How to Become Famous on YouTube: The Ultimate Guide

how to become famous on youtube the ultimate guide

Do you want to become famous on YouTube as a travel blogger with 10 million subscribers or maybe you want to get paid to create videos you are passionate about?

Actually, it doesn’t matter what your particular goal is, you should keep in mind that you will not become a successful YouTuber overnight even if you upload an awesome & viral video on your channel.

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What is more, the process of getting famous on YouTube isn’t easy. It takes creativity, a lot of hard work, some new technical skills and persistence. However, while becoming a YouTube star could seem a really hard task, by no means you should think that it is impossible and give up without even trying.

In this article you will be able to learn the main steps that you need to take in order to get famous on YouTube.

Let’s dive right into it!

Step 1. Make a great first impression

Most probably, you know that nowadays human attention span has fallen to 8 seconds and it is even shorter than a goldfish’s.

However, what does it mean concerning YouTube?

The answer is simple. Being a YouTuber, you have a very limited time to grab audience’s attention and encourage them to stay at your channel. In this case, your main task should be to make a great first impression that will evoke people’s interest.

Below are a few ways how you can do it.

Create an attractive cover image

When audience visits your YouTube channel, they are greeted with a huge banner in the top of a screen. In other words, it is the cover photo, which should introduce your personality.

Actually, you have an opportunity to design your cover image as extravagant or minimal as you like, however, make sure that it includes your face, tag line and call-to-action because it is going to be one of the first things people notice upon entering your YouTube channel.

What is more, it is advised to upload your YouTube cover photo at 2560×1440 pixels with a maximum file size of 4MB.

Overall, create a cover image that is unique and will set you apart from the competitors.

Let viewers know more about you

Keep in mind that YouTube isn’t the place where you need to be shy, especially if you want to become a famous YouTuber.

In this case, don’t forget to fill in the “About” section where you will tell your audience who you are,  what makes you special, which type of video content you are planning to upload, how often you are going to do it and some other exciting facts.

While introducing yourself, better apply a friendly, a little bit humorous tone because it is considered as an effective method to evoke people’s interest and hold their attention.

Furthermore, it is recommended to include the links to your other social media accounts in your channel description. In this way, you will provide your audience with as many opportunities as possible to connect with you.

In fact, there is no secret formula for creating the perfect introduction, just ensure that it provides your viewers with a reason to stay at your channel, watch your videos and most probably, press the “Subscribe” button.

Insert a welcome video

Another way how you can catch your audience’s attention is to create and upload an appealing welcome video. However, in no way make it long.

Remember, your YouTube channel visitors want to get to know you as a person, so your welcome video should be a brief introduction of your personality. Moreover, don’t forget to explain your audience what makes your content different and better than other YouTube users.

All in all, devote your time to creating a welcome video because it will help you to keep your YouTube channel’s visitors interested and encourage them to subscribe.

Be authentic

Social media studies show that authenticity leads to stronger appeal. Furthermore, maintaining authenticity on YouTube is crucial to creating a loyal subscribers’ base and, consequently, to becoming a successful YouTuber.

While talking in a video or just interacting with your audience in comments, instead of trying to be like somebody else, just be you. The same way you would be yourself with your friends or family members.

Remember, people are attracted to unique styles.

So, by acting naturally, showing your personality, you will be able to build trust and loyalty of your YouTube audience.

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Step 2. Improve your YouTube channel’s content

Your success on YouTube platform is closely related with how engaging and informative your channel’s content is.

In this case, if you want to catch the audience’s attention, evoke their interest, encourage them to become your subscribers, you need to make your YouTube channel as memorable, attractive as possible that your audience will want to come back again and again.

Let’s see how!

Divide your videos into categories

If you already have several videos uploaded on your YouTube channel, then it is advised to create special playlists that will help you to divide your videos into subject categories.

For example, let’s say you are running a fitness channel, then you can create the categories, such as, apartment friendly workout, beginner’s fitness guide, healthy food hacks and etc.

As you have just a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience, consequently, don’t miss a chance to categorize your video content. It will help the visitors of your YouTube channel don’t feel lost, overwhelmed and easily find a particular video that they are interested in.

Shoot and upload engaging videos

If you look through the most popular, highly ranked YouTube videos, you will definitely notice that each one suggests something interesting.

So, what are you going to offer to the audience watching your videos?

In this case, firstly, think what your area of expertise is and give advice based on your knowledge.

Secondly, don’t forget to tell people something that will make them laugh or even feel sad. In other words, every video you create for your YouTube channel should contain some form of emotional depth. Why it is important? Just because videos with emotional sharpness is the key to success on YouTube.

Thirdly, while producing your YouTube videos, remember that you must get to your point as soon as you can. It means that you need shortly explain what your video is going to be about and then dive right into the essence.

What is more, make your videos neither too short nor too long. You know that nowadays, people’s attention span is short and if you upload too long videos, your viewers might become boring.

On the other hand, too short videos can make your audience look for more and it is not good. In this case, keep in mind that the best length for YouTube videos is around 5 minutes because they are ranked higher than shorter or longer ones.

Finally, at the end of the videos ask for your viewers’ opinions that, consequently, will encourage them to interact and help you to build loyal community.

Create catchy thumbnails

Most likely, you know that when you upload a video, YouTube automatically generates a set of default thumbnails. Without a doubt, you are allowed to use one of those, but creating a custom thumbnail will be a better choice in order to make your video more appealing and ensure that it will stand out in YouTube search results.  

While trying to design outstanding thumbnails, it is advised to use vibrant images and include only a few keywords.

What is more, the more captivating your video thumbnails are, the bigger the chances that people will decide to watch your video, press the “Like” button or leave a comment.

Overall, if you want to become a famous YouTuber, then by no means don’t overlook the importance of thumbnails because they are one of the first things potential viewers will see when searching for videos on YouTube.

Write your video titles concise and to-the-point

Another significant element, which can help you to become a YouTube star or just increase a subscribers’ base is the title of your video.

Believe or not, however, good titles of your videos can act as billboards for your YouTube channel helping the audience to understand what to expect.

So, while thinking of your video’s title, don’t miss a chance to spark curiosity with a creative phrase, which will accurately define or hint at the content of your video.

However, in order to create a great title for your video that will be ranked high in YouTube search results and, consequently, make your channel more visible and provide you with a bigger amount of views, you need to include relevant keywords into your title.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the best titles are short that consist of 60-70 characters with the key information in front. 

Don’t forget about informative video descriptions

As the YouTube algorithm cannot view or listen to your uploaded videos, so, it relies on their descriptions when it comes to determining what your video is about.

While writing the descriptions of your videos, don’t forget to insert the right keywords and search terms and you will be able to maximize the chance of your videos being found in search results. Moreover, all the important information related to your video needs to be provided in the first few lines before the “Show more” section. 

In addition, make sure that your YouTube video descriptions are engaging and comprehendible for the audience who prefer quickly get an idea of what your videos are about before clicking the “Play” button.

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Step 3. Build an engaged community

Keep in mind that YouTube is more than just a video streaming platform. Undoubtedly, people come to YouTube for the videos, however, they stay for the sense of community that YouTube channel provide them with. 

So, while trying to become famous on YouTube, it is important than ever to interact with your audience. Consequently, you will be able to build a loyal community.

Here are several methods that you can use in order to foster increase of your subscribers’ base.

Be consistent

In order to grow a successful YouTube channel you need to devote your time and effort. Therefore, don’t expect to become famous if you plan to create a YouTube channel, upload one video and then forget it completely.

To keep your audience coming back to your YouTube channel, your task is to upload your videos regularly. Actually, it doesn’t matter what type of video content you are making, you need to be consistent. So, set a schedule and try to stick to it. In this way, you will help your audience to understand when they can expect your new content and keep them engaged and thrilled.

All in all, consistency isn’t just about timing. It’s about ensuring steady, high-quality video content.

Share your personal story

Another advice in order to become a successful YouTuber is to create a video in which you will share your inspiring personal story of victories, fails and struggles.

Moreover, if you want to be closer to your audience, then talk about universal problems each human has faced and tell your opinion about it. However, what is more important about it, don’t forget to ask your viewers to share their thoughts in the comments.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

If you want to get a famous person on YouTube, then you shouldn’t be shy. In this case, your task is to find several successful YouTubers whose content and audience is similar to yours and ask about potential collaboration.

However, make sure that you have an attractive idea for a collaboration and in no way you plan simply to capitalize on someone else’s success.

Overall, collaborations with other YouTubers are considered as an effective method to receive higher visibility and become a more important part of the YouTube community.

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Step 4. Enjoy the process

If you want to become a successful YouTube star, then you have to go a long road and it will not be easy. Actually, it can take several months or even years.

In this case, you need to love creating and uploading videos, interacting with your audience and, consequently, just to enjoy the process of growing your YouTube channel. However, be ready to face difficulties and by no means don’t lose your passion. 

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Wrapping everything up, keep in mind that getting a famous YouTuber isn’t a one-day task.

You will be able to grow your YouTube channel only if you turn on your creativity, devote your time, put a lot of effort, and most important, be persistent.

Try to apply the tips discussed earlier and you will be one step closer to your goal of becoming famous on YouTube.

However, if you still have any questions related to this topic, feel free to write them in the comments below!

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