How to Change Instagram Username?


Have you been bored with your Instagram username and would like to change it? Many social media platforms don’t allow users to change their usernames after registering. Luckily, Instagram allows to change both username and display name. You can change your username to any other username that hasn’t been taken yet.

In this article I am going to show you how to change your Instagram username using your computer or smartphone. Also, you will learn what are the guidelines & restrictions for Instagram usernames.

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What are the guidelines and restrictions for Instagram usernames?

how to change instagram username

First of all, Instagram username can’t be already taken. Username should be unique at the moment you are changing usernames. However, if you would only like to change your Display name, then it doesn’t need to be unique.

Secondly, you can’t include any non-english characters in your username. Also, you won’t be able to include symbols except from underscore (_) and period (.) symbols.

Thirdly, I prefer you to choose short and easily understandable username without too many symbols or numbers. This will help you to get noticed by your audience and attract their attention. Spammy looking usernames with a lot of numbers or symbols usually do not look attractive to other users.

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How to change Instagram username?

Changing Instagram username is easy. You can change your Instagram username whenever you want and as much as you want. It is much harder to come up with the idea for your next username.

You can change your Instagram username using your desktop computer/laptop or a smartphone. I will provide you with different steps to take to change your username on both devices.

How change Instagram username using your smartphone:
  1. Open up an Instagram app on your smartphone and login to your account if you haven’t already;
  2. Go to your profile page by tapping on your profile icon at the bottom right;
  3. Click on “Edit Profile”;
  4. In this page you will be able to change both your Name and Username. Type in preferred username that you would like to change to and click “Done” after you are done editing.

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How to change Instagram username using your computer:
  1. Open up Instagram using your internet browser via desktop computer or laptop;
  2. Login to your Instagram account if you haven’t already;
  3. Locate the profile icon at the top right of your screen;
  4. Select “Edit profile”;
  5. You will be brought up to Edit Profile tab, here you will be able to change both your Name and Username;
  6. Type in your new username, when you are done click on “Submit” button. Done!

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I hope that you found this article helpful and learned how to change your Instagram username. If you have any questions related to this topic, let me know in the comments below!

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