5 Tactics to Get More Comments on Your YouTube Videos

get more youtube video comments

When we talk about social media, the most common definition is engagement. What this word means? Essentially engagement is like a long-term relationship. Or to put it simply, when comments generate a discussion.

Probably you know that YouTube is not just a place where you can only show the videos in order to raise awareness of the products, services or get people to know your personality (if you are a blogger).

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However, whether your YouTube channel is eye-catching, people will tend to leave comments on the videos which signifies that they engage with your content.

Actually, an interesting fact was raised by social media researchers that the videos with the bigger number of comments, receive more views. But also you need to have more views in order to rank your videos higher, make them more visible to consequently get comments. It can be called like a vicious circle.

There is no doubt that drawing users’ attention in order to receive more Youtube video comments is a really hard task which is difficult to implement, especially in nowadays competition on YouTube platform.

Having a clearly defined plan, you will be mowing in a right direction, so in this article we are going to discuss how to get more comments on your YouTube videos using these 5 effective tactics.

1. Be persistent

Now it is a question for you, when you take a look at the well-known, highly ranked YouTube channels, what is the one thing that all of them have in common? Correct, it is consistency.

If you are taking your YouTube profile seriously, want to increase channel’s subscribers, video views and number of comments, then you should never stop uploading new videos and stick to a strict schedule. Otherwise, users will never know when they can expect new video.

Probably it sounds obvious, however you need to remember that even if your content is consistent, you should upload the impressive, remarkable YouTube videos in order to attract users and grow engagement rate.

2. Use Call to action to get more Youtube video comments

When you finish your videos, always keep in mind the main rule that your videos are opening gambit to a conversation. In this case, don’t delay with inducing viewers to like or subscribe your YouTube channel, and what is more important, ask people the questions.

Actually, it is better to use open-ended questions. An example may be something like “What do you think about living in a big city?” or “What is your favorite movie?”, etc.

What is more, providing viewers particular prompts in the end of your YouTube videos can be as a favor for yourself in order to increase number of responses and open a conversation.

For instance, your inquiry can sound like this “Do you have any questions about how to gain more subscribers on your Youtube channel? Let us know about it in the comments below!

The most common tactic of YouTube experts which have to guarantee to increase number of replies, is to ask users what type of videos they are interested in and would like to see in the future. However, it should work more successfully if you already have established subscribers’ base.

Besides, another useful method in order to expand a comments’ section on your video is at the end of your video show the questions that you have received on the same topic but they were not discussed in YouTube channel. In this way you will look more friendly and careful.

3. Organize a contest

Today we get a lot of information about different contests that are hosted on Facebook or Instagram platforms, however have you ever heard about an opportunity to run a YouTube contest? If you want to get views, comments and subscribers on your YouTube channel, organizing a contest is a good idea.

Although it requires some attempts to promote a contest on your other social media platforms and some funds in order to purchase a prize, it will make your channel noticeable and attractive to other users, indirectly driving up a contest.

However, if you let people to leave comments as a requirement of a contest, it will directly expand your comments section.

4. Don’t forget to interact

Social media studies indicate that people who communicate with their YouTube viewers, notice better results in their channel’s performance – an increase of subscribers and bigger number of comments on the videos.

So don’t be lazy and take a few minutes per day to answer to those who have left a comment. People will see that you are taking their comments seriously and willing to discuss various topics.

As it is not a fairy tale where everything is beautiful and sweet, we live in a real world where we can receive negative reaction as well.

In this case, don’t fear the comments with constructive criticism. Answering this type of comments will show your authenticity and that you may justify your opinion.

Furthermore, aside from replying to comments on your videos, find other YouTube channels that seem fascinating for you and interact on their videos. If users become interested in your channel’s content, they will click on your YouTube page, comment on your videos or even become your subscribers. 

5. Use engaging headline/title

If you are still not so popular on YouTube, then metadata should be a significant rule for you in organizing your channel. What does metadata mean? It is a process which includes title, description and tags of an uploaded video.

In order to meet metadata requirements, you need to optimize your tags (make them relevant, not abstract), think of an eye-catching headline and detailed description as much as possible.

It is important because when users are searching through various video headlines, usually they will choose a video with more attractive title which provokes curiosity. Consequently YouTube videos with interesting headline get a bigger number of views, correspondingly are more highly ranked, and encourage people to leave comments.

All in all, without a doubt YouTube comments are valuable tool for social media. Comments let viewers to understand whether your channel is worthwhile to engage with or not, and provide you a chance to start a discussion and interact with your subscribers.

Today we reviewed 5 different tactics which can be implemented in order to receive a higher amount of comments on your YouTube channel. These strategies can be used separately,but in order to get more effective results, try to apply all of them together.

What do you think about this topic? What tactics you use in order to get more comments on your YouTube videos? Let us know in the comments’ field below!

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