How to Become Famous on Twitter: The 9-Step Guide

how to become famous on twitter 9-step guide

Everyday 500 million tweets are sent out making Twitter a very busy social media platform and, consequently, not an easy place to become famous.

Although you may spend hours tweeting and still be unnoticed by a wider Twitter audience, you shouldn’t worry! On the contrary, try to understand what strategies you need to be implemented, devote more time, efforts, stay persistent and you will achieve your goal.

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Wondering how to get more influence on Twitter?

Keep reading and in this article you will learn 9 tips that any Twitter user can use in order to become famous on Twitter!

Let’s get started!

1. Create an attractive Twitter profile

Keep in mind that crafting your Twitter profile is a crucial factor in growing your followers’ base and, consequently, helping you to get more famous.

So, it means that you need to devote your time in making a compelling profile that will entice your Twitter visitors to become your followers.

In order to optimize your Twitter profile, take into consideration three main elements:

  • Header image. Your header picture is like the headline of your Twitter profile. It is one of the first things an audience notice when they visit your page.

What is more, the header image is the biggest part of all visual content on your Twitter page. Therefore, take advantage of this space with a creative and catchy picture.

Actually, it is recommended to think of your header image like a billboard on a street. People are driving by at high speed and you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and get your message across. The same happens on Twitter, users are clicking, scrolling and moving fast.

In this case, just try to choose an appealing picture for your Twitter header that will highlight your values, social proof or accomplishments, and you will increase the chances to encourage an audience to follow your Twitter page.

  • Profile photo. Undoubtedly, your Twitter profile photo matters because it is a visual representation of yourself on Twitter.

If you are using Twitter as a personal account, then a facial image with a smile and from the shoulders up is considered as an ideal one. Consequently, you will be able to create a positive first impression and will make it easy for people to recognize you.

However, if you are a brand that uses a Twitter account, then the best profile image will be definitely your logo.

Moreover, it is advised to use the same profile photo everywhere. Why? Just because if your audience finds you on Instagram or Facebook and the image is identical, they will easily understand that it is the same personal.

  • Bio. Twitter profile’s bio is that place where you need to introduce who you are, what you do and explain why people should follow you.

Although many people may say thatbecause of only 160 characters, it should be simple and quick to write an appealing bio, but it is absolutely not so. In fact, you need to be really creative in order to fit in all the words you want to say and, consequently, set your Twitter page apart from others.

While trying to craft a Twitter bio that evokes people’s interest, it is recommended to show your personality to the audience.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Twitter bio is searchable. In this case, don’t forget to optimize your bio by inserting relevant keywords or in other words, hashtags. However, before adding random phrases into your bio, think about what you want to be found for.

Overall, your Twitter bio is like your business card, so, it should be brief, informative, original and sweet.

As you can see, there are several things that play an important role in creating a compelling Twitter profile. So, try to implement the tips above and you will get more eyes on your Twitter profile and in that way, maximize your success on the platform.

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2. Share unique tweets

Believe me or not, but 15% of uploaded tweets are considered as bots. And if you sharing the similar content as everyone, expect to receive successful results, then it is in vain.

So, in order to make sure that you upload Twitter posts proving that you are human and standing out from common tweets, let’s review some principles of making a unique and fresh tweet.  

First of all, while writing your tweet, choose the specific topic that will be interesting to your Twitter audience. However, don’t make it too narrow that only 10 people will be able to understand what you are talking about.

It is advised to create tweets on the latest trending subjects. In this case, you will be able to catch attention of a wider audience as majority of them is following the trend. If you want to find the most trending Twitter news, click on Twitter Analytics, select the “#Explore” option in the sidebar menu and navigate to the “Trends” section.

Secondly, try to be funny, interesting, intriguing and clear. You can share an enhancing story from your life. If you evoke audience’s interest, you will make people look forward to your following tweets.

Thirdly, don’t forget to include power words into your tweet that will help you to draw your audience’s attention right to you and encourage them to take a particular action.

Moreover, keep in mind that although Twitter allows you use up to 280 characters in your tweets, but in order to increase an engagement rate of your profile, better try to create shorter Twitter posts. According to social media studies, tweets that consist of 80-100 characters get more retweets. This happens just because when you make your tweets shorter, users have enough room to add their own thoughts without cutting down your content and share it on their Twitter page.

3. Include more visual content

In order to encourage your audience to engage with your content, you need to ensure that your tweets stand out from the crowd of other appealing Twitter posts.

One of the effective methods to differentiate is by adding images into your tweets. Researches state that tweets containing visuals get bigger amount of likes, comments and retweets than those without. Actually, there is nothing wrong with text-only Twitter posts, simply pictures are more powerful to make people to stop scrolling and encourage interact with a tweet.

While deciding what visual content to add into your tweet, you can choose from simple pictures, GIFs, videos or infographics.

Whether you are looking to inform or entertain people, inserting visuals into your tweets will not only make your content more attractive, but it will also help you to interact with your audience and consequently, grow your Twitter profile.

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4. Don’t forget about hashtags

how to use twitter hashtags effectively

Including relevant hashtags into your tweets is a fast and great way to make your Twitter content searchable and reach other users beyond just your followers.

According to social media studies, tweets that consist at least one hashtag get 12.6% higher engagement level than those without.

Typing out a hashtag is definitely simple, however, in order to take advantage of hashtags’ power, you need to know some rules.

Firstly, remember one important rule – don’t spam with hashtags. It means that you shouldn’t replace every second word with a hashtag. In fact, one to two relevant hashtags per your tweet is the sweet spot.

Secondly, while choosing a hashtag for your Twitter post, it is advised not to put too many words into one hashtag. Otherwise, if you insert a long hashtag, keep in mind that it will be less readable and harder to find.

In addition, add hashtags only those that are relevant to the topic of your tweet. Because if you use a hashtag just because it is popular, but it doesn’t match content of your tweet, you will only make your audience feel confused or even incite them to avoid your Twitter profile in the future.

So, if you want grow your profile and get more influence on Twitter, then try to insert only hashtags that fit the content of your tweet and in that way, helps it to stand out.

5. Engage with your audience

If you want to encourage other users to engage with your tweets, a great way to start is to interact with their content first. In this case, don’t wait for something, just act. Like, respond to your mentions and retweet posts of other Twitter users. Also you can start following them. Consequently, people will be more likely to pay attention to what you are sharing, too.

What is more, don’t forget about your existing followers and create Twitter polls to engage with them and collect valuable information. Actually, Twitter polls are considered as an efficient way to show your followers that you care about their opinions that in turn helps to build trust and loyalty of your audience, and provides you with more influence.

Communicating with your audience, you will not only boost an engagement level of your tweets, but will also build social proof and get famous on Twitter over time.

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6. Tweet frequently

Comparing with Instagram or Facebook, Twitter has more aggressive posting strategy. Remember, Twitter is ineffective if you use it only once a day. You must tweet multiple times a day and especially during peak hours.

According to social media studies, the sweet spot of posting content on Twitter is 5-6 tweets per day in order to reach more people and maximize your engagement rate. However, keep in mind that if you don’t have a lot of interesting to say, don’t just tweet for the sake of it. Otherwise, it will negatively influence on engagement your Twitter content receives.

Moreover, if you are uploading 5-6 tweets per day, don’t post them all at once and better space them out evenly, through your peak hours or throughout the whole day. In this case, you will ensure that a bigger amount of Twitter users will see your tweets.

7. Tweet at the right time

Just like with other social media platforms, on Twitter there are also certain hours of the day or days of the week when a majority of your target audience is active and more likely to interact with your tweets.

If you know your peak hours and tweet during them, you will undoubtedly make your Twitter posts more visible and receive a higher engagement rate.

In order to understand when it is the best to tweet, you can check your Twitter Analytics. Keep in mind that Twitter Analytics will only help you to figure out what the best days to tweet are based on your audience.

Furthermore, you can use the researches’ findings as a guideline and try upload your tweets between 12pm-3pm and 5pm on Mondays through Fridays to get more retweets.

However, to receive more reliable data and figure at what is the right time for you to upload tweets, you can run an experiment for, let’s say, a month or even two twitting every day at different hours and track results.

In addition, it is advised to use the schedule in order not to forget to share your tweets at the right time and ensure more likes, comments and retweets.

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8. Participate in Twitter chats

Another effective method to make your profile more visible and, consequently, become famous on Twitter is to communicate with other users who are interested in similar topics as you.

In this case, instead of sharing tweets or sending direct messages, it is advised to think about using Twitter chats.

Twitter chat is a conversation around one unique subject. Keep in mind that Twitter chat accompanies with a particular hashtag. This hashtag lets people follow the discussion and participate in it.

Overall, by participating in a Twitter chat you will be able to have a conversation with hundreds of other users while increasing your Twitter page’s visibility, building your authority on a particular topic and getting Twitter popular.

9. Connect with other Twitter influencers

Most probably, you have heard the phrase – whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people.

In fact, this strategy can be perfectly applied on Twitter. It means that if you want to become famous on Twitter, you should connect with the Twitter users who are already popular.

How to connect with these users?

It is simple, just leave comments under influencer’s tweets or retweet them. Although it can seem not so effective, but that is not so. It helps you to be noticed by thousands of other Twitter users and increase your followers’ base.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to spam every influencer with likes and comments, but just try to make connections with them.

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Wrapping everything up, remember the basic rule – it is impossible to become famous on Twitter overnight. Getting more influence on Twitter seem as a tough task, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish this goal!

You just need to create a captivating Twitter profile, connect with those who are already popular, engage with your followers and constantly share tweets that are actually worthwhile paying attention to.

Do you know other effective tips that can help to become popular on Twitter? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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