Guide to Using User-Generated Content on Facebook

guide to using user-generated content on facebook

What is so amazing about user-generated content? It is not a secret that user-generated content is a powerful tool for brands to grow online.

User-generated content is considered as an affordable, easy and, what is more important, creative method to share high quality content, which drives the biggest amount of engagement and generates sales. It is like an online word-of-month.

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Various social media studies show that brands which apply user-generated content in their marketing strategy or in other words, demonstrate how real people benefit from their brand’s products or services, have the most successful Facebook campaigns.

Therefore, wondering how to inspire your brand’s fans to make user-generated content on Facebook?

In this article you are going to learn how to use user-generated content, how to collect user-generated content and what advantages your brand can receive from it.

Let’s get started!

What is user-generated content?

In a modern society where people skeptically perceive traditional advertising and even don’t trust it, many brands start to understand that instead of spending a lot of money and efforts inefficiently on boring ads, it is better to start using content that their followers are creating about their products or services. This content is called as user-generated content.

In fact, user-generated content assists brands in reaching their goals as ads do, however, in much more effective way. Why? Because user-generated content is the most authentic and trustworthy tactic to display your brand on Facebook.

Overall, user-generated content is social proof that encourage people to trust brands and take particular actions.

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Benefits of using user-generated content on Facebook

There are a lot of various advantages that usage of user-generated content on Facebook can provide your brand with. So, let’s review the main.

1. Saves time

Most likely you understand that in order to receive successful results from Facebook performance, as brand, you need to devote a lot of time on creation of high quality content which will induce your brand’s audience to engage. Consequently, the less time you have to interact with your followers (reply their comments under posts and communicate through private messages).

In this case, the best option to save your time and spend it on other important tasks is to start encouraging your brand’s fans to create attractive content related to your brand and include it in your Facebook page campaigns.

2. Boosts your followers’ amount

If a person scrolling through his newsfeed sees your Facebook post with user-generated content, there are more chances that he/she will stop and pay attention. Why this happens? The answer is simple.

Content where other real people, who already tried your brand’s products or services, are happy and share their honest opinions about it, encourages others to start liking your brand. Thereby, increasing an amount of your Facebook page’ followers.

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3. Encourages more engagement

Due to a fact that user-generated content is more authentic and reliable, it induces to take certain actions those users, who are interested in your brand. In this case, people like more, leave more comments and want to find out more about your brand’s products or services.

4. Creates customer’s trust

If you are a new brand on a market and have only a few regular, loyal customers, then undoubtedly your main goal should be to fetch trust of your brand’s potential consumers.

Actually, the most powerful way to do it, is to start using user-generated content in your Facebook posts. Believe me or not, but establishing credibility through the positive words of your brand’s fans is more effective tactic comparing with advertising content which you may buy or create by yourself in order to evoke audience’s interest and gain their trust.

5. Positively influence purchasing decision

According to social media studies, 76% of people state that they are more likely to buy from the brands that feature user-generated content in their Facebook posts.

What is more, as user-generated content influences on audience’s purchasing decisions more than any engaging Facebook ad or branded post with product’s description ever, so, don’t miss a chance to include user-generated content in your Facebook strategy in order to drive more sales.

6. Makes impact on SEO ranking

Posts created by your brand’s fans is free, qualitative content. And you most probably know that qualitative content makes impact on your SEO ranking, consequently, the more you have, the higher your is brand’s Facebook page’s ranking.

Therefore, try to use more user-generated content and you will see improvements in your ranking.

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How to collect user-generated content on Facebook?

Now, as you have already known why user-generated content on Facebook can be so useful for your brand, it’s time to take a look at what you need to do in order to inspire your brand’s customers to create content.

1. Use a branded hashtag

The first easy and effective method to encourage your fans to start creating user-generated content and gather it from them is to use a branded hashtag.

Using a unique hashtag, you make your brand more visible on Facebook that, consequently, increases an amount of your followers. What is more, a branded hashtags helps you to ensure that audience who is your brand’s advocates will have their opinion heard. It means that your brand’s fans crating user-generated content related to your brand will accompany it with a special hashtag making it easy for you to find.

However, don’t forget that your branded hashtag needs to be memorable. So, make it as brief and easy to spell as possible. 

In order to inspire your followers to create content, you need to upload a Facebook post where in image description you will ask their opinion and mention that hashtag they need to use to make their content discoverable.

Consequently, all this will not only induce your brand’s audience to share some special moments, but also will provide your brand with an opportunity to build relationships with its customers, both present and potential.

2. Run a photo contest

Another great method to collect user-generated content from your brand’s followers is to organize a photo contest.

Actually, by running a contest or giveaway you will not only be able to gather user-generated content, however, you can also increase your followers’ base, receive a higher engagement level, drive traffic to your brand’s website and much more.

In order to collect a ton of engaging user-generated content, you need to provide clear rules and encourage fans to participate in a contest by suggesting them a relevant and attractive prize. It can be something symbolic, but you need to evoke your audience’s interest.

3. Share your brand’s collected user-generated content

Most probably you have at least several posts created by your brand’s loyal followers. So, don’t miss a chance to upload them on your Facebook page in order to show that you value your audience’s efforts.

However, keep in mind that it will not be enough just to share user-generated content, you need to tag the author and give this person a credit by mentioning in a Facebook post’s description.

In this case, when your followers will see that you appreciate and share their created content, they will more encouraged to make more. Actually, it is a win-win situation for both you and your fans – you receive engaging content, they visibility.

4. Just ask you audience for user-generated content

The last and the easiest way to collect user-generated content from your brand’s customers is to just ask them by a private message!

Believe me, a majority of your regular happy customers would be more than willing to take a quick image review about your brand’s products or services, if you ask them nicely.

To inspire the fans of your brand to create engaging content can take time, however, it is not so difficult. Overall, try to implement the tips above and undoubtedly you will be able to collect the powerful user-generated content.

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To sum up, in a contemporary world where distrust for traditional Facebook advertising is growing rapidly, user-generated content is the most powerful strategy if you want to stand out.

As now you have strong knowledge about user-generated content on Facebook, so, don’t miss a chance to start including it in your marketing strategy.

Do you already leverage the power of user-generated content in your Facebook posts? How do you encourage your brand’s audience to create content for your Facebook page?

Please express your thoughts and experience in the comments below!

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