7 Step Guide on How to Become Instagram Influencer

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When you are thinking about purchasing a new product, do you buy it just after you saw it on website or do you buy after reading reviews of influencers?

According to social media research, 49% of people tend to buy when a product is recommended by other individual. Also studies show that consumers classify Instagram influencers as the 6th most dominant factor on their purchases.

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And all of these statistics are about the year of 2018, when you can make money just by documenting your daily life through attractive photos or interesting videos. Actually, this can sound as a dream job for many people, especially teenagers.

However, if you want to become an Instagram influencer, you have put efforts and time in it. The good news is that anyone with an original and appealing story can create a cult-like following on their Instagram accounts.

Honestly, who doesn’t want to be rich and influential? Probably, no one. So, if you are inspired by the lives of Instagram influencers, don’t hesitate to become one of them too.

In this article you will find the step-by-step strategy on how to become an influencer on Instagram platform or in other words how to grow Instagram account and start making money.

Let’s start!

1. To become an Instagram influencer, pick a niche

In order to become an Instagram influencer, the first step you should do is to select a target niche which fits your personality. It should be something you are passionate about, which you are interested in and have a good knowledge.

This is because the more real and original you are, the more successful you will become. It doesn’t mean that if someone does something and it is beneficial, you also should. There is a great saying which is useful to remember – you can’t make it if you fake it.

It is important to create a meaningful content, which you would want to share with other people the most. So, take the time and think, then pick a niche which reflects your real interest and stick to it. Maybe you are aware of the latest fashion trends? Or maybe you are keen cooking and understand various cuisines? Or perhaps you are passionate about sports and want to show people good exercises?

Actually, it is unnecessary to stick to one, exact niche, you can have a combination of several interrelated things. For instance, it may be travel, lifestyle and food niches. In this case it is important to create the balance between the posts of all of these themes.

2. Create an eye-catching bio

After choosing your target niche, you should focus on creating a great bio which will attract other users’ attention and force them to stay in your Instagram account. The bio should contain a short but very definite story which engage with users.

According to social media studies, it takes only one-fifths of a second to make the first impression of your Instagram account. And when people visit your account, the first thing they notice is your Instagram bio. This why, especially if you seek to become an Instagram influencer, is important to make youe bio compelling.

Another useful suggestion is to mention the types of target niches which are included in your Instagram profile. What is more, you can add them as a hashtags using # symbol, so in this case your profile will show up in other users’ searches.

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3. Use the right hashtags

Actually, hashtags are a useful tool if you want to make your content more discoverable by other Instagram users and also increase the engagement level.

As you have already known that it is allowed and also recommended by social media experts to add maximum of 30 hashtags under Instagram post. However, a question is what type of hashtags you need to use?

What important is that the most searchable and popular hashtags can be unbeneficial for you. So, it is better to choose the hashtags which fit or in other words are “right” for your posts and vary from 10000 till 1 million in search volumes. In this case you will also increase probability to appear in the top of the posts with this hashtag.

Besides, you can use Instagram business account insights’ data in order to understand that hashtags make your posts more searchable and increase the engagement level.

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4. Build an offline connection

If you are on social media and want to become an Instagram influencer, you need to spend time meeting your Instagram friends, who are already influencers or are seeking to be influencers. As a practice shows that the more time you spend on real life or in other words “offline” communication, the more online engagement you will get.

Remember that it is never enough just to join some Instagram groups and chats, you should build real life relations. In this case be active, attend various events which fits your Instagram niche where you can meet other influencers and make friendships with them. This kind of activities is fun and at the same time you will be making steps towards becoming an influencer.

5. Switch to Instagram business account

Using Instagram business account instead of a standard one is very useful tool especially for influencers because it presents various insights. For instance, you can find the demographic and geographic information about your followers, the time when your followers are active, followers’ fluctuation, number of your profile’s views and many other interesting things.

So, if you are an Instagram influencer, to have Instagram business account should be important for you, because there is no advantage if you post randomly, what you need is the data which will help to understand your audience and in this case to develop your Instagram strategy.

For instance, insights can show what content is more attractive to your followers, at which time it is better to upload.

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6. Upload posts consistently

Another important thing when you are trying to become an influencer is to post content regularly. Most of Instagram influencers upload their posts daily and even several times per day. As social media analyses show that more frequent content’s uploading can increase the engagement level.

Furthermore, you can use special apps to schedule your posts, in order to save your time and help to plan what to post next without hurrying up. These apps will allow you to choose date and time of uploading and your content will be posted automatically.

All in all, it is significant to maintain your posts’ frequency in order to engage with and stay relevant to other Instagram users. Why? Because if you stop to upload consistently, your content will rarely appear on your followers’ feed and it will decrease the engagement.

7. Get in touch with relevant brand

The second step towards becoming an Instagram influencer after you increase a number of followers and grow your engagement rate, is to start working with brands and make money.

So, the easiest way how you can do it is to tag the brands on your posts and in this case you will make yourself discoverable for them. What is more, you may send a direct message about your interest of collaboration to the brands which you like and think is relevant to your target niche.

Actually, in order to be noticed by good brands, you need to work hard. Probably you won’t get a response very quickly and from all contacted brands, however if you don’t try, you will lose your chance to become an influencer.

Don’t be shy, show your originality and some of the brands will be interested in you without any doubts.

All things considered, in order to become Instagram influencer, you should put a lot of effort and hard work. Remember that everything cannot be perfect immediately, because it isn’t easy to quickly learn about target niches, create attractive bio and maintain Instagram feed’s frequency. Also it takes time to meet new friends-influencers and make offline connections with them.

However, if you are really interested in becoming Instagram influencer and ready to work hard, the results will compensate everything. It will not only increase your number of followers, your engagement level and popularity on Instagram, but you will receive a chance to work with the brands you like and earn money.

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