All You Need to Know About Instagram Shoppable Posts

all you need to know about instagram shoppable posts

Are you a marketer of a brand which sells physical products? If so, then undoubtedly Instagram shoppable posts are a great way to showcase your brand’s products and drive more sales.

Especially now, when new checkout feature lets users buy products directly on Instagram without even leaving the app, shoppable posts are considered as the must in your social media strategy.

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Therefore, keeping this in mind, it’s time to start using Instagram shoppable posts as effectively as possible including appealing images, catchy captions and sales pitches.

Want to learn more about how use shoppable posts on Instagram?

In this guide you will find everything you need to know how to make Instagram shoppable posts work for your brand.

Let’s dive right into it!

What are Instagram shoppable posts?

Shoppable posts allow you to tag products in your Instagram images that link back to your website, so users can easily click and buy whatever you are selling in just a few seconds.

Actually, shoppable posts are marked by a small shopping bag icon in the bottom left corner of a picture. If a user taps on this icon, all products that are tagged will appear. After that user may click on the product he is interested in which opens a window with a short description, the price and a button to purchase via your website.

In the past, the only method to market products to your Instagram audience was through the link in your bio. So, this feature is really helpful and can increase sales.

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Why you need to start using Instagram shoppable posts?

To have an opportunity to transform your Instagram feed into a shoppable experience for your audience is definitely a great way to increase your Instagram profile’s engagement level and drive sales.

However, with the exception of ability to convert followers into customers, implementation of Instagram shopping feature into your social media strategy comes with other worthy advantages.

Well, let’s discuss how shoppable posts can benefit your brand.

1. Instagram shoppable posts provide your Instagram followers with an easy way to make a purchase

First of all, what is great about Instagram shoppable posts is that they eliminate the guesswork. In this case, a person can go from product inspiration to product information in just a few steps.

As you can share shoppable images not only on your Instagram profile’s feed, but also on Instagram Stories, then you double the chances to engage with your followers and help them to make a purchase in an easier way.

Therefore, shoppable posts are very convenient because your audience no longer needs to ask you for the products’ specifics and prices in the comments or send you direct messages. They may simply check it by themselves clicking on the tag and visiting your webpage. In this way, your followers don’t have to scroll through the whole website in order to find products they are interested in.

What is more, your audience have an ability to buy products without ever leaving Instagram app.

Overall, if you think that this is useful not only for your followers, you are wrong. Shoppable posts make your life simpler as well because you don’t need to waste your time on answering to the same questions again and again. Instead of it, you may spend this time on other important tasks.

2. Instagram shoppable posts look as appealing as feed images

Secondly, you can choose and edit any picture or video you like that suits your profile’s feed as a shoppable post.

In this way, you don’t need to change your Instagram overall look in order to start creating shoppable posts. You will be able to easily maintain a unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic.

However, keep in mind that you can tag up to 5 products on one Instagram post.

3. Instagram shoppable posts increase your brand’s visibility

Finally, there is a chance that your Instagram shoppable posts appear on Instagram’s Explore page.

Earlier in 2019, Instagram introduced a feature – topic channels in the Explore page that let users to search for a content based on their interests. One of these channels was Shop channel, which helps audience to find shoppable posts from the brands they follow and brands that Instagram algorithm considers they can like.

So, this means that your brand has a great chance to become more discoverable, reach and gain new followers base and show off your brand’s products to a wider audience.

All in all, adding shoppable posts into your Instagram marketing strategy will undoubtedly provide your brand with benefits. Due to this, don’t miss an opportunity to improve engagement of your Instagram profile, reach new audiences and boost sales because it is pretty easy to get started with shoppable posts.

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How to get started with Instagram shoppable posts?

Ready to start sharing Instagram shoppable posts with your followers? Let’s see how you can do this.

However, before starting with Instagram shoppable posts, make sure that your profile complies with several eligibility requirements:

  1. You need to have an Instagram Business Profile;
  2. Your business must be located in one of the Instagram’s 46 approved countries where shoppable posts’ feature is currently available;
  3. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app;
  4. You must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram merchant agreement and commerce policy;
  5. Your Instagram Business Profile must be connected with a Facebook catalog.

So, do you meet the requirements above? Then it means that you are ready to go through the steps in order to share your first Instagram shoppable post.

Step 1. Create a Facebook catalog with Facebook Business Manager

Facebook catalog is essentially a file which contains a list of all the products you want to sell and can be used not only for creating Instagram shoppable posts but also for producing ads and other things.

In order to get started, go to Facebook Business Manager account linked to your brand’s Instagram Business Profile. You get access to Facebook Business Manager automatically after you link your Facebook page to Instagram profile.

After that, from your Business Manager account create a new catalog or identify an existing catalog that you would like to use while selling on Instagram.

To create a new catalog, open the Business Manager Settings and press on the “People and Assets” section. Here on the left-side column’s menu you will see the “Catalogs” option, click on it. A window with the “+Add” button will appear, click on it and select “Create a New Product Catalog”.

Then you will be asked to name your products’ catalog and choose the type of the products you are planning to add to your catalog.

Step 2. Receive Instagram approval

Once you have connected the product catalog on your Facebook Business Manager account, your account will be reviewed by Instagram before you can access the shoppable post feature.

However, keep in mind that the approval process may take from a few hours to a couple of days.

In this case, all you can do is just sit and wait until Instagram provides you with a green light to start with shoppable posts.

When you have been approved, you will get a notification in your Instagram Business Profile which means that you can start selling on Instagram.

Step 3. Connect your Facebook catalog to your Instagram Business Profile

The next step that you need to do is to connect your products catalog to your Instagram Business Profile. 

Go to the “Shopping” section in your Instagram settings and select “Products”. After that you will have an opportunity to choose the products catalog which you have created in the previous step. Once you are finished, click on “Done”.

That’s it. You have just successfully linked your product catalog to your Instagram Business Profile.

Now you are ready to create your Instagram shoppable posts.

Step 4. Start tagging products in your Instagram posts

Now, when everything is set up, it is time to create your posts and tag your products in them.

Start by uploading a photo to Instagram as you normally would. Edit your image, add filters, write a caption, insert hashtags and location tags and hit “Next”. You will be moved to the “Share” screen.

Actually, tagging products is essentially the same process as tagging other users in your posts. You just need to click on the “Tag Products” section and select the products in your post you want to tag. Then enter the products’ names you want to tag and choose them as they appear in the search results.

Once you have added all the tags, press “Done” and share your post. Done!

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Wrapping everything up, now you know how to create your own Instagram shoppable posts and what benefits you can receive from them. Therefore, start making shoppable posts as soon as possible and you will see not only increase in sales, but also improvement in engagement level.

What do you think about the shoppable posts on Instagram? Have you already implemented them in to your Instagram marketing strategy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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