Find Hidden and Filtered Message Requests on Facebook

find hidden and filtered message requests on facebook

Although you can share your pictures, videos and links on Facebook, however, many of us use Facebook or Facebook messenger app to chat with friends. Facebook is a really convenient option when you need to contact somebody.

Recently someone asked me have I received the messages they sent me on Facebook? I haven’t noticed any new messages, till I recently found out about Facebook’s Hidden and Filtered messages inbox. I discovered hundreds of hidden and filtered messages requests there, majority of them were just a spam, however, some of them were really important messages!

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Keep reading further and I will show you how to find your hidden and filtered message requests inbox too!

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How to find hidden and filtered messages inbox?

Finding Facebook’s hidden and filtered messages is easy if you know where to search for it. However, you need to follow different paths to find it according which device you use (computer, iOS or Android smartphone).

Follow these steps to find hidden and filtered messages on desktop computer:

  1. Go to Facebook and login to your account.
  2. Click on the “Messages” icon at the top right of your screen.
  3. Window box with Recent messages will appear. Click on “Message Requests” next to “Recent”. List of message requests from people that are not your friends on Facebook will be displayed.
  4. If you want to go further, click on “See filtered requests”. Now you will see all filtered messages.

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Why messages get hidden or filtered?

Basically, messages get hidden or filtered because of spam. Facebook has spam prevention system in place, so that you could enjoy spam-free experience on Facebook.

Why some of the messages are hidden and some filtered, you ask? Well, hidden messages are those messages that were sent by the person that is simply not your Facebook friend. This means that only messages from your current Facebook friends may appear in your “normal” inbox. They are usually not a spam messages.

However, filtered messages are those considered as spam by Facebook. And I have to say that Facebook does a really good job deciding on which messages are spam and which are not.

The only problem with hidden and filtered Facebook messages is that you don’t get any notification about message being hidden or filtered. You need to check that secret folder regularly in order not to miss any important messages.

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That’s it for this article! I hope that now you won’t miss any important messages!

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