4 Simple Tips to Create Amazing Instagram Feed

cohesive Instagram feed

If you are the one who has an Instagram account but is searching for ideas to make your Instagram feed perfect, don’t worry as you are on the right way.

In this article we are going to discuss all the strategies that can turn your Instagram feed from good into stunning.

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Perhaps, some of you may say that it is easy and the only thing that you need are perfectly edited photos. However, that’s not right because it is not enough to have beautiful photos, you should have an attractive feed too.

Remember that your Instagram feed is the first thing at which other users pay attention when they visit your account. Actually, same as in life, it is important to make good first impression. Only when your feed looks great in general, there is more possibility that people will like your posts, leave comments under your photos or become your followers.

Now a little bit more about the numbers. Imagine the situation: you start to follow 20 new Instagram accounts hoping that these users will follow you back, unfortunately, the reality is different. Approximately 15 of them will check your profile, 5-7 of them will engage with you and only 2-3 users will decide to follow you back.

However, think how fantastic would it be if all these 20 Instagram users would follow you back? This may also be called increase of your conversion rate, but in order to make it bigger, you need to make high quality feed.

If you try to implement the tips which are suggested below, we promise that you will notice the difference.

Let’s start!

1. Your Instagram feed must have a theme

Probably you heard that it is important to have a particular theme of Instagram feed, however it sounds a little bit difficult, isn’t it? It is better not to make limits and instead of this give yourself freedom and choose a common aesthetic or in other words „vibe” that appears in all of your Instagram posts.

For instance, you can select from colorful, bright to calm, white or even dark, vintage themes. In order to make it easier to decide which aesthetic fits your account, just review all your Instagram posts and find what mutual characteristics your posts have.

When you have Instagram aesthetic, it means that all photos and videos look like one collection of moments rather than disconnected posts. In other words as a big picture, your Instagram account will be more attractive to other users and you will see that they begin to interact with you more often and the number of new followers is getting bigger.

2. Use similar filters for your posts

Another important thing before you start thinking about hashtags and higher Instagram account’s engagement is color palette of your posts. If you want to get more or less the same color on your posts, it is better to have similar lightening conditions while you are taking a shot.

Furthermore, probably you have already heard the phrase that a natural light is photo’s best friend. And it is really true. Why? Because natural light helps to make more detailed and high quality images. Brighter photos are more attractive and make difference to people’s engagement (number of comments and likes is bigger).  

You need to have a constant method in editing your posts, only then it will be easier for you to organize your Instagram feed. It doesn’t mean that you should stick only to one filter, however it is better to use just a few filters, 2-3 colors’ shades. There are a lot of good apps, such as VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed and others.

According to social media statistics, the most used filter is Claredon which makes your photos more blighted and highlighted and adds a little bit of saturation. Other popular filters are Lark, Juno and Gigham. But you can experiment and try another filter which will fit with your photos.

3. Think about the order of your posts

Look at your Instgaram profile as a whole and if you notice that all the posts doesn’t fit together, then you should organize them to look good together. The most attractive feed which people want to follow has a big variety of posts’ themes that are spaced out. In other words it means that you need to regularly distribute a mix of nature views, cities panoramas, selfies, food or fashion, however don’t upload the same subject’s posts in a row.

In this case you will make a contrast between the posts and your Instagram feed will look balanced.

Actually, it isn’t so easy to make all your different posts look perfectly beside each other. Sometimes it happens that you captured an amazing photo, you want to upload it in your Instagram account, but no matter how you are trying to edit it, it just doesn’t match all of your other posts. If you are in a similar situation, it is better to abstain from posting. Better share it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Also if you upload a picture and see that this image doesn’t fit your Instagram account, you can delete it or save as a draft and post it the next day when it will be more suitable. By doing that you will make your feed more consistent and attractive to other Instagram users.

Besides, so that feed’s posts would fit each other, a lot of Instagrammers firstly shoot, edit their images and only then they upload these pictures throughout a whole week.

What is more, you can use scheduling apps in order to plan when and what kind of posts it is better to upload and in this way design feed which looks like the one big collection of moments.

So it is significant to be strategic in what you post next, if you want to have Instagram feed with perfectly matched posts.

4. Apply the same type of borders

If you are the one who can’t imagine picture without borders, this tip is exactly for you. Actually, border is a great thing, it makes space between the posts and it lets the feed “breathe”. Also borders help to make your Instagram account’s feed look cohesive, if you have photos in different colors or with individual subjects.

And there are the apps which suggest a huge amount of so various, exciting borders, however, don’t get too excited and better use the same type of borders on all your posts in order to avoid making your feed look messy and unprofessional.

In conclusion, one and very simple secret of making your Instagram feed to look amazing – you should love what you do.

You need to like to spend the time thinking about your Instagram account’s theme, editing your posts.

Only remember – create consistent aesthetics that express your personality or brand and then your followers or other Instagram users will understand your message which you show throughout your Instagram account. In this way you will create a connection with your target audience and increase users’ engagement. Think how powerful it is.

Have fun planning your Instagram profile’s feed!

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