Guide to Running Powerful Flash Sales on Facebook

guide on running flash sales on facebook

Flash sales are considered as a method to immediately sell out your brand’s various stuff. A combination of a countdown and a big discount stimulates the people’s impulse of buying.

Facebook flash sales look like a really efficient way to attract new customers, return the old ones and encourage people to make a purchase.

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According to studies, running a strong flash sales’ campaign on Facebook helps your brand to generate 35% higher transaction rates.

However, just because flash sales are profitable, it doesn’t mean that without your devoted efforts they will perfectly work for you. You need to be fully prepared, set particular goals and know your brand’s audience in order to ensure favorable results from a flash sale. 

So, wondering how to run powerful flash sales on Facebook?

Then keep reading and in this article you will discover what flash sales are, how your brand can benefit from them, how to prepare for and run flash sales that will boost your profit.

Let’s dive right into it!

What are Facebook flash sales?

Organizing a flash sale means offering a products’ discount or promotion for a limited period of time, typically 24 hours or even less.

During flash sales you can target one or a few particular your brand’s products or just give away a sample of your products when a customer makes a certain purchase.

Overall, flash sales are an effective method to inspire audience to buy your brand’s products on the spot due to the high discounts and short availability.

What advantages flash sales can bring you?

Nowadays people see hundreds of advertising posts from various brands on their Facebook newsfeeds and they are tired of these similar boring content.

In this case, flash sales help you, as a brand, to stand out from the crowd of that numerous sales posts and suggest a limited-time offer for your audience, which, consequently, will encourage them to click and buy something instantly because they fear that there will be no such offer again.

This is a reason why great Facebook flash sales can be profitable for your brand.

However, there is one important thing.

If you are expecting to highly increase your brand’s revenue for such a short time, then flash sales are not a perfect idea do it.

That’s because the real benefits that flash sales can provide your brand with is sell out products that have been in stock for too long, improve your brand awareness, boost loyalty of current customers, attract new customers and gain their trust. And the profits will be received only after some period of time when your Facebook flash sale is over.

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How to prepare for a successful flash sale on Facebook?

If you are a new to a flash sale’s game, then in order to receive successful results, you should prepare thoroughly.

Although your brand’s short-term offer will cause urgency feeling and attract audience, however, what customers must get from your brand is an excellent shopping experience.

Here are 6 main things that you need to take into consideration while planning your Facebook flash sale.

1. Determine your goals

Before you begin your Facebook flash sale, your task is to specify what you want to achieve. For instance, it can be to raise your brand loyalty, sell off excess inventory, boost your website traffic, get new customers or retarget existing ones.

So, focus on one particular aim while organizing a flash sale.

2. Decide on what to sell and at which price

Once you have chosen your goal, it is time to make a decision what you want to sell.

In this case, think of the things, like do you want to put a whole store of your brand on a flash sale or only several products. Actually, it can depend on a season or on your products’ stock.

Then you need to decide how much you may discount your products. Keep in mind that flash sales don’t offer a tiny 10% discount, usually flash sales go for the big discounts, like 40% and more.

In fact, the size of a discount you offer to your Facebook audience should stand out and the bigger it is, the more attention your sales post will receive.

Overall, by giving a discount you wouldn’t normally suggest, you provide your brand’s audience with a feeling that they need to take advantage of it straight away because otherwise, they will miss out.

3. Select whom to target

Another task is to determine if you want to target new audience and build a customers’ base or just re-engage current customers. This is important because it will make an impact on the way you will draw audience’s attention.

If your goal is to attract new customers, then you have the following opportunities:

  • Include your brand’s top-selling attractive products into your Facebook flash sale in order to evoke audience’s interest. Because if you decide to sell out your old products, in this case it will be more appealing to the people who are already familiar with your brand, but not for new ones.
  • Lure your competitors’ customers by suggesting them similar products at a bigger discount. Although this can reduce your brand’s profits, however, it will bring you new customers.

If you want to target existing customers, then you need to follow the rule, such as:

  • Not rush to organize a Facebook flash sale for the first products that came to your mind. In this case, it is advised to make a review and find out what your brand’s particular product page the most visited is and what products customers have put into a cart, but haven’t bought yet. All in all, while choosing products for your Facebook flash sale, include those, that are relevant and desired by your audience.
4. Ensure your stock

With big discounts during a flash sale, products can be sold out faster rather than you expect. In this case, make sure that you have enough products in stock that you are planning to use in your Facebook flash sale.

5. Choose your flash sale’s time and duration

Usually flash sales are organized for 24 hours or less. However, on social media you can notice flash sales that last for a couple of days.

Actually, what works for one brand, can be ineffective for another one. Everything depends on your audience.

Therefore, it is recommended to analyze your website data in order to see when you have the high sales volume and check your Facebook statistics that will show when your audience is the most active.

6. Check terms of your service

Make sure that your brand’s terms of service, such as shipping time and costs, refunds are clear to your audience.

Why this is important?

It is obviously that when you create a sense of urgency, people make a purchase on impulse without any hesitation do they need this product or not.

So, in order not to have any complaints, ensure that your customers perfectly understand the deal.

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How to run a flash sale on Facebook that will boost profits?

As soon as you have prepared everything, it is time to put your Facebook flash sale into action.

In this case, follow the steps below and you will run a successful flash sale on Facebook.

Step 1. Inform your audience

Due to the reason that a flash sale is organized for a limited time, the crucial step is to notify your brand’s audience about an oncoming flash sale.

Therefore, first of all, you can create a Facebook event, which will not only let you provide all important details about your brand’s flash sale, but also build organic reach by people marking themselves as attending or interested.

And what is more important that those people who ticked their attendance or interest will receive a notification about any updates and a reminder when your brand’s flash sale will start.

Moreover, most probably that Facebook algorithm will show your flash sale’s event to people who are interested in your products as indicated by their social media activity. Consequently, it will assist you in increasing an amount of audience you reach.

Another option how you can inform your Facebook audience about an upcoming flash sale is to launch an ad campaign by choosing Reach as an objective. In this case, you will be able to attract and promote your flash sale to a wider audience.

Step 2. Create a sense of urgency

When your audience is aware of your brand’s flash sale, one week before its start, you need to share daily countdown posts on your brand’s Facebook page.

So, in order to spark more interest and a sense of urgency, create eye-catchy images that will tell how many days are left until the day of your flash sale. Also it is advised to schedule the countdown posts and you will not miss to upload them.

Step 3. Run a Facebook ad on the day of your brand’s flash sale

When it is time to go live with your flash sale, set up a conversions ad campaign on Facebook.

Why exactly conversions? Just because using the conversions as a goal, you will be able to create an ad campaign to encourage your customers to make purchases on your brand’s website.

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Remember, Facebook flash sale is considered successful when your brand’s customers are left with a positive shopping experience, which is not only about a great discount, but also good customer service and timely shipping.

What do you think about Facebook flash sales? Have you ever tried to run a flash sale on Facebook? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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