & don’t risk losing your Facebook profile. You don’t want to be locked out of your Facebook profile just because you mistyped your name!

How to add a nickname or maiden name on Facebook?

Facebook allows people to use only their real names. However, if you would like to go by their nickname, you can do that by adding a nickname or maiden name next to your real name.

Follow these steps to add a nickname or maiden name on Facebook:

  1. Go to Facebook using your desktop computer or laptop and open up your Facebook profile;
  2. Click on “About” tab;
  3. From the menu on the left, select “Details about you”;
  4. Under “Other names” tab, select “+ Add a nickname, a birth name…”;
  5. On the “Name type” dropdown menu you can select what additional name you would like to add. You can choose from Nickname, Maiden name, Alternative spelling, Married name, Father’s name, Birth name, Former name, Name with title, Other;
  6. After choosing the type of additional name, type it in next to the “Name”;
  7. Check the box “Show at top of profile” to make your other name appear next to your name at the top of your profile;
  8. Click on “Save changes”. Done!

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I hope that now you will be able to change your name on Facebook and will know about all the restrictions and guidelines that you should follow.

Have you tried changing your name on Facebook earlier? Was it successful? Leave a comment below!

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