5 Tips to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Every brand is using a Facebook for one reason – to get more business. However, the phrase “get more business from Facebook” means different goals to a particular type of business. For instance, Facebook can be used for introducing a new product, building brand awareness or increasing sales. What objectives the brands have set, depends on which stage of development they are.

According to social media statistics with more than 2.38 billion active users Facebook is considered as a most successful online platform which allows to get many likes by creating a really valuable content. This respectively generate an engaged community of people who are interested in your products or services and give value for your brand in return.

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Although getting as much as possible likes is an essential part of Facebook marketing strategy, however, don’t make a mistake only focusing on quantity of likes and overlooking what interesting things a Facebook platform suggests.

If a question “how to get more Facebook page likes” is still in your head, we can say that you are at the right place. In today’s article we try to make things easier for you and discuss how to get more Facebook page likes.

However, don’t forget that you need to put some effort in order to get likes on Facebook.

Let’s begin our discussion!

1. Create posts that inspire people to share

It is not a secret that people like to share a great content. And when your current Facebook page’s followers promote your content on their accounts, their friends can become interested in, re-share it or even like your page. This may be called a win-win situation – you receive new fans and your page’s followers get a valuable and shareable content.

When you are thinking which content to create in order to excite people, first of all remember that you need to deliver a content that is valuable to your target audience. It is like a building a long-term relationship with your Facebook page’s followers.

Probably they can’t remember some of your individual posts, however, if your fans notice that you are uploading a high quality, interesting-to-read, helpful content on a Facebook page, they will consider you as an attention-worthy resource.

In this case, before publishing the posts, think what type of content your Facebook followers want to see. For example, you may read the comments on your Facebook page and without doubts there you will find the answers.

However, if you are the one who just created a Facebook page, then spend some time analyzing what kind of posts catches an attention of the audience which you plan to target.

Besides, in order to make your serious Facebook posts more funny, create memes, related quotes or even invest time an efforts in making a video which will tell about your product or service or show how to use it.

facebook insights

Also you can use Facebook Insights, which gives you more information about your Facebook page performance. You can even learn which content got the most engagement by your audience. By knowing which content gets the most response, you may upload more of that and you will increase chances of getting more likes on your Facebook page.

2. Comment on other Facebook pages in your niche

Although this tactic can be possibly thought as an ineffective, however, don’t skip it. Think about a situation that people who are managing the Facebook pages in a similar niche as yours, are the influencers with whom you can make valuable connections.

Actually, starting communication and fostering strong relationships with your niche’s influencers is an important part of your efforts to get more likes on a Facebook page.

In order to be noticed take the following actions: leave comments on their Facebook pages, like their posts, engage with their fans, in this way you will raise a chance of receiving a bigger number of clicks to your Facebook page and consequently likes as well.

3. Use the rule of 80/20

Don’t be selfish uploading the posts about yourself on your Facebook page because no one likes people who talk only about their personalities. And with time people begin to skip your content, stop pressing like button on your posts and even unfollow you.

However, if the majority of your Facebook posts is promotional, advertising, in this case people will consider your content as annoying and it will repress your social media growth.

The best strategy which you need to keep in mind while you are uploading the posts on your Facebook page is the rule of 80/20. It means that your Facebook content should consist of 80% of non-promotional or show other people’s content and the other remaining 20% can be about your business, products or blog posts.

4. Upload consistently and at the right time

Have you ever been uploading the posts on Facebook each day at the same time and then because of having a lot of work you began to post only during free time without consistency? If your answer is yes, in this case scheduling Facebook posts will be a good idea as it helps to be consistent.

Staying consistent in a time and a type of posts you upload. This will not only help your followers understand what kind of content to expect from you and when, but also makes a huge impact on Facebook algorithm.

In other words the time you post your content has an influence on how many Facebook users will see your post. In this case you just need to understand what time is the most suitable for your audience to engage and consider it as the right time.

Furthermore, in order keep your Facebook page’s content consistent or well organized, it is advised to create a calendar and schedule the posts in advance. For instance, this will be useful while travelling and you will never forget to upload a post when your audience is the most active and consequently get bigger number of likes.

All in all, a scheduling strategy helps you to manage your Facebook page, that means your posts will appear consistently, reach your followers during their active hours when they are ready to like and comment on other users posts.

5. Organize a contest

According the social media researchers, usage of an interactive content, like hosting a contest is a great method in order to grab your Facebook followers’ or even other users’ attention and increase Facebook page likes.

You can create a contest on your website (if you have one) or Instagram account and share a link of it to Facebook groups of your niche, in this case other Facebook users will notice you and likely engage with your page and become your followers.

Of course don’t forget to upload your giveaway on your Facebook page. Using emojis you will make your contest post more eye-catching.

By using phrase “visit Facebook page” you will increase number of clicks on your page and probably will get new followers and likes. Just try to use all available social media channels to promote your giveaway.

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Wrapping everything up, today we reviewed only several of possible strategies that can help you to get more Facebook page likes. Try to use them and remember that it is just the beginning of your actions and the effort taken is always evaluated by expansion of likes and followers.

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