Create Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic: 5-Step Guide

Instagram aesthetic is considered as the first thing audience notices when they decide to check out your brand’s profile. The layout, tone, colors and general feeling caused by your Instagram page create an aesthetic which can either attract a lot of visitors who can turn into your followers or induce these people to leave your Instagram profile.

A cohesive Instagram aesthetic is not only visually attractive, it also helps to grow your account, strengthen brand’s recognition and improve your performance results.

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Although, it sounds great in theory, however, when you start creating a unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic, it can be difficult.

If you want to understand how to create Instagram aesthetic which visually represents your brand, then check out this guide to learn all the tips you need to know.

Let’s get started!

1. Understand your audience

Marketing is about perfect understanding of your target audience and knowing what they like, hate or care about. Therefore, the better you understand who your Instagram audience, the easier will be to develop your brand’s aesthetic and the more effective performance results you will receive.

While organizing your Instagram feed, you need to ask yourself the several important questions.

Who is your target audience? What would your audience prefer to see? What gets your audience excited?

What would encourage your audience to share content with their friends?

For instance, if you know that your target audience is women who are 25-35 years old, they exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, then you can upload Instagram content such as inspirational healthy living quotes, images of exercise tips, organic food.

Overall, to receive better performance results, it is crucial to build and maintain a visual connection between your brand and target audience. So, be clear about who your customers are and have them in mind while creating and posting Instagram content. Only then your Instagram profile will appeal to your audience, encourage them to stop and interact with your content.

2. Choose your Instagram feed aesthetic

Another thing that you should to do is determine what aesthetic you want for your Instagram profile. In this way, it is advised to begin by looking other brand’s Instagram accounts to get inspiration.

How would you describe your brand? What is a visual theme, which describes your brand? Is it bright and energetic? Or dark and monochromatic?

Keeping these questions in mind while browsing other Instagram profiles, they should help you to decide on what aesthetic best represents your brand.

When it comes to creating a unique Instagram aesthetic, the first thing you need to consider is a basic color scheme or palette. By picking several main colors, you will make a bunch of various Instagram pictures and videos look like a one collection.

According to studies, colors make impact on people purchasing decisions by 85%. Moreover, colors boost recognition of a brand by 80%. It means that if you choose the right colors for your Instagram posts, you can positively influence on your profile’s visitors and convert them into your followers or encourage them to buy.

Once you have selected your colors, integrate them into your Instagram content. Actually, it doesn’t mean that colors should obviously be seen in the posts, however, it is better to set a certain overall tone. When you will begin implementing this, you will notice how cohesive your Instagram profile becomes. Even if your Instagram posts aren’t identical, but homogeneous color scheme will bring your content together, satisfy the eyes of an audience and grab their attention.

The same as with a consistent color palette, it is crucial to choose a great, focused theme in order to create a cohesive Instagram page. A theme is more than just a subject matter. It can involve compositions and patterns.

What theme for your Instagram profile you will decide to pick is up to you. You may do everything in a puzzle theme, put images into white or black borders, add a line of quotes in the middle or even use a rainbow theme. There are lots of options which theme you can choose. So, find the one that suits your brand and stick to it.

Remember, a consistent theme encourages your Instagram profile’s viewers to stay longer and hit the “Follow” button.

The first impression matters more than ever, in this case, 5 seconds is all you have to turn your Instagram page’s visitors into followers. So, the more consistent and cohesive your Instagram aesthetic is, the better your overall Instagram content looks and the more successful performance results you receive.

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3. Discover the power of editing

Although, almost all smartphones can capture good, quality pictures, but it doesn’t mean that you need to ignore one of the key steps, such as the editing process.

Undoubtedly, once in a while you can have a lucky moment when your taken images turn out “the right” and you can upload them straight to Instagram. But, it is an exception.

What you should do is to edit pictures in a professional manner. Actually you don’t need to use the same filter every time, however, you should ensure that your edited Instagram posts match your theme and will make great overall look.

As there is a huge variety of editing apps, so choose which seems a reliable for you in order to edit and create the outstanding look for your Instagram posts. 

Excluding the editing features suggested by Instagram, you can use the third party apps, such as VSCO, Snapseed, Lightroom, etc.

All in all, editing Instagram images improves their quality and helps all pictures look good together, making a cohesive and attractive aesthetic.

4. Create balance on your Instagram feed

cohesive Instagram feed

Once a color palette and a theme are selected, Instagram photos are edited, it is time to create “balance” on your feed and ensure that it is not too crowded or cluttered.

Your task is to make your content look catchy for new eyes, in order to motivate these visitors to move throughout your Instagram feed without any interruptions. In this case, you need to create a depth of field, similar what is learned during photography classes. The best method to implement it is by putting more busy images next to minimal or empty pictures, consequently, you will break things up a little bit.

For example, if you are brand who is selling the products and shows them on Instagram, then you may do this by mixing up pictures of your products with behind-the-scenes images or user-generated posts.

Keep in mind this strategy while uploading pictures into your Instagram page and will be able to provide a balanced look to your feed and create a unique Instagram aesthetic.

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5. Schedule your Instagram feed

Now it is time to plan out your Instagram content in advance. If you want your Instagram profile to look professional and attractive, creating a cohesive aesthetic, you need to plan out your posts carefully.

When you schedule your Instagram content, you can easily see what posts look better next to each other and what don’t. What is more, applying scheduling strategy you may notice whether you need to make image brighter or not, in order to make your Instagram content look more united.

Although, scheduling your Instagram posts can seem as a time consuming task, however, it is wrong thinking. On the contrary, planning out your content helps to save time and create more cohesive Instagram aesthetic.

The great way to plan your Instagram content in advance is by using schedulers. In this way, you will be able to rearrange your posts in order to make a balanced look of your Instagram page.

In conclusion, building and maintaining a unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic isn’t easy, however, it can be done by implementing the right actions.

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In this article 5 main steps were discussed how to make your Instagram feed look balanced and appealing to your audience.

So, try to put all these tips together and you will notice the better performance results of your Instagram page.

Do you have any strategies how to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic? Share them in the comments!

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