Facebook Page Templates: Everything You Need to Know

facebook page templated everything you need to know

At first sight managing a Facebook page can seem as a complicated task, but this is absolutely not true. Fortunately, Facebook created a certain feature which can help people succeed in setting up and administrating their page.

That’s Facebook page templates!

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In fact, choosing the right template is a crucial step in order to make your brand’s Facebook page attract for your audience that. Consequently, great Facebook page template can generate leads and drive sales to your website.

In this article, you will learn what the main types of Facebook page templates are, how you can benefit from using these templates and how to change Facebook page template.

Let’s dive right into it!

What is a Facebook page template?

Facebook page templates are already designed page layouts that you can choose to use for your Facebook page.

The templates are created in a way to meet the needs of different types of businesses and make it easier for brands to showcase the necessary information in the best format for their target audience.

A specific set of tabs and buttons is added into each Facebook page template based on the actions audience is most likely to take.

For instance, it is known that for restaurants it is important to show their menu items and let their customers to leave comments. So, if you choose the Facebook page template specially tailored for restaurant and cafes businesses, then you will have the “Offers”, “Reviews” and “Job” tabs highlighted.

However, keep in mind that a majority of templates includes the standard buttons, such as, like, follow and share. What is more, it actually doesn’t matter what page template you select, because you will still have an opportunity to decide which tabs to make visible and in what order they will be displayed.

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9 main Facebook page templates

Now let’s take a closer look at the different types of Facebook page templates you can select for your brand.

1. Standard

This is a generic template, suitable for all page types. In other words, the one size that fits all options. This layout includes the basic functions and multiple customizable tabs, like Home, About, Posts, and etc.

Although this template works well with most types of businesses, but if your brand is acting in a more specific business field, it is advised to consider other templates.

2. Restaurants and cafes

This template is designed in a way to highlight the most important information of restaurants or cafes like menu, opening and closing hours, and location.

Actually, this layout prioritizes Offers above all other tabs in order to provide restaurants with an opportunity to share images of their dishes and deals and, consequently, encourage customers to try the restaurant. In this case, while adding the button to this template, it is advised to choose Call now.

3. Business

This template is arranged to help you manage and advertise your business. It is considered as a great choice if you want to showcase your special offers for attracting audience or just to post job positions.

In fact, this Facebook page layout is very similar to the standard one.

4. Venues

If you run a business that organizes events, then the Venues template will be just for you!

This template is designed for marketing your events. It highlights useful information, such as your venue’s hours, location, as well as upcoming events.

As the purpose of the Venue template is to arouse the interest of your Facebook page visitors to attend your event, in this case, the most suitable button for this template is Learn more.

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5. Non-profit

This template isn’t for business and focuses on helping non-profit organizations to emphasize their mission. What is more, the Non-profit template is designed in a way to encourage people to fundraise and donate.

Overall, this type of Facebook page templates is suitable for social activities.

6. Politicians

This layout is created especially to help politicians connect with their supporters and promote their political message.

Moreover, the primary “Send message” button on this template lets the public to send a message to the politician.

7. Services

This Facebook page template is for non-goods based businesses, like construction or engineering companies, accounting firms and etc.

Therefore, if your brand provides services, then use this template in order to highlight them and encourage your potential customers to get in touch with your brand.

Keep in mind that the Shop tab is added into this template to allow easy linkage to your brand’s service offerings.

8. Shopping

If you are selling products, then don’t miss a chance to try the Shopping template!

This template helps you to display your products and makes it easy for your visitors to buy items through your Facebook page. So, use the handy Shop tab to feature specific products or deals.

9. Video page

This layout is designed to meet the needs of vloggers in showcasing video content on their Facebook pages. It is advised to consider using this template, if you are doing lots of Facebook Live videos or upload other type of video content.

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What advantages brands can get from using Facebook page templates?

There are several benefits that you can get from using a Facebook page template:

  1. It helps to get the right type of visibility by emphasizing the content that your brand’s audience cares most about;
  2. It provides your brand with better control over its online presence;
  3. It gives you more defined Facebook presence that, consequently, increases your followers’ count, drive more engagement and reviews on your page.

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How to change your Facebook page template?

If you want to change your Facebook page template or just to find out what template you are using now, then, to do it is very easy and takes only a few seconds.

So, first of all, go to your Facebook page and tap the Settings in the top right-hand corner of the screen. After that choose the “Templates and Tabs” option from the left-side menu.

On the appeared window, you will see the current template your Facebook page uses. As Facebook thought that this template was the best fit for your business page, so, it has assigned this layout automatically.

In order to change your template, press the “Edit” button on the right of the templates section and from a list of available templates choose the layout you want by clicking the “View Details” and “Apply Template” buttons.

Then, it is advised to come back to your home page and check if it is how you imagined. However, keep in mind that you have an opportunity to change the tabs order or even hide some tabs. That’s it!

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Wrapping everything up, Facebook page templates are created in order to help you to interact with your audience in the best possible way depending on the type of business you have.

Now, as you know all types of Facebook page templates, choose the one that seems the right for you. In this case, you will be able to enhance your audience’s experience while they are on your Facebook page.

What is your opinion about Facebook page templates? Do you use one of page templates suggested by Facebook? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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