How Often to Publish Videos on YouTube?

how often to publish videos on youtube

One of the most talked topics when it comes to being successful on YouTube is how often to upload video content on this platform.

Undoubtedly, with such a huge competition, it isn’t easy to be noticed on YouTube. However, it isn’t impossible. All what you need to do is to learn several key tactics regarding video uploading on your YouTube channel.

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So, keep reading and I will explain you how often to publish videos on YouTube and present more insights about the frequency of posting videos on YouTube.

Let’s get started!

If you upload videos on your YouTube channel and they bring you high watch time, boosts your subscribers’ base and raises your channel in the search rankings, this is great.

However, if you publish a video on Tuesday one week, then Thursday the next week and after that you go a month without posting, in this case, you will only harm your YouTube channel.

Wondering how?

First of all, your audience will not know when to expect to see the new video from you. Consequently, you will not drive big number of views and it will be almost impossible to receive high engagement level.

Secondly, your YouTube channel will grow slower. What is more, if you manage to attract new subscribers, they might forget about you by the next time you decide to publish your new video on YouTube.

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How often to publish videos on YouTube?

The fact that YouTube is a platform where you can only upload video content, makes the frequency of publishing much more time-demanding comparing with writing a simple post on Twitter, for instance.

Actually, there is no general rule that fits all YouTube channels. Researches doesn’t provide marketers with a maximum or minimum number of videos you need to post on YouTube.

According to various social media studies, the principle you are advised to follow is to upload videos as often as possible. The more you publish, the bigger the chances that YouTube algorithm will push your video to the top of searches and make it seen by a wider audience.

In fact, this recommendation is relevant only if you are able to upload the high quality content so often. However, we are all humans and it is impossible not to run out of ideas. What’s the point of posting just for the sake of a video quantity, while not receiving high quantities of watch time? One engaging, high quality video every week is much better than boring, low-grade videos every day.

So, although frequency makes impact on YouTube algorithm, it is not the most important thing while publishing video content on YouTube.

What is really crucial in order to build a subscribers’ base, get dozens of views and grow your channel, is a steady and constant flow of content or in other words, consistency. Uploading consistent high quality content is the key here.

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What does it mean to be consistent on YouTube?

Being consistent on YouTube means having a regular uploading schedule. However, this is not quite accurate description. Actually, consistency is not only about regularity, it also means how your videos are made, what you show in them, how you present them.

They all should be related. If you are uploading videos of travel moments, then you should continue doing that. The format, the uploading schedule and the niche of your videos should stay consistent all the time.

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Why does consistency matter?

Firstly, consistency is for the benefit of your audience.

If you just upload your YouTube videos on the particular days, your subscribers will know when to expect your video, but will not know what it’s about and why it is worth to wait for it.

So, if you are consistent as definition says, then you will make your channel’s subscribers to be excited about your upcoming YouTube video.

What is more, being consistent helps your channel from a YouTube algorithm point of view. It means that if you publish engaging video content on your channel regularly, YouTube will rank your videos higher in the search results. Consequently, this will influence on an increased number of people who watch your videos.

Actually, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement consistency while uploading on your YouTube channel.

What you need to do is to find a balance and create a consistent YouTube video uploading schedule.

Below are 2 main tips how to make a schedule which will work for you.

1. Be specific about your posting schedule

It will not be effective if you just say that you are going to upload a new video every week. Your task is to decide on a particular day. For example, you can state “New videos every Thursday”.

In this way, you will provide your channel’s subscribers with the exact day when they can expect the new video content from you. Consequently, this most likely will boost your videos’ number of views.

Moreover, by being specific about uploading schedule, you will make it easier for yourself to set a clear deadline and follow it.

2. Make your posting schedule public

Another advice is to share your posting schedule somewhere on your YouTube channel where your audience can easily see. It can be your channel’s or video’s descriptions, thumbnails.

The reason why it is important to show your posting schedule to your YouTube channel’s subscribers is simple. Just because it lets your viewers to have expectations. This is especially great thing for newcomers.

Overall, publishing your posting schedule means like making a promise to your audience that it is better not to break.

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To sum up, you most probably understood that there is no rule how often videos should be uploaded on YouTube. So, try to choose a frequency, which seems attainable for you and stick to it.

However, don’t forget to create a consistent posting schedule and make sure you tell your subscribers when to expect your upcoming videos.

How often do you upload your new videos on YouTube? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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