7 Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers

7 strategies to get more instagram followers

When you are new to Instagram and just started to upload your first posts, it may seem exciting to think how many followers on Instagram account you can gain.

However, there is a truth that first 1000 Instagram followers are the hardest to reach. Probably you have a question – why? It is so simple, just because you are not popular yet, so no one knows about you.

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Actually, there are no easy and fast ways to increase number of real followers on your Instagram account. If you want to see the growth of your Instagram followers, you need to put efforts and time.

In this case there are tactics which you may implement in order to get really worthy Instagram target audience which will be highly engaged with your Instagram content. And don’t forget that these strategies should become your goals to increase engagement and get more Instagram followers.

As Instagram algorithm has changed, nowadays it is harder to get followers, receive a lot of likes and comments, in other words engagement.

However, don’t worry, today we discuss the strategies which you need to use in rapidly changing Instagram algorithm and increase number of your followers.

1. Join Instagram engagement groups to get more Instagram Followers

If you are beginner in learning about how to gain more followers and increase engagement on Instagram, so obviously this method is the best for you to implement. Statistics show that after trying this method people see an increase of their followers quite quickly. What you need to do? Join Instagram engagement groups on Facebook.

If you search, you will find a lot of different groups exactly about your target niche, for instance, travel, fashion, make-ups, sports and others. These groups should help you to find a targeted list of Instagram followers who develop their Instagram account on the same topic.

What is more, these groups’ users can become your followers and increase level of engagement by liking and commenting your posts. However, if you are seriously determined to get attention from other Instagram followers who have shared their interest, you need to follow them too, in other give them the same in return.

Actually, this strategy is more of a short-term for the first weeks of being on Instagram. In a long-term perspective it is advisable to focus more on other tactics which you will be implementing directly in Instagram platform.

2. Create attractive Instagram bio

Even if you are not Instagram beginner, the good bio is a necessary thing. To write an attractive Instagram bio may seem straightforward, however, it requires an effort and creativity. The first thing on which people pay attention when they visit your Instagram account is your bio.

According to studies, it takes not more than one-fifth of a second to make the first impression of your Instagram profile. So, it important to have an eye-catching bio that encourages users to click “follow” button.

First of all, you need to write your name. Whether it is the name of your company or actual name, it should be the name by which other users can find you. In order to increase chances to be found by other Instagram users, you can add a keyword in your name for which you want to be searched and which reflects your activity.

Secondly, it will increase possibility to attract people, if you describe about your brand or personality, if it is your personal Instagram blog. Explain your target audience what you do and what makes you unique from other accounts.

Thirdly, make you bio interesting, forget about formal style. It is advisable to add emojis, make people smile because it is important to draw their attention, make them want to follow you.

Furthermore, keywords in your bio won’t make your account more searchable on Instagram, so it is recommended to avoid them. But if you decided to include some keywords, use words that reflect your target audience’s values or help understand what you offer on Instagram.

Besides, as bio is the only place where you can add clickable link, take advantage of this and put your websites or blogs URL. This strategy shows other users that you are probably worthy to follow.

One of the new and interesting ways to spice up your account is Instagram Stories Highlights. This function provides a chance to save the best stories on your home page and show them to users not only once.

Now you know all the tricks that you can do with your bio, so don’t hesitate, try to change it, make it different from others and your profile will draw more followers.

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3. Use Instagram stories

As you probably know that Instagram stories have become a trendy social media tactic and even crushed it’s main competitor Snapchat. According to some statistics, more than half on Instagram users watch stories every day. This shows that with such a huge number of people regularly watching stories it should be a powerful instrument to get more followers.

If you want to use stories as an effective way to increase amount of followers, don’t forget about creative content and strategy. Here are some tips.

Firstly, you need to post regularly. It is very important to remain engaged with your followers because people want to know whom they are following and this gives them a chance to learn about you and your purpose on Instagram. Even if you post one photo a day, the stories are a brilliant idea.

Secondly, be creative using various capture modes of Instagram stories. You can find these features by swiping at the bottom of the screen.  Besides, don’t forget to use filters, stickers and gifs.

Thirdly, by implementing hashtag and geolocation tactic, your stories will appear on an explore page and your content will be more visible to other users across the world. As a result of this, you will have larger target audience.

As Instagram lets users to follow their favorite hashtags, in this case stories will appear in other peoples feed. 

All in all, Instagram stories are great and innovative way to attract people’s attention by showing about your personality or a brand to get more followers.

4. Forget about hashtag rules

Many social media experts may tell you not to use more than 3 or 5 hashtags or other amounts. However, the practice shows that you need to ignore this advice and use maximum possible number of hashtags, which is 30.

In order to make it easier to use hashtags under your posts, you can save a list of hashtags on your phone and when you need, then copy and paste it, but it is better to use different hashtags for each post. Because if you use the same 30 hashtags again and again, Instagram can indicate this behavior as a spam.

What is more, don’t forget about Instagram posts’ scheduling and you will see that this method is really beneficial. You can take a time to add the relevant hashtags for the posts without hurrying up. There are some apps that you may use in order to schedule your posts.

Also many experts advice to make the research of hashtags which your target audience is adding on their photos and searching posts with those hashtags. Then you will attract other users to visit your Instagram profile and probably they will become your followers.

While writing hashtags to your post, try to use more relevant ones, those that describe your personality, activity, location or target audience, instead of adding a huge amount of general hashtags.

Do you see how significant role of hashtags is? If you use hashtags exactly as it was discussed before to encourage other users to come and view your Instagram account, without any doubt your reward will be increased number of followers and higher engagement rate.

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5. Get descriptive with your captions

Probably you are making breathtaking shot and your posts are worth a thousand words, however you shouldn’t skip the caption under your posts. It is advisable to use storytelling or call-to-action tactic under your Instagram posts in order to generate engagement and then get more new followers.

Although Instagram caption is not easy and time consuming thing, but the great post together with an attractive caption make magic.

Probably all of you had the situations when you finally finished editing the photo and now you are thinking what to say in order to make your caption more creative. Sometimes you search for clever quotes or try to type a short phrase and it is so hard to decide what is better. We all agree – it is not easy.

Some social media specialists say that photos drive likes, however eye-catching captions increase engagement. A well-written, interesting caption may encourage other users stop for a little and engage (write comment), not only hit the “like” button. Don’t get me wrong, the posts should catch users’ attention, but the outstanding message which you want to say to your followers must be shown in the caption. This will allow you to differ from others.

What is more, before posting, you need to think does the story or questions in a caption is suitable for this photo and interesting for your target audience. Pay attention to what attracts your followers to start discussion and then it will become easier to write captions which drive their engagement.

Another advice is that you shouldn’t always “reinvent a wheel”, just be authentic. Because people also want to know about your successes and struggles. Don’t be afraid to be a little bit personal, in this case you will show you’re the audience that you are more than an ideally organized Instagram feed.

When followers see that you are open and honest with them, they will begin to comment and like more (their engagement level will grow).

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6. The right time to upload photos

If you want to reach majority of your followers, increase engagement rate and also find the new ones who will follow you, it is significant to know the best posting time.

So, to start with, a lot of social media experts are saying that the best time to upload the posts is lunch time from 11am till 1pm and evenings after work when people arrive home (7pm-9pm). However, it doesn’t mean that this time is the best for you.

In order to decide when it is better for you to post, you need to know in what time zones majority of your followers are and the target audience which you want to reach in order to attract their attention.

Some latest researches showed that you can get biggest engagement on Wednesdays and Thursdays, while Sunday give the highest rate.

Actually, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t know your individual best time to post, because in order to understand, you need to try. Especially as you have followers who are active in different times, you need to compare or even make an experiment and find the best time to access all groups of followers.

7. Work with influencers

Nowadays influencer marketing is a popular industry which is booming. Actually, working with influencers is some sort of a word of mouth method which helps to increase your brand’s or even your personality’s awareness, gain bigger followers’ base. Probably you know how hard it is to get higher engagement when you are little known and have small number of followers. And for this reason you need to get help from influencers.

How influencers can help you? They may provide the promotion of your account, your products or services constantly and it will result in growing engagement rate and increasing number of followers.

The reason why you shouldn’t refuse this strategy is that working with influencers is efficient for you because there are no traditional advertising barriers and you introduce yourself to an audience which doesn’t know you through trustworthy source – influencer.

However, it is very important to find the right influencer in the same target niche in which you are working. Otherwise, the wrong influencer will waste your time, efforts and money.

Besides, social media studies showed that micro-influencers who have smaller number of followers (fewer than 10k followers) will give your profile higher level of engagement. So, don’t forget it while choosing an influencer.

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To conclude, a lot of different tactics were discussed, however there is a simple thing – engagement is a golden ticket to get a bigger amount of followers. The fact is: the more comments and likes you get, the higher chance that your post will be noticeable by other users.

To be in people’s feed, you need to prove that you are worthy. In this case you should have a unique bio, be more active on Instagram stories, don’t forget about hashtags, write descriptive captions which make followers hit a pause on their busy day and engage. You should upload posts at the time when your audience is active. Also try to work with influencers, because it can not only give you the new followers, but probably increase the engagement level.

Besides, be a part of engagement groups, you shouldn’t be always active there, but sometimes this type of groups is really helpful.

So, what are your thoughts now? Ready to try?

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