Guide to Using User-Generated Content on Twitter

guide to using user-generated content on twitter

Do you notice that people are talking about your brand’s products or services on Twitter? Are they writing positive tweets about your business?

If your answer is positive, this is great! However, do you know how beneficial all these tweets for your brand are? Believe me or not, they are really beneficial.

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Although there are various ways how marketers can promote their brands, but exactly these tweets called user-generated content (UGC) are considered as the most efficient ones.

If you want to launch a strong user-generated content campaign and encourage your Twitter followers to create this type of content, in this article you are going to learn how to do it.

Let’s begin!

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content is a free content created by your customers about your brand, its products or services and then shared on their own Twitter for their audience to see.

In this case, your customers aren’t officially representing your brand, they just express their honest opinions and experiences in tweets. Consequently, this user-generated content is perceived as more authentic and trustworthy compared with company-generated content, and boosts your brand’s credibility.

Before I will review the methods how you can encourage your Twitter audience to produce user-generated content related to your brand, let’s see how useful it is for your brand.

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Why user-generated content matters?

First of all, it is important to mention that 78% of people prefer user-generated content more than content produced by the brands. UGC receives much higher engagement rate compared with any other form of brand’s marketing content.

Moreover, 90% of people state that user-generated content makes impact on their purchasing decisions.

Why? The answer is simple. Social media users get used to trust that comes from real people. They buy products that other people are happy to use. And it is called social proof.

For example, if you look out of a window and see people going with umbrellas, there are more chances that when you leave your home you will grab yours, isn’t it?

So, the same happens with user-generated content on Twitter. When a person who is using a particular brand’s product says that it is worth to try, you begin thinking about its purchase.

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What are the benefits of using user-generated content on Twitter?

1. Cost effective

The first benefit that you will receive if you apply user-generated content on Twitter is that you shouldn’t pay for it. This type of content is costless which means that you can save a significant amount of your budget on other ad campaigns.

2. Builds brand awareness

Brand awareness in other words is a degree of your brand’s recognition and acquaintance among your audience. Actually, building your brand awareness is the primary goal that you want to achieve. However, you need to devote a lot of time and efforts in order to make your brand recognizable and notable.

In this case, don’t miss a chance to encourage your Twitter followers to create user-generated content because it is considered as a powerful method to spread your brand by word-of-mouth. According to social media studies, user-generated content is 35% more remarkable.

3. Helps with lead generation

Another advantage that you may get from UGC is to generate new leads into your brand’s webpage.

How? It is simple. Just induce your fans to produce content about your brand and then re-tweet it on your Twitter newsfeed.

In this way, you will be able to attract an audience who is interested in your brand’s products or services, let them hear the positive reviews about your brand and convert them into customers.

What is more, by applying user-generated content, you can raise conversions by 64%. Incredible, isn’t it?

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How you can receive user-generated content from your Twitter followers?

Below are 2 main tips how you can receive user-generated content from your Twitter followers.

1. Involve your audience into decisions related with your brand

Actually, people like to be involved into various resolutions with the brands they use.

Due to this reason, while dealing issues of your brand, it is advised to create a poll or just write an open-ended question and ask for an opinion of your followers.

For instance, you can ask your audience to tweet their ideas for naming your new product line, creating new design of your collection or suggesting the new slogan for your brand’s new ad campaign.

Asking your followers’ to express their thoughts on significant questions will not only create trust, loyalty of your brand and build a sense of community, however, it will also help you to come up with outstanding ideas for your brand’s new products or services.

2. Organize a giveaway/contest

Another great way that will assist you in encouraging your Twitter followers to create user-generated content is to organize a giveaway or contest.

Think what can be better than a situation, like you are scrolling through your Twitter newsfeed and find that your favorite brand runs a contest.

So, keep in mind that in order to make your UGC campaign more successful you need to suggest a worthwhile prize. However, it doesn’t mean that you should offer something expensive. It can be a symbolic prize, but attractive and relevant to your fans.

Furthermore, don’t forget to set clear rules for your Twitter contest or giveaway. Only then you will be able to attract the right people and improve your brand’s performance.

Now as you know the effective ways to encourage your Twitter followers to produce user-generated content, it’s time to understand the main advises that you need to follow during your Twitter UGC campaign.

  • Create a branded hashtag and inspire your fans to use it in their produced Twitter content.
  • Before re-tweeting other users created content ask for permission to use it.
  • When you re-tweet user-generated content always give a credit to it author. In this case, mention this person in your Twitter post and thank him.
  • If you haven’t already followed your engaged fans’ Twitter page, then it’s time to do it. Consequently, you will build the strong relationships with them.

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Wrapping everything up, it is not so easy for brands to connect with their audiences through traditional marketing campaigns. Due to this, brands are searching for new, effective methods to establish their uniqueness and reliability. And they choose user-generated content which is considered as the most powerful way to do it.

So, don’t allow your brand to miss an opportunity to encourage its Twitter followers to produce content which will bring a lot of advantages.

Do you apply user-generated content marketing on Twitter? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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