How to Become Famous on Instagram Just In 14 Steps

how to become famous on instagram in 14 steps

Do you want to become famous on Instagram? Well, better tell me who wouldn’t.

Although the life of Instagram influencers can seem easy, there is a lot more to do than just to share posts of filtered sunsets or trendy outfits. You need to devote your time, put a lot of hard work, turn on your creativity and, most importantly, be persistent.

Remember, it doesn’t really matter how long the process of becoming famous on Instagram takes. If you want it enough, you will achieve your goal.

So, wondering how to become a successful Instagram influencer and reach a wide audience?

Keep reading and in this article you will learn how to become famous on Instagram – attract more followers, receive a higher engagement rate and at the same time build a deep, authentic connection with your audience.

Let’s dive right into it!

1. Set your profile to public

While trying to become a popular influencer, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure that your Instagram profile is visible to other users. In other words, your task is to make your account public.

Public Instagram account is proven to attract a bigger audience and encourage them to press the “follow” button since people tend to want to see what kind of posts you are uploading before they will make a decision to follow you or not.

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2. Pick a catchy profile photo

how to choose the perfect instagram profile picture

In fact, your profile image is one of the first things that people notice when they visit your Instagram feed. So, a right one is the key to making your Instagram profile more eye-catching and, consequently, to growing your followers’ base.

First of all, if you hope to become a famous influencer, your task is to show your face in your Instagram profile picture. Moreover, in order to boost your sympathy with your Instagram audience, earn competence and influence, it is recommended to smile with your teeth, but try to avoid a laughing smile.

Secondly, while picking a profile photo for your account, you need to make sure that it suits your overall Instagram aesthetic. In this case, edit your profile image in the same way as you create all your other pictures in your feed.

Thirdly, you know that when Instagram profile photo show up in the newsfeeds, they are very small. Consequently, it is advised to choose a very focused and close-up image, but in no way something with a lot of clutter. What is more, keep in mind that your Instagram profile photo size should be 110×110 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Overall, if you want to encourage the audience to follow you and, accordingly, grow your Instagram account and become a famous influencer, you need to ensure that your profile picture represents your personality accurately and uniquely.

In other words, select an image for your Instagram profile that will set you apart from a crowd of other attractive accounts.

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3. Choose unique username

Selecting the right username can help your audience more easily understand your mission on Instagram right off the bat.

Therefore, in order to make sure that your chosen username is the perfect one, check whether it corresponds to the rules below.

Your Instagram username must be:

  • Easy to remember. As people will type your username in to a search, in this case, it needs to be simple and easy to spell.
  • Original. Your username should catch your audience’s attention and stand out from others.
  • Characteristic. Remember, your username needs to represent your personality.
  • Short. If it is possible, try to choose a short username and you will help your audience to learn and remember your username without any difficulties.
  • Clean. It is advised not to fill your username with random numbers and underscores.
  • Apply the same username that you have across all your social media accounts. It will beeasier for your audience to find you on all social media platforms with only one name.

All an all, to avoid your Instagram username being unnoticed, you must pick the one that is simple, catchy and differentiating. Keep in mind that the choice of your username will directly influence your engagement rate, the number of followers and ability to become famous on Instagram.

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4. Fill in your bio

When an audience lands on your Instagram profile, one of the first things that grabs their attention is your bio. Actually, bio is that section of your Instagram profile, which tells people who you are, what your account is about and provides the reasons why people need to hit the “Follow” button.

At first glance, to write a 150 characters’ bio can seem as an easy task, however, this is absolutely not so!

Let’s take a look what elements you need to insert in your bio.

If you are working in a particular business niche, then you need to make it clear in your Instagram bio and it will help you instantly attract the right audience.

Secondly, think what unique skills or experiences you can have that will set you apart from your competitors and mention them in your bio. This, consequently, will help you to build trust of your audience and provide them with information what you offer.

Thirdly, by adding emojis into your Instagram bio, you will not only be able to make it visually fresh, but will also add some personality to your profile and help it to stand out from the crowd. In addition, don’t forget about using hashtags because they can give your Instagram profile more focus.

What is more, most probably you know that Instagram allows you to insert only one clickable link in the specific section of your bio. In this case, it is advised to use the last line of your bio in order to tell your audience what they should do with the link below.

Although there is always an opportunity to send a direct message, but it becoming more common to share the contact details, like an email or a phone number in your Instagram bio. So, let your audience easily reach you by adding your email in the bio.

Overall, there is no denying that having a clear, complete Instagram bio is significant in making your profile more appealing, attracting a wider audience and helping you to become famous on Instagram. 

5. Go for quality

Most likely, you have heard the phrase that content is king and this is true especially on Instagram. It means that in order to become Instagram famous, your task is to fill your Instagram grid with high quality, appealing pictures that your audience want to see.

Actually, if you devote your time to create and upload high-resolution images, it will lead to a consistent aesthetic of your Instagram profile that, consequently, will assist in grabbing audience’s attention and encouraging them to press the “Follow” button.

When it comes to photo editing, it is advised to use the third-party apps, such as VSCO, Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom and avoid the filters provided by Instagram app.

Furthermore, in order to ensure your picture’s attractiveness, you can increase contrast, add some structure and make it brighter. In addition, try to share vertical images because social media studies state that the portrait posts outperform both landscape and square in terms of engagement rate.

So, if you want to grow your Instagram profile, then start sharing high quality, unique and captivating images that will incite your audience to interact. 

6. Insert captions

Although you may say that Instagram is about visual content, but remember, captions play an important role in making your posts more attractive and, accordingly, providing you with a higher engagement rate, boosting your followers’ base and helping you to become an Instagram influencer.

Captions enhance your pictures by telling stories, give context or add an air of mystery. In other words, captions assist you in completing your Instagram posts.

Let’s discuss several strategies that you can implement in order to create a compelling caption for your Instagram image.

  • Ask a question. By asking for something, or in other words adding call-to-action into your caption, you will encourage your audience to engage and build stronger relationships with them. Instagram captions that contain a question are considered as the perfect ones because they get people talking, sharing and, consequently, increasing your Instagram profile’s visibility. So, don’t be shy to ask and you will boost an engagement level of your Instagram content. 
  • Insert emojis. Don’t ignore emojis without making sure of their effectiveness. Actually, emoji can help you to make your posts more catchy and grab your audience’s attention.
  • Write the most important words first. Although Instagram lets you use up to 2200 characters to express your thoughts, however, note for yourself that captions cut off in users’ feeds after 2 lines of text. It doesn’t mean that you need to make your captions super short. Instead, write all necessary words right off the top.

Overall, by adding an attractive caption into your Instagram post, you will be able to interact with your followers in a way you can’t with just an image.

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7. Upload multiple pictures at once

Sometimes it happens that you have several, similar photos, but don’t want to publish them as lots of individual Instagram posts in order not to spam your audience.

Is the situation familiar to you? If yes, then don’t worry, there is a way out!

So, in order to upload multiple pictures at once, you can use a multi-image post, which allows you to add up to 10 photos with one caption.

By using multi-image posts you can tell your audience a more complete story in a single Instagram post. For example, you can use it to show moments from an event, amazing transformations and changes in interior design or explain step-by-step processes.

Actually, this is far better than uploading many pictures that will look very similar because they are all of the same subject.

8. Use hashtags wisely

how to add hashtags to instagram stories and should you

By adding hashtags into your posts, you will have an opportunity to make your Instagram profile discoverable to new audiences who aren’t your followers. It means that when people use hashtags to search for the similar type of content you are posting, your images will come up.

However, before inserting hashtags into your content, make sure you know the rules of using hashtags on Instagram.

First of all, insert 1-2 popular, accurate hashtags that are related to your content. For instance, if you take a selfie, include the #selfie hashtag. In addition, don’t forget to use hashtags that receive the most traction. You can easily identify it by starting typing # and your phrase, Instagram pops up how many posts have been used this phrase.

Secondly, it is advised to create your own hashtag, which will be associated only with your personality and, consequently, will help you to increase your Instagram profile’s visibility.

Thirdly, when it comes to quantity of hashtags that you can add in your posts, Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in your each post. However, it doesn’t mean that you should insert all 30.

According to social media studies, it is better to add not more than 5 hashtags into your Instagram post, in order to avoid looking desperate or even spammy and don’t turn off an audience.

All in all, keep your selected hashtags highly relevant to your content. And by no means don’t use the same hashtags all the time. Instead customize them to the themes of your posts and you will be able to reach a far wider audience.

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9. Be consistent

Keep in mind that your audience expects to see regularly engaging content from you. Actually, that is the main reason why they started following your Instagram profile.

In this case, in order to stay consistent, plan your Instagram posts in advance. Start with a schedule. Consequently, knowing what is coming up, will let you be prepared to make the most out of the moments.

Moreover, it will help you to notice any gaps that may need filling and ensure that you have enough content to post regularly.

In addition, researches show that daily Instagram posts are crucial in order to keep your audience engaged to the highest level. So, it means that your task is to share your content every single day. However, remember that you can upload not more than 2-3 posts per day.

With scheduled posts you will not only stay consistent, but will also be able to increase your popularity on Instagram.

10. Upload Instagram Stories

how to mention and tag in instagram stories

It is undoubtedly that Instagram Stories are considered as an efficient way to grab audience’s attention, engage with them, consequently, boost your followers’ base and get Instagram famous.

What is more, Instagram accounts that implement Stories into their strategies are highly engaged. Nearly one in five Stories ends by a direct message.

In order to make your Stories more discoverable and reach users who aren’t already your followers, it is advised to insert the hashtag and location stickers.

Besides, you can choose the most informative and interesting Stories and add them into highlights and in this way help new visitors of your profile get acquainted with your personality. 

11. Interact with your audience

Remember, one important rule – Instagram is a social network, not just a platform where you can share images.

Therefore, if you want to become Instagram famous, you need to engage with your followers. Instead of just uploading photos and expecting that people will like or leave comments under your posts, your task is to be active and integrate yourself into your Instagram community.

It means that you need to reply to other users’ comments that you get on your Instagram posts, tag people or places who are relevant to your posts and re-share attractive user-generated content created by other users in your community.

Overall, keep in mind that engagement is essential for Instagram growth strategy. So, don’t wait for miracles happen, better go and interact with your audience!

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12. Work with other influencers

Another way to make your Instagram profile more popular is to work with other already successful influencers.

In this case, it is advised to find several influencers whose Instagram pages’ themes and audiences are similar to yours and start following them.

First, you can like their images, leave engaging comments but avoid generic phrases like “Great post!” because otherwise you will look as a bot.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to write direct messages to selected influencers and suggest a collaboration.

For example, you can choose the topic that should be interested for your audiences and suggest organizing an Instagram live video together. Consequently, you will increase your profile’s visibility and receive new followers.

13. Run contest or giveaways

To organize Instagram contest and giveaways is considered as an easy and quick strategy to attract more users to your profile, increase the engagement level of your content and get popular on Instagram.

So, you can choose to run a contest where the main rules will be to follow your Instagram account, leave a comment under contest’s post and tag one friend who she/he will share a prize with. Actually, this is one of the most common Instagram contest ideas because it is easy for users to enter and for you moderate as well.

What is more, in order to encourage users to participate in your contest, it is advised to mention or even show in your image a prize that they can win, if they take a part in competition.

14. Cross-promote your Instagram on other social media profiles

If you want to grow your Instagram profile, you need to make it easy for people to find you.

It means that if you have accounts on another social media platforms, your task is to let those followers know about existence of your Instagram profile. In this case, share a link of your Instagram profile provide people with a reason to check it out. Moreover, you can re-share your Instagram posts on your other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter.

All in all, by cross-promoting your Instagram profile and its content you will be able to make your account more discoverable that, consequently, will help to attract more audience.

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Wrapping everything up, by implementing the tips listed in this article into your Instagram strategy, you will not only be able to create a compelling Instagram profile, but also to gain more followers, increase the engagement level of your content and become a successful influencer.

However, keep in mind that you will not become Instagram famous overnight. All these require a lot of hard work and persistence.

Do you have any other advice how to become Instagram famous? Or maybe you still have questions related to this topic? Please write your thoughts in the comments below!

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