4 Easy Methods to Get More Organic Reach on Facebook

organic reach on facebook

If you have been managing a Facebook page over several years you should notice a decline in your post’s organic reach. There were many Facebook’s algorithm updates, which affected the organic reach. Those major News feed updates were released in 2014 and 2018.

Facebook is a free social media platform but Facebook still needs to make revenue somehow. They do that by offering paid advertising. That’s why they reduced organic reach of your posts, mainly in order that you would use their advertising services.

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Also, the content quantity overall has increased, consequently reducing the visibility on News feed. Facebook wanted to only show relevant content for users, so that they wouldn’t be stressed with the variety of mixed content. That’s why your posts do not reach all of your audience.

But don’t worry, as we will explain how current Facebook algorithm works, which posts get the best organic reach and what are the best practices overall to get more organic reach on Facebook.

Let’s get started!

1. To get more organic reach on Facebook, find out the best time to post

Publishing time matters as much as the quality of your published posts. For example, imagine that you publish the funniest video ever made on your Facebook page… at 2 AM! Guess what, when your audience will wake up, your post probably then be at the end of their News feeds. Organic reach for that particular post will be awful.

So you need to post your content at the best time. You need to use Facebook Insights tool in order to know when your audience is most active. Just go to your Facebook page, then click “Insights”, then click on “Posts” section and check the tab “When you Fans are Online”. Here you will see weekly statistic of organic reach by days (Monday to Sunday) and time (hours).

By posting when your audience is mostly active, you increase your chances of getting more free organic reach. By analyzing many Facebook pages, we can say that generally posts get the best organic reach when they are being posted on Wednesday and Friday. Also posts get the best results when they are posted between 12PM and 4PM. So, keep this in mind!

If you are unable to get to your PC/Laptop to post your posts between 12PM to 4PM, then try to use Facebook post scheduling tools.

2. Post less links

Start thinking of Facebook as an independent publishing platform. Don’t think of Facebook as just referral to redirect users from Facebook to your website. Publish posts and texts directly on Facebook and let the users reach your content through Facebook.

Facebook rolled out many updates for one goal – to keep users on Facebook platform as much as possible. Facebook’s algorithm benefits Facebook pages that post all the content on Facebook and does not try to just get visitors to their website.

So next time when you’re just about to publish a post with a link in it, think of Facebook’s algorithm automatically giving that specific post less organic reach.

You may ask us so how it would benefit your business if all of the reached users would stay on Facebook? How would you convert all of those users?

Great question! It would benefit your business indirectly. By getting more organic reach your posts would build more brand awareness, so people would always be reminded of you and your brand.

Whenever they need your services or products, they would think of your Facebook page and find link to your website in page’s “About” section.

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3. Focus on engagement

Facebook wants users to enjoy their time on Facebook website. Facebook wants to make their website’s atmosphere as entertaining as possible. That’s why Facebook algorithm likes when posts get a lot of engagement. Those posts get shown more and higher in users’ News feeds. In other words, they are favored by the algorithm.

This means you should play by algorithm rules and upload content that your audience likes the most. You can see statistics of how your posts performed in Facebook Insights. Just go to your Facebook page, press “Insights” and click on “Posts”. There you will see all of your posts’ performance. By knowing which content attracts the most engagement, keep uploading more of that.

Talking about engagement it’s important to notice to always use some type of call to action in your posts. For example, click here, watch this, learn more.

Also don’t forget to include questions in your Facebook posts. As questions naturally impose a response from users, so it will additionally increase the engagement rate.

There are variety of different content types – texts, images and videos. In next paragraph you will learn which type of content generally performs the best and gets more organic reach on Facebook.

4. Post more photos/videos

Social media marketers agree that posts with photos or videos get around 87% more engagement on average. Keeping that in mind, almost all of your posts should contain some type of visuals. And it should be noted that posts that get more engagement, usually are ranked better (shown higher) in users’ News feeds.

Also note that posting low quality photos and videos could possibly harm your organic reach, so visual content should always be picked carefully. But that doesn’t mean that you should spend a lot of money hiring a professional photographer to make your pictures and videos. 3 years old smartphone will do the job just fine. Just make sure that lighting is good and shots are focused.

While choosing what to include in your posts, whether it will be photo or video, always prefer video. Facebook team has done a research and stated that posts with videos get the most engagement of all content types.

Of course, filming and editing a video is a long and hard process but it would benefit you with a lot of Facebook organic reach. Also try to always include captions to your videos, as statistic shows that 85% of videos watched on Facebook are muted (as these are default Facebook settings).

Do you know any other methods to get more engagement on Facebook? Share with us in the comment section below!

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